The Effect of Fluoride on your Health and How to Heal


I’m sure you’ve all heard of fluoride at one time or another. It’s what they paint onto your teeth when you go to the dentist for whitening. It’s also in toothpaste. So you’ve probably heard that this element is “good for the teeth.” Well, my friends, I hate to tell you but you’ve been Punk’d! Where’s Ashton!? He’s in Hollywood drinking Fiji with the rest of them because they know what’s going on.

Excessive fluoride has been known to cause a condition called fluorosis. It’s when you ingest or apply so much fluoride, that it starts to weaken your teeth. Many of us probably have tell- tale signs. I know I do. Its quite common, with as many as 40% of adolescents affected (R). Those extra- white spots on your teeth? That’s Fluorosis. In severe cases, the surfaces of teeth become mottled with brown spots. This is the result of excessive exposure. How can one effectively limit their exposure to a substance when it is being unnaturally added to the public water supply? This is the case throughout the vast majority of our country and much of the world (R).

Once, when I reached the end of my fluoride filter, (I will go over the kinds I use) I went to the store to buy a large bottle of Icelandic. The clerk at the self check-out just happened to spark a conversation with me about this. Coincidence? I don’t think so. This is one of the times that I feel I was on the right path, and the universe gave me a wink. She just came up to me and started talking to me about fluoride in the water and even showed me her teeth, covered in those brown spots mentioned above from excessive fluoride exposure. She explained that,  since she learned that fluoride was the cause, her and her boyfriend always distilled and remineralized their water from then on.

Not only do such affects exist, but does anyone want to know another thing fluoride is used for? You might want to sit down for this one…. Okay, ready? It’s rat poison. Literally, it is meant to kill rats. So why are we putting it in our water? Well, there’s an explanation for that. As fluoride is a waste product from big industry, corporations needs a place to dispose of their waste. Specifically, fluorosilic acid is a by-product of the phosphate fertilizer industry. It is the accumulation of the polluting chemicals collected in air filters required in the industry to avoid air pollution from their toxic production (R). It seems a little bit insane to be placing this by-product, notoriously loaded with toxic chemicals, into our drinking water. This Is fully preventable. We can easily fix this independently and collectively through buying organic, as organic farming prevents the use of chemical fertilizers or agricultural chemicals that pollute (R). This fluoride substance is so corrosive that it will actually eat away concrete if it comes into direct contact with a surface such as cement. You can view a video proving this here. Normally, companies would have to pay to dispose of this hazardous waste… but instead, they are allowed to put it in our water. This is why the citizens of Bend and Portland, Oregon have insisted that this toxic substance not be dumped into their water.

Whats more, fluoride has been proven in a Harvard study to lower IQ (R). Feel like you’re living in the twilight zone yet? This is why it’s so important to get a fluoride- removing filter! Given the way things are today, I think we can all agree that any more lowering of the collective IQ is probably not a good idea. Interestingly,  100% of drinking water in Washington D.C. is fluoridated (R); no wonder they’ve been rendered incompetent.

First, to avoid this awful situation we have gotten into with fluoride, it is necessary to avoid big industry in any way possible to avert this crisis in the first place. Buy organic instead of conventional. And yes this can be done on a budget. Second, you can either purchase a fluoride filter, utilize a local spring or have a personal well (that isn’t poisoned by heavy metals or a nearby fracking or drill site). Thirdly, it is advisable to pester ones’ government to outlaw this corrosive poison from being dumped into our water supply.

In my view, fluoridating violates our constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness. When Hitler was in power, he used two of the most common additives to our current water today, on his people. These additives are chlorine and fluoride. He did these in order to sterilize the people and make them docile. Furthermore, both of these elements are halogens, so they are extremely disruptive. Because they’re in the same group on the periodic table as the necessary mineral iodine, they have the ability to take its place in our bodies, displacing iodine. This matters because we need iodine for a variety of reasons including thyroid and immune function. Is it any wonder thyroid and immune issues are a problem today?! Thyroid problems lead to all kinds of symptoms that are rampant in our society such as anxiety, fatigue and depression, just to name a few. Obviously immune issues plague our society, as we can all see cancer has become increasingly common.

Another toxic effect that fluoride has on the body is calcifying the pineal gland in the brain. The pineal gland produces the melatonin we need in order to sleep at night. Perhaps this could explain part of the rising rates of insomnia we see today.

The pineal gland, or third eye, is also postulated to influence one’s intuition or “innate knowing”, and ones’ spiritual aspect or ability to dream. Interestingly, the third eye is equipped with rods and cones just like our physical eyes. If threatened with fluoride though, this important, mysterious gland becomes calcified. For most everyone reading this, chances are very high that this gland of yours is calcified. Luckily, nature always provides us with solutions.

Finally, we can get to the best part, ways to heal! For a fluoride-specific water filter that’s convenient and surprisingly inexpensive for what you’re getting, a pitcher by Aguagear has been great for me. It’s only around $70 for the pitcher and filter, reduces many other contaminants, is BPA free and is made in America! When I was just discovering all of this information about fluoride, it costed me upwards of $300 to get started with a proper filter due to the fact that the only one I could find had to be shipped in all the way from Australia. Thankfully, now it is much simpler for us to filter fluoride out of the water. Household filtration systems are also available.

A portable filtration system might be most suitable for some. I have heard great things about Berkey filters, though I can’t personally speak from experience. Still, another option is to get your water from a nearby health food store, where it is often filtered using the reliable method of reverse osmosis. I recommend adding a tiny amount of real salt or ionic minerals to this water so you’re not depriving your body of the minerals that may have been filtered out.

Still, other purifying options exist for those of you who are unable to use the previous options for filtration. The herb Holy Basil has been shown to effectively reduce fluoride from water after 8 hours or more (R). So there’s really an option for everyone!

Another herb, turmeric, can be used to actually detoxify and pull fluoride from our bodily tissues. This is perfect for detoxifying one’s pineal gland. Other herbs, like spirulina, are said to be useful for this purpose as well. I personally supplement with kelp to ensure that my body is getting and absorbing plenty of iodine, ensuring that fluoride doesn’t take its place. This method of supplementation using kelp is also helpful for counteracting the radiation coming from Fukushima.

So, pay attention to the things you are consuming and how they might be treated as well as the way they mug the impacting our world. This way, you can help to become part of the solution and improve your health at the same time. Your fellow humans appreciate it greatly.

If anyone is aware of additional methods for removing fluoride in addition to other toxins, please share your experience by commenting below.

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  1. Tony Montana says:

    Man, I knew fluoride was bad but not this bad! How is this acceptable in society!? Definitely putting some money away to invest in a good filtration system! I’ve recently had to make the switch from well water to “regular” and the difference is insane, used to love drinking water but now I try to avoid it. I agree it’s a violation of our rights! Blows my mind!

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