About Me

Hi, I’m Paige, a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. From a young age, I dealt with various health challenges. I had recurring ear infections and sore throats which were essentially blamed on my tonsils existing. Not far down the road, in my teens I started having digestive problems out of the blue, following me into adulthood. I got intense heartburn that I later discovered to be an ulcer. Everyone expressed discomfort to suggested I take a medicine like Tums. I didn’t like the idea of this without understanding why the symptoms were happening in the first place.

As I grew up, I came across a lot of people who were hurting and received poor prognoses in many cases. Many people adapted by throwing their hands up, they were convinced or decided that they couldn’t fix it, or solutions didn’t exist. From a dialysis patient to another suffering ruthless pain from fibromyalgia to antibiotic resistance, I felt there had to be something to learn behind these problems.

Because of my own persistent symptoms, I sought help from a certified Nutrition Specialist. I learn about the benefits of proper nutrition little by little on my own. I was led to do investigate why people like me can suffer without finding real answers involving actual root- cause. My practitioner saw my passion, and offered to let me shadow her. She taught me everything she knew in her clinic, where I saw her resolve hundreds of her patients’ problems, who often weren’t able to get relief elsewhere.  

I discovered a Nutrition program offered by the Nutritional Therapy Association and even more encouraging accounts and surprisingly effective methods of healing.

I’m now a practicing FNTP and I love to use my knowledge to help others support their own bodies to address a variety of symptoms.

On my journey, the picture of what it means to live a truly healthy life has evolved. Initially, I delved into everything that’s wrong with the modern diet— from chemicals to processed oils to gmos. This lead to a lot of restriction that became counterproductive. Understandably, I was trying to take control by doing the “right thing” for my health as well as the world at large. 

More recently in my journey, I’ve stumbled into discovery of the metabolism and the importance of  eating enough while getting much needed nutrients. Calories are an important “nutrient” I see neglected. This causes damage in the lives of those the most devoted to improving their health. I was stuck here for a long time, and it’s my mission to help others get out of this and enjoy life again. 

I created a metabolic health starter pack to help you increase your metabolism so you feel better without having to restrict.

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For those in pain, I created a guide to Turn your Symptoms into a Compass Guide. Get it sent to you here