After a picky childhood diet including McDonald’s and white bread PB & J sandwiches followed by recurring ear infections and a bout of sore throats and digestive problems in the longer term, I discovered the importance of proper nutrition. These subsequent illnesses taught me to do some investigating into why public health is in the state that it is today.

Growing up, I came across so many people who were hurting and, sadly, on their way to death with little to no hope whatsoever. Most people I met had simply thrown their hands up and were either convinced or decided that they had no power. From those on dialysis to those dependent on insulin to survive, or others suffering from ruthless pain due to fibromyalgia, I knew there had to be something behind these problems that ailed so many and ruined or could even end their lives.

I learned about Monsanto, how our soil is being depleted, the genetic code of our food supply is being modified, plant life being sterilized and patented, and junk food is being subsidized. No wonder my health was in the condition that it was since childhood, and so many others were in the states they were. On my journey of discovering what it really means to live a healthy life, first delving into hyper perfectionism and restriction , followed by, more recently, a focus on metabolism and the importance of also eating enough while getting the nutrients and building blocks to life that you need one way or another.

Since delving into the wellness field, I’ve been astonished by the power of nutrition to heal. I learned of a Nutrition program offered by the Nutritional Therapy Association and discovered even more encouraging accounts and surprisingly effective methods of healing while gaining my certification as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP). I’m now a practicing FNTP who loves to help others support their own bodies to address a variety of symptoms.

Needless to say, I’ve developed quite the passion for nutrition and for the resultant power we have not only over our individual health but potentially collectively. I’m here to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated over these years in my own experience, in school as well as in the clinical setting. This is done with the greater hope of being able to allow optimal health and on a larger scale with the ultimate goal of creating a more  hospitable world as it was intended.