About Me

Hi, I’m Paige. From a young age, I dealt with various health challenges no one around me seemed to know the cause of long term. Just like some of my friends, I loved going swimming. For some reason, I constantly got ear infections my doctor deemed “swimmer’s ear. I also had recurring sore throats which were essentially blamed on my tonsils existing (thankfully, since then, the common stance on that has changed). Not too far down the road, in my teens I started having digestive problems out of the blue, which followed me into adulthood. Many of the symptoms like heartburn which were most disruptive, anyone I knew simply took a medicine like Pepto Bismol or Tums. Even as an ignorant kid, I didn’t resonate with the idea of popping these without understanding why they were needed or why the symptoms were happening in the first place.

Thanks to persistent symptoms, I came to learn about the benefits of proper nutrition little by little. I was led to do some investigating into why people like me can suffer without finding real answers involving actual root- cause.

As I grew older, I came across a lot of people who were hurting and received poor prognoses in many cases, with an array of causes. Most people I met adapted by throwing their hands up, they were convinced or decided that they didn’t have power to fix it themselves, or solutions didn’t exist to change the situation. From knowing a dialysis patient to someone suffering ruthless pain from fibromyalgia to antibiotic resistance, I felt there had to be something behind these problems that diminished their quality of life and brought fear.

I learned about properties of nutrients and how they effected the body and was fascinated. Later, I discovered a company called Monsanto, how our soil had become depleted. I found out the genetic makeup of many foods in the food supply was being modified with some risks shrugged off by much of the food industry; even plant life being sterilized and patented (largely by that company I mentioned called Monsanto). The foods lower in nutrients were subsidized most. Fresh, organic foods were harder to find and more expensive. I thought, it’s no wonder so many were having a sub- optimal state of health. 

Since delving into the wellness field, I’ve been astonished by the power of nutrition to heal. I learned of a Nutrition program offered by the Nutritional Therapy Association and discovered even more encouraging accounts and surprisingly effective methods of healing while gaining my certification as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP). I’m now a practicing FNTP who loves to help others support their own bodies to address a variety of symptoms.

On my journey, my picture of what it means to live a truly healthy life has evolved. Initially, I delved into hyper- perfectionism and restriction– trying to take control by doing the “right thing”– a trap I find many are plagued by and stuck in, often due to a sense of rightful indignation, and wanting to make a change.

More recently in my journey, I’ve stumbled into discovery of the metabolism and the importance of also eating those focused enough while getting much needed nutrients. Calories are the important “nutrient” I see so neglected. This causes so much damage in the lives of those devoted to improving their health. I was stuck here for a long time. 

I’m here to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated over these years in my own experience, in school as well as in a clinical setting. I hope to contribute optimal health and on a larger scale with the ultimate goal of creating a more hospitable world where everyone can access a better life through nutrition.