How to Optimize your Response to Carbs

  • Maximize Digestibility: The more broken down the carb is, the less there is to trip up any steps of digestion. Fermented, sprouted, or soaked, and well cooked starches are most digestible and have the most assimilable nutrients.
  • Consider Bio-individuality: Maybe only naturally fermented sourdough is how your body likes gluten right now. Some people do better with white rice for certain reasons. Fruits or well- cooked root vegetables might be easier on the body for now. Tune into how you feel. Not feeling well with one carb doesn’t mean to avoid all of them.
  • Include Fat/ Protein: The ratios of fat: protein: carbs that best fuels a body can evolve and be different for each person.
  • Factor in Fiber: More fiber can be good for blood sugar stability. Some people do better with less fiber if their digestive system is taxed or they’re very energy depleted.

An array of issues can lead to intolerances to carbs and poor blood sugar, from suboptimal metabolism to pathogenic burden.

Arrange an appointment for 1:1 Nutrition guidance so you can optimize your unique response to carbs and reap the benefits for your metabolism and overall health.

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