How I Got Rid of Dyshidrotic Eczema

You may not realize what the rash you’re getting is actually called let alone caused by if you’re like I was when I struggled with mine. If you get rashes, the fundamentals behind how I learned to get rid of mine are likely to help regardless.

When I was waiting tables after some time, I began to get a recurrent rash that I couldn’t get rid of. I tried a wide variety of lotions and healing balm to no avail.

 After years of fighting it with increasing difficulty, a friend enlightened me to the fact that it’s actually a common occurrence in the service industry, with constant exposure to water and quaternary chemicals. 

I worked with a practitioner who’d resolved every problem I came to her with before. She found I developed what in simple terms could be considered an allergic- type reaction to the cleaning chemicals.

Eventually, it became so persistent I had no choice but to stop the exposure. However, that didn’t actually resolve it for good. I was still reacting to new things that seemed to trigger it in my diet. 

The rash, on my middle and ring finger, became a weak point in the body that became the first sign that my body didn’t like something at the time. For instance, it flared up when I accidentally had gluten exposure. The only time it seemed to go away was if I went on an anti- Candida protocol and ate less carbs. 

Slowly peeling the “onion” of my health, I worked with my practitioner to address underlying causes such as cadmium toxicity that was found to be causing Candida. Next we addressed my liver. Each time it seemed to get better and would even go away for a time; but even if I washed some dishes at home for a little too long, the bumps would come back.

Then it would become cracked and painful like this:

the cycle seemed never ending. At one point my practitioner suggested I go to the hospital because of how the bumps swelled, thinking the infection might’ve gone systemic.

Eventually I wound up being the one to address the issue as I was no longer seeing the practitioner and even antibiotics I eventually caved in and tried didn’t work long- term.

Trying to reduce any possible offender to my gut or trigger, I went low carb, paleo, and keto as much as possible. I became progressively less and less able to tolerate foods. I had to cut out something called fodmaps as well, as my gut became disrupted. It seemed like I was only getting worse. My window of edibility became microscopic.

My digestion suffered so much that I was bedridden. My energy was so low and I was in pain or discomfort constantly. I felt like I couldn’t even “digest” water. I’d seem to get bloated from it and it just sloshed around in my stomach. My teeth were increasingly translucent because of how little I could effectively digest.

Clearly, something was wrong. It didn’t make sense for me to be getting worse if my diet was really what was needed to initially control this rash and other symptoms of Candida I assumed had flared up without treatment.

I learned about different gut infections, how they can create food intolerances, and cause the symptoms I suffered from. With that I discovered a cheap remedy with a wide range of testimonials across YouTube touting various benefits from hair loss to eradicating Candida or even *shriek* parasites.
The product was diatomaceous earth. It’s made of fossilized diatoms ground into a powder. Diatoms are an ancient microscopic algae with exoskeletons made from silica.

Aside from silica being a neglected mineral with health benefits, the structure and electromagnetic charge of the diatomaceous earth contributes a detoxifying effect that physically can help remove Candida and parasites from the gut. It can bind and remove other toxins like clay does as well. 

Despite starting slow, I began with too much at once as I experienced die off symptoms like headache and acne. It’s really best to work with a practitioner to implement protocols and find out what your body uniquely needs. Although herxheimer (healing response) symptoms weren’t pleasant, I scaled back, knowing such a response was a sign something effective was happening.

Over time of slowly increasing the dose every week, I bypassed negative symptoms. Eventually, it’s detoxifying effects were enough to make it where I eventually no longer got the rashes. Furthermore, as I discovered and incorporated ways to lower my pathogenic burden, I was even able to re- incorporate all foods without ever getting the rash again, despite washing dishes normally at home.

It would’ve been hard to imagine being here with completely healthy skin before, when I had cracked, flaking fingers that would become painful after irritation from triggers to the point it could even start to bleed. I thought I’d tried all of the possible solutions already– based on advice from some of the most knowledgeable practitioners I was able to access information from.

My point is that if you have a health issue you’ve done “everything” to solve already, don’t give up. The solution might be around the corner.

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