Unknown Cause for Chronic Pain, Fatigue, MCAS, Allergies, Asthma and More— Mold Masterclass Starts Today (Free)

If you struggle with mystery- symptoms like auto- immunity, POTS, MCAS, increased histamine (allergenic- type) response, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, chest pain, lung, sinus and ear issues that you can’t seem to get resolved; or if you have a musty smell, or signs of water damage where you live like cracked, bubbling, or peeling paint and warped wood. But just because you can’t see or smell mold doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Often, because of less than ideal laws and protections for tenants and home buyers, landlords and estate agents go to great lengths to cover up these signs but do nothing to get to the root of the problem!

More symptoms of toxic mold include heart issues indicated by chest pain, even things like acne, weight gain or appearing swollen after moving in somewhere, depression, or weight/ appetite loss. It can also be a major cause of PANS/ PANDAS in children.

My most obvious symptom upon moving into mold has been vertigo, a spinning or dizzy type feeling even when you’re not moving. I’d feel this sensation as if it were in my sinuses/ ears, or the back of my head. Many who move into mold have stated this was their first symptom. Here’s the post I wrote all about my symptoms and what you might be experiencing from mold, whether you know that’s the cause or not.

Here’s the link to sign up and start watching. Many experts are on the roster. From experience I can say how much of a difference this can make in your day- to- day functionality. Addressing mold helped me go from being essentially incapacitated some days in a certain environment to being normally productive again while I make a plan to get out.

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  1. Simone Walker says:

    I just watched this toxic mold masterclass and it was amazing!! I learned so much from all the speakers. So thankful to see other bloggers raising awareness of the devastating health affects of mold and mycotoxins.

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