How I’ve Been Combatting Morning Anxiety

Mornings can be a little overwhelming sometimes. You have so much you want to accomplish, may not have the energy to start, or may have so much energy (from drinking too much cold brew, perhaps?) that you don’t know what to do with it. Eventually, maybe you start doom scrolling on social media, watch a show or something for self- soothing. Next thing you know, it’s time to take the dog for a walk and you feel like the day just blew right by.

What’s most important in combatting anxiety for me is having a meal early in the day. Unfortunately, we can all be vulnerable to or in the habit not eating much earlier in the day but rather saving calories for later when we wind down. For me, I try to eat intuitively and for a long time I took my dog Albert out for walks prior to eating much and I felt totally fine. For whatever reason, I’ve been walking Albert a little later and finding even when I’m home, I start spinning pretty easily if I haven’t eaten a meal. It took a few times of seeing the difference, but I’ve learned this is what helps.

  • Committing to a meal versus just grazing on something perhaps more convenient. For whatever reason, it doesn’t matter if it seems to amount to the same quantity in snacks with a balance including protein, fat, and carbs, I just don’t feel as solid if it’s not a meal. Always prioritizing how I feel versus arbitrary rules of diet- culture, or how what I eat might supposedly affect how I look has been the most beneficial thing for my mental health. The effects were more drastically evident than any supplement I’ve tried.
  • Whey protein in my coffee, or whatever morning beverage you prefer. I’ve noticed this just keeps me feeling better all throughout the day, until I go to sleep. I don’t even notice the taste in my other coffee with the other flavors present.
  • Electrolytes are something I’ve incorporated more of since experiencing POTS like symptoms upon moving into a home that I didn’t realize had mold present. Electrolytes are very important for the adrenals and dysautonomia (nervous system dysregulation) including salt. I like this one more for the flavor and that it has a good amount of salt, equaling that of an actual IV, which has been studied for optimal rehydration. This one has great nutrients in it like B vitamins and even some beneficial amino acids that people may not realize they’re deficient in (you can track at Unfortunately the b vitamins don’t taste the greatest
  • This adrenal support supplement (called an adaptogen) has made a noticeable difference at various more stressful times in my life. More recently it’s had a definite effect on energy levels as well. What works for everyone can vary but this combo is great because it has lavender which specifically supports the nervous system, something adaptogenic formulas normally neglect. Most with adrenal burnout absolutely have a stressed nervous system as well. In fact, I’d prioritize the nervous system above adaptogens if I had to pick one. The brain obviously controls everything else the body and is itself part of the nervous system.
  • Take vitamins earlier in the day! Everything I take has a purpose I’ve researched and much of the time felt an affect from when it was added or taken away. Things like L- Tyrosine support dopamine production which help a lot with handling stress and overwhelm (but should never be taken with some psychoactive medications– talk to your doctor beforehand), as do my methylated B vitamins and multi- vitamin which also support dopamine production as well as nearly every process in the body.

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