How I Got Rid of Blurry, Declining Vision

Starting when I had covid, I sporadically experienced blurry vision. It continued to pop up long after, specifically when I was tired from lacking sleep. Curious, I looked it up I saw that it can be a sign of deteriorating vision in general, so I became concerned it wouldn’t reverse. I tried lutein knowing it’s an antioxidant with an affinity for the eyes, hoping it might help.
There was a noticeable difference when I took it versus when I ran out.
When I ran out last, I decided to see how it went not taking it again. Sure enough, it didn’t come back— to a degree that I haven’t even thought about it for months until I looked back at some photos and was reminded of the supplement.

I’ve had many days I think would have affected me before, sleeping only 5-6 hours.

Here’s a study showing how lutein and zeaxanthin are antioxidants found in the eyes and shown to support their health for those curious.

It’s also found in yellow and orange produce like lemon, oranges, pumpkin, and pineapple as well and egg yolks.
It even helped my family member who struggled with an issue with their eye that was related to blood sugar issues. You’ll see on Amazon many people trying various forms of these nutrients benefitted from improved vision, even to the point where they reduced the strength of their glasses, and one post specifically talked about a woman near blindness using it to keep it at bay!

This review is of the version I’ve posted and linked below.

You may like to give it a shot if you’re struggling with vision as antioxidants like these offer additional benefits rather than side effects.

Read the many reviews of these supplements on Amazon, and you’ll see many like me and my family member, some even reduced the strength of their prescription glasses! No guarantees, obviously, everyone is different, but highly recommend trying! This is the one my family member and I used.

I’ve listed an Amazon affiliate link to the product above which is the same price you’d find if you had to search for it yourself. I may get a small commission if you decide to buy it with that link, which can help support my blog and future posts.

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