How to Support the Immune System this Season

What I use to try to support general health and shore up immunity as much as possible:

Firstly, adequate calories, maintaining an adequate body temperature of 97.8 – 98.6 F is the best way I feel good, not only helping to optimize immunity (fevers raise body temperature to optimize immune response, for instance) but it also helps me deal with long covid, alleviating symptoms. 

Bio D and A emulsion are micro emulsified, taking away the work that the liver and gallbladder do to ensure the vitamins are absorbed. Many of us have suboptimal function of one of these organs without ever being aware of it, due to things like biliary stasis. Vitamin D and A need to be taken together so as not to throw one off balance. Many are aware of the protective effects of vitamin D for the immune system. We tend to fight off cold and Flus much better during the sunnier months. Vitamin A is a lesser known immune supportive nutrient that vegetarians and vegans may not be absorbing as well. Vitamin A specifically helps repair lung tissue. This can be accessed by signing into fullscript, creating an account if you don’t have one with me, and searching the catalog.

Igennus multivitamin: this is my favorite multivitamin I won’t be caught without. This is because it has a good amount of iron which I find I need, in addition to copper, as well as some of the lesser known minerals. But I especially like that it’s high in methylated b vitamins which are beneficial for many reasons. With regard to viruses, they help protect against damage by covid to the nervous system that’s been linked to the same pathways as Parkinson’s and dementia. Methylated B vitamins help prevent internal tremors for me.

Icelandic kelp is a good source of iodine from waters that aren’t badly polluted. Kelp supplies helpful minerals for processing iodine and is the best source when trying iodine for the first time to prevent having a herxheimer response. Colostrum is the healing mother’s milk from a cow. It’s purpose is to transfer immunoglobulins like IGG to calves that don’t have immunity yet. For that reason it shows a lot of benefit for shoring up human immune systems as well in the face of various challenges. 

Vitamin C: balances and strengthens the immune system, reducing excessive inflammation and free radicals and has been used effectively for a number of viruses. Thomas Levy has provided a lot of informative and inspiring work regarding this topic. It also regulates histamine response which can go out of whack in the face of covid. Not pictured, I like to keep liposomal vitamin C for extra support or acute sickness as it enters the body more like an IV due to the phospholipid structure. Both forms have separate benefits, so I take both.

More specific items I would use for support once having symptoms, specifically if concerned about covid based on my experiences with it:

Quercetin and zinc: quercetin is an ionophore which allows zinc into cells for viral protection. Studies have been done confirming efficacy for covid leading hospitals to use zinc widely. 

Lysine: an antiviral amino acid. Ones balance of arginine vs zinc largely controls vulnerability to viruses. This is why lysine is given for cold sores, and in herpes outbreaks. The population’s balance of arginine: lysine has grown in more recent years as we’ve moved away from an ancestral diet. In general lysine is most abundant relative to arginine in animal foods, as well as plant foods like potatoes, avocado, apple, apricot, sprouted beans. Sprouting and soaking grains and seeds makes them higher in relative lysine (a traditional food preparation technique). 

ADP: By the company biotics research oil of oregano that’s been micro emulsified, so it can be absorbed by the body. Oregano oil is a powerful broad spectrum antimicrobial which has well- studied components, particularly carvacol which is concentrated in the supplement. This is a professional grade supplement you can only buy through a practitioner and you can access through my fullscript account once you sign up which you can do here.

Garlic/ Cayenne: both of these contain components studied to have antimicrobial, antiviral benefits and support circulation (especially supportive for things like covid that effect the blood). Garlic supplies sulfur which is vital for detoxification, helping the body to lower viral load. 

NAC: cysteine is often the limiting amino acid for glutathione, the master antioxidant in the body known for recycling A, C and E. The antioxidant property is important for neutralizing the damage of viruses which is actually a main method of proliferation . So NAC is antiviral in its own right while also neutralizing the damage simultaneously. It may cause stomach discomfort, is best taken with food and once already sick, is generally needed in doses of 2000 mg 1-2 times per day to do its work effectively 

Mullein: can really help add moisture to a dry cough to help the body expect or cough up the mucus that may be causing a tickle in the throat. I’ve experienced this the worst with covid.

Virattack: contains several well studied herbal ingredients, the one I find most profound being location. Lomatium is a powerful antiviral containing herb that’s specifically beneficial for respiratory issues. Lomatium may cause a one time detox rash for 10% of users. It’s best to be taken in very small quantities and see how you react or get biofeedback testing and see how it would work for you. I found it was worth it to try to help with longstanding post covid symptoms and hearing how uniquely effective it seems to be for viruses. Take a look at the reviews. You probably won’t find this easily in stores. Here’s a link to access that from my link on amazon (won’t cost more to get it through me, I could just make a small portion of the amount which is the same you would pay either way).

Fenugreek/ thyme: this supplement is great for congestion. I use it at night to help with any sinus congestion and I won’t be caught without it.

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