Why you’re Always so Cold

Do you feel like you can’t do anything without freezing your butt off?

Outside of summer, you might feel like you’re forced to be uncomfortable any time youre out, away from the heater, in the elements or even doing basic tasks like going to the grocery store– specifically walking by the dreaded refrigerated areas!

I had this same issue for my entire life until one day when I discovered the metabolism and it’s relationship to body temperature

It’s actually an important biomarker for your overall health how warm you feel at any given time, especially your hands and feet, and especially at room temperature.

“Room temperature” might even feel subjective.

When I had a low metabolism and body temperature, I did not feel comfortable at what seemed normal to everyone else. 65 degrees Fahrenheit could feel torturous.

You might only feel “like yourself” in the warmer months, and perhaps dream of relocating– just to be comfortable.

Our bodies need calories in order to keep us warm. This is what burns the fire of our metabolism and this knowledge seems to be  vastly ignored and contradicted in the health and welness field. While other factors impact metabolism, calories are the basic  core need.

  • The average body temperature has  progressively decreased in the last two centuries
  • in the 1860s the average caloric intake for men and women were 3,594 and 2,607, respectively.
    Obesity was basically unheard of at this time
    • Clearly, energy recommendations are way lower than that
  • This demonstrates the metabolic fuel:


Calories are vital to keeping the body temperature up.
Those who have gone through a metabolic restoration procress can attest to the fact that eating more calorie dense diet led to warmer hands, feet,  and a higher body temperature overall.

To feel warmer:

  • You may need to support your thyroid, the classic known cause for low body temp in modern medicine. However, your numbers might be whats considered “in normal range”.
  • Make sure you’re eating enough
  • Drinking too much water can dilute the solutes that the metabolism needs

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