The Importance of Calories- Often Neglected “Nutrient” in the Health and Wellness Field

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Many in the health field are aware of the “metabolism” or thyroid health, but they’re unaware of the most important tool to ensure both are functioning properly: Food.

Calories themselves are necessary to keep the body temperature high to maintain a healthy body via homeostasis. Yet, they’re the one nutritional unit that’s widely avoided and kept to a minimum by the entire wellness field.

When the body temperature is too low, we aren’t able to fight infections like normal. This is what fevers are for.

Surprising things can happen when you raise your body temperature:

  • More supple skin
  • Thicker hair
  • Regular digestion
  • Diminished anxiety
  • More energy
  • Better mood
  • Fight Infection
  • Regulate heart function

–These are only benefits I’ve personally experienced upon recovering my metabolism. Many more are possible.

What you can do to raise your body temperature:

  • Don’t drink too much water (urine should be yellow, not clear, indicating balanced cellular solutes)
  • Rest
  • Include saturated fat
  • Enjoy the sun
  • Carboyhdrates
  • Don’t be so militaristic about food rules. There can be a place for more processed foods, and sugars

How Food Rules Hurt Metabolism:

  • Ever- changing; allowable foods are ever- narrowing. From an 8 to 1 hour meal window a day, from low carb to ketogenic to carnivore to raw, or is it paleo, or vegan?
  • Indecision about eating foods can lead to analysis paralysis.
  • The less calories and more exercise the better according to society
  • Eating a smaller selection of less palatable food inevitably lessens appetite. Many adhering to a diet after a while might notice “cravings fade”
    • Anorexics, orthorexics know this all too well
  • Overexercising and cutting calories over time can trigger famine response

Examples, Evidence:

  • Minnesota Starvation Experiment
  • Overfeeding studies
  • Hypermetabolism phenomenon in ED recovery
  • My own along with many others’ experiences in recovery
  • Kayla Koetecki, Jessie Reimann, Stephanie Buttermore in fitness industry found recovery led them to a more stable weight they no longer had to work to maintain and had major health improvements

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