What are your Symptoms Trying to Tell you?

Pain and unpleasant symptoms can actually be there to bring you to a health resolution. We sense pain through our nervous system– a vertebra attached to a nerve which connects to a muscle as well as an organ.

If an organ becomes inflamed– being attached to a nerve and muscle group– this causes referred pain. This indicates to us a “missing link” involving deeper malfunctioning beyond merely the muscle or spine in itself.

To go even deeper, Chinese medicine discusses a “meridian” system that’s now been scientifically identified as the Primo Vascular System (PVS) or Bonghan system. It identifies “energy channels” with anatomical components that science has found that run through the body, helping explain how aspects of health are connected, and organs correspond to different areas of the body (R).

This identifies “energy channels” with anatomical components that have now been identified after centuries of acknowledgement by acupuncturists and the like practicing TCM. These run through the body and help explain how different aspects of health are actually connected, and organs correspond to different areas of the body.

In acupuncture, they even pierce a certain part of the ear to battle pain in an area of the body based on these meridians. Some people have been able to alleviate headaches this way.

Another area of the body that reflects the entire anatomy is the feet. Many in the wellness field, especially involving essential oils, are aware that the feet are an important place to apply remedies, because it’s absorbed better, there are a lot of nerve endings there– but they aren’t aware of what’s in this picture.

Even acne can be reflective of the state of the rest of the body. Personally, a weaker point for me has been my gallbladder and the area that I’ve gotten acne most consistently has been the area shown, the temples.

Tongue mapping is well- known in TCM. I’ve definitely experienced some of these states, specifically “scalloped tongue” marked below as Qi deficiency, and known in modern medicine to coincide with hypothyroid. One symptom involving the tongue not listed but I found to also be prominent in Chinese medicine was “burning tongue”– not pleasant, as you might imagine. It reflected “heat” in the liver, and congestion. I later found with blood tests I’d indeed been having liver problems.

Chinese medicine keeps serving, with meridians being reflected in the teeth. After all, there might be more to cavities than just eating too much candy, drinking acidic drinks and my favorite, what is assumed to be an oral fluoride “deficiency”.

This is all amazing, isn’t it?

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