Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Skin Issues, Fatty Liver and more— are Parasites at the root of what ails you?

If I’ve discovered one thing that can explain the root of my clients’ and my health issues for most of our health journeys, it would undoubtedly be parasites.

They cause a wide variety of symptoms that so commonly are overlooked and dismissed as always going to be present or “normal”- – from digestive dysfunction of all kinds to skin issues, anxiety, pain, sickness whether in the form of nausea, sometimes fever– parasites can be identified at the root of all of them at some time, without being seen or identified much of the time.

I’ve created a short video to provide as much information on the topic in a form as easily consumed as possible to make sure you can refer back to it simply by downloading or taking screenshots. I guarantee it will come in handy for you and your loved ones if you put it in to practice.

Addressing parasitic infection for me has meant resolving ongoing shoulder pain I was spending hundreds on chiropractic adjustments for– going multiple times every week– and suffering on weekends when I couldn’t go. It’s instilled the feeling of zen in an instant by taking a tincture targeting them. It’s cleared up acne by moving them out properly like my body needed. Most substantially, it resolved very severe gallbladder pain in a number of minutes of taking an effective supplement for them.

This topic isn’t necessarily “pretty”, but it is vital to understand in order to successfully progress on your health journey.

Check out the video, save it, and do what you can to spread the information to people suffering from a wide variety of inflammatory conditions spurred by these unknowingly existent, highly detrimental, yet stealth creatures. It may be unsettling to confront, but the changes wrought in your life as a result are invaluable and highly worth it.

Here’s the link to watch

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