A Simple Formula to Safely Detox

A common trend these days is “detoxing”, a term is thrown around quite loosely.

You may need to detox and not know it if you have symptoms like nerve pain, poor digestion, bloating, chemical sensitivity, even allergies, cellulite, or weight gain (or struggling to reach a weight that functionally you feel well at). 

There’s a process for this. Attempting to detox shouldn’t be done without understanding the specific factors and steps. 

But I’ve made this process as simple as possible by breaking down what you need in this 3 minute video. You may want to pause it periodically to be sure you read the details on each slide, and screenshot or save for future reference. 

Having the information at your disposal, you’ll be able to fully get what you’re doing when you wish to take this step and address a variety of issues, optimizing your health and quality of life. This way, you won’t be wasting money on products that don’t do what’s required. Here is the video.

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