Resolve Right Shoulder Pain Quickly by Getting to the Root (Liver and Gallbladder Health)

If you tend to struggle with mysterious pain that comes and goes in your right shoulder, or below the right side of your rib cage, then this is made specifically for you. However, this will also explain a common cause of headaches, which nobody seems aware of. Furthermore, often bloating will have the cause that is discussed.

I’ve created a video that laser focuses on the cause of this pain and symptomology: the liver and gallbladder. Here’s the link.

I’ve struggled with this liver and gallbladder issues throughout my life– even as a baby: I had colic! Through many years of studying, watching clients heal with my own eyes, as well as personal experience, I’ve found answers that I’ve streamlined into the effective and efficient options. These will not only act as a band aid providing quick relief, but by watching this video, you’ll have an understanding of why you feel the way you do. This way, you won’t have to confront this problem again and again, you’ll have a full understanding of what you need to do to heal holistically while providing quick relief.

So if you suffer from this or know you have fatty liver or elevated enzymes, trouble digesting fat, or even just want to lose weight, then this video will have some answers for you too. Access it here!

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