What led me to my Choice to get Vaccinated

I have yet to explain my choice regarding the vaccine and what led me to it so I thought I would:
I was skeptical at first, saw the worst conspiracy theories, even bought some of them before looking into them more— this was very early on in the pandemic before they were available.
As the pandemic progressed it became very clear to me the black and white thinking that infiltrated the masses, preventing progress and dividing us unnecessarily.
Ie: saving lives and wearing masks should not be divisive but someone politicized it. Just like we wear seatbelts and clothes, shoes in a store we all agree to things as part of a society (I’m not saying this as a reason for vaccines specifically, but the analysis I went through).
People have lost many, some losing whole families and everybody seems to forget how the media was downplaying it in the first place, along with politicians on the left and right. I could see this in the comment section of videos on the outbreak very early on in January in my state of Washington where the governor was downplaying it and allowing the few infected to simply self- isolate. The commenters unanimously saw a problem with that at the time (ie you can’t trust people) and could see that it was not a wise way to go to let everyone use their own “judgment” to contain a virus that was clearly doing immense damage in China.
So anyway, I saw a lot of black and white thinking develop since then (lots of q anon, which effectively, unfortunately, seems to discredit legitimate skepticism societally).
I found a fellow NTP (with my nutritional certification) who posted on fb, discussing all of the ingredients of the vaccine and laying it out very simply so people could understand exactly what was in it and she had various scientist friends that would comment below and answer questions. Her audience is very skeptical in nature and “alternative” in general, so those with a science background combined with this perspective were able to address concerns very thoroughly and understandingly.
She made it possible to objectively verify all of the ingredients and their function including how they effect sensitive people and anything those very choosy about what’s put in their bodies want to know. Down to the nano- lipids which I was concerned about and the way the mRNA interacts with the body and what it is made of and how it’s composed; I understood that while some of them might sound “scary” and in turn become portrayed a certain way by various sources, when not using black and white thinking and wanting to objectively understand, none of it was inherently evil.
The NTP who shared this information had a spouse that worked for Moderna which is actually a small start- up company, not big Pharma, and a mom who works in RNA technology. She provided insight and she was happy to let all of her skeptical, alternative- minded audience ask questions and answer them with all of the knowledge that her and her science- minded and simultaneously skeptical friends and family had (she lives in a very science- dense part of the country, MA) 
I also was very happy and impressed that 3 separate and independent companies offer their own separate product for consumers to learn about and choose from. Two of the options are amazingly effective on a level unheard of for vaccines previously. Also, they leave out all of the adjuvants anti vaxxers are scared of and hate. Could there be a more ideal opportunity to seize the moment to prevent disease (still highly effective with current variants, but if people keep denying science and buying into the polarization, and not wearing masks and/ or getting vaxxed, it can continue to mutate beyond what we currently have available)?

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