Access my Personally Curated Professional- Grade Supplement Protocols

Now you can find basic protocols that I make for various symptom presentations easily. They come with dosing instructions and other pertinent info. So, you get some of the benefit of having me as a practitioner, while not having any form of consultation. Access my protocols for a variety of symptom presentations, or, to support the body in fighting against an array of illnesses by following the link here to either sign up under my practitioner account if you haven’t yet, or log in if you have. That will bring you to my protocol for chronic fatigue, and allow you to access any of my other protocols. Not only can you view these, but you’ll also be able to my access “favorites” folders of supplements I like to choose for purity, ethics, price and, in my experience, efficacy. You may also browse with access to every single supplement on my Fullscript practitioner store, stocked with professional- grade supplements. You’ll get free shipping with an order of $50 or more and when signing up, you can opt to be informed of any upcoming promotions.

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

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