Fortify Yourself Against the Corona Virus

You may be wondering what you can do nutritionally to strengthen yourself against the novel Corona Virus. As scary (or completely over- hyped and flu- like) you might perceive this virus to be, like with all pathogens– whether bioengineered or not– there’s always a mechanism we can exploit to help fortify our organism against what may come it’s way. You may be sick of hearing about the virus itself, so if you want to get solutions, each item is emboldened with the explanation starting in the 6th paragraph and by the 7th, the virus talk has ended and the solution- based discussion has commenced.

If you happen to have seen the videos from Wuhan, you may rightfully be concerned about the extent of what can happen if you catch this virus, as well as the spreadability. Recent acceleration of cases has ensued in places like Iran, Italy and Singapore, with the ladder two being especially well developed. The rapid spread and escalation of intensity might either be accredited to a lack of timely reporting or testing and tracking of the virus, but seems more likely to be due to a high r0 value (a factor of contagion, essentially). While the governments and media throughout most of the world seem to generally concur that there can be no “cure” for a virus, when does the pharmaceutical industry ever actually create a true “cure”?

The only facilitator of an actual “cure” in any circumstance is in fact the human body itself– engineered in its ineffable brilliance. Gratefully, there are ways we can supply known mechanisms supporting such brilliance. Just to clarify, nothing can be guaranteed as everybody is different and we never know or can necessarily predict any so- called “inadequacies” at ant given time— and by no means do they come from an inadequate person. We absolutely should be cautious and use every method to avoid getting sick. I social distance, wear masks, and now have in fact gotten the vaccine. I did this after having another NTP break down in detail all of the ingredients. Her spouse works at Moderna (actually a small start- up company, as opposed to many conceptualizing it as “big” pharma) and her mom works in rna research. Down to the nano- lipids, I understood the nature of all the ingredients with the proper explanation. It was important to understand that the mRNA doesn’t come anywhere near the nucleus and therefore can not effect DNA. Many would hopefully know this by now, but I wanted to do my part in explaining my process being very skeptical as someone who always assumes the worst about all pharmaceuticals (this entire pandemic has also brought out the real flaws and dangers of black and white thinking).

Despite whatever hodgepodge of genetic codes combined with synthetic engineering that may have ensued to create this virus, the fact is, that’s literally all it is– a chain of genetic material. They still require the same inadequacies to be present in our own cells and immune system to even enter into them. This means that a likely man made genome would have to stand a chance against the time- honored intricacy of the human biology combined with the even more historic gifts we have in nature, created precisely to interact with our systems to do exactly what we need it to do now– defend us. This interaction enables our immune systems to react with a precise degree and quality of response needed to address this, and any, infection. This creates the ability of staving off a potential cytokine storm– shown to be one of the most deadly aspects of this illness– leading to multiple organ failure. Not only that, but if this virus shows to be as similar to SARS in reality as it seems sequenced to be, this might cause infection of the brain stem, with potential to, when allowed to develop, arrest our basic survival mechanisms. Of course, this can lead to the shutting down of survival organs, and might explain the many videos of people collapsing on the streets– first in china, then in Iran, South Korea, and Singapore, with one potential case that’s raised question in the US. People have gotten arrested for filming and/ or sharing such incidences with the public and were blamed for “starting rumors” and “spreading fear”. Another indication pointing to the possibility of brain stem infection was the incidence of a Japanese man in his twenties collapsing in his home and later testing positive while in intensive care with pneumonia, as well.

Fortunately, even these concerning implications can be fought off by giving the body adequate supply of what it needs– in this case, in the area that it needs– by using holistic methods that already exist. These have already been tested by well known holistic practitioners and proven successful in a variety of situations– some that even could’ve otherwise been life threatening. In this instance of protecting the brain against the spread of local infection, aside from flooding the body systemically with what it needs (for how to do this, see Liposomal Vitamin C below, since it’s unlikely one might be able to find Vitamin C IV administration sources here in the US); otherwise, topical application can come in handy.

I’m in a group on facebook which I’ve continually gained baffling and inspiring information from with both clinical and anecdotal evidence to back it up. Particularly applicable to the issue we’re seeing here with potential meningitis, brain stem infection and possible subsequent collapse, a few months back I read one of many valuable posts by a farmer regarding his experiences using vitamin C with his cattle. He’s noticed that applying vitamin C topically, getting it as close to the brain (or whatever area of the body that’s afflicted) as possible, could even be so effective as to pull his cows out of shock and actual blindness due to fatal listeriosis, which is very similar to human meningitis. He also found in one of his invaluable personal experiments that applying vitamin C to an area of his jaw and even teeth that were painful, (along with niacin– he finds that these two items always seem to go together helpfully, and I would agree) resolved the pain within a matter of minutes of holding it there. Another person shared about experiencing a sinus infection and instead applying liposomal vitamin C to her face all around her sinus area with great benefit. But this option is slightly different and even more direct. The option I’d always recommend using first is a sodium ascorbate nasal spray by filling a nasal spray (you can by glass refillable ones or wash out and sterilize an old nasal spray bottle) with distilled water and about 1/2 tsp sodium ascorbate. It can be used as often as needed. I discovered this when I had very congested, inflamed sinuses that were burning when I had covid (I also applied aloe Vera topically which helped the pain immensely).

Dr. Susan Humphries is a nephrologist who’s done a number of lectures on Vitamin C. In one of her especially practical pieces, she demonstrates how vitamin C can be administered in different ways for various purposes. Believe it or not, one way she demonstrates and discusses having great success with, is via topical intranasal administration. As you can see in her video, recorded on tour here (instructions begin at 13:47), when used with extreme care and caution in both method of use and the type of product used (which MUST be sodium ascorbate, as opposed to vitamin C itself, AKA ascorbic acid), she has noted immense success in offering the prospect of this mode of applying the known infection fighter directly to the sinuses. This should be reserved for very situations and it can be very helpful with sinuses very resistant to proper drainage. As shown, it must be done with a very small amount, and very gently. It does sting a little but not too much and certainly not more than my personal first experience with Afrin as a child.

In one case study, a woman who had nasal polyps her whole life and had been awaiting surgery– after some time of intranasal administration of ascorbate– upon examination was revealed not to have any more polyps. In a forum I’m in, it’s gotten rid of lifelong and acute plaguings with sinus congestion for great numbers of people. For me personally, I had relied on twice daily sinus rinses for over a year before discovering this. I felt like a slave to sinus rinses, as if I ran out of the distilled water required to do them, or became low on salt, anxiety would rise as I knew my sinuses could suffer. With how sick I was, sometimes I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store to get it. Having Lyme/ coinfections, I ran low on energy and would’ve d often need to lay down because of a fuzzy feeling that isn’t quite accurately described as dizzy, but it’s the best way I know to put it. Basically, any time I was getting sick or starting to get low on energy, that’s exactly where I would feel it, right in my sinuses and brain and I knew I hadn’t any other choice but to lay down and take it easy.

In the midst of my low point of chronic infection, and wondering if I could get better, I stumbled upon Dr. Andrew Saul and his talk on niacin. Soon after, upon searching Vitamin C and joining a group focused on Orthomolecular medicine and vitamin C, I learned about people’s experiences with vitamin C. Immediately upon taking Vitamin C and maintaining my bowel tolerance, my energy increased like never before, and honestly, like I previously wondered if it ever could again. A few months in, just before the holiday months, I learned about taking it this way. I’m glad I did, after hearing about many others who mysteriously this year seemed to have some kind of illness that wouldn’t seem to go away from the incredibly healthy members of this group, this would amazingly lead to sinus drainage and, often in a number of hours if not– more often– immediately, do the trick.

This holiday season was like none other for a lot of some of the most healthy people I’m aware of, they all seemed to get a respiratory infection that would not go away and largely involved a dry cough, painful aching deep- to the bone, and fever. For me there was nausea too, but it’s hard for me to tell sometimes whether I experience a Lyme flare up or herxheimer reaction as a result of too much detoxing, or an actual new illness. This season I was so glad I had this tool in my arsenal. I noticed going a few days without intranasal vitamin C application left me with that that dizzy feeling that led me to exhaustion and total incapacitation. Any time I would get that feeling, I knew what to do, along with maintaining bowel tolerance of Vitamin C all throughout the day, and with enough consistence I was improving.

Since then, I’ve learned about and tried another route of administration: nebulizing. This can deliver a nutrient or substance directly to the blood vessel- rich lung tissue, delivering whatever you need right into your bloodstream. A few times since then I’ve experienced lung congestion here or there and upon immediate administration of nebulized vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbate at a dilution of 1/4 teaspoon sodium ascorbate in 1/4 cup of distilled water, I’ve received truly impressive and previously unheard of relief.

Vitamin C has protective benefit against some of the most serious complications the coronavirus has the potential to bring on: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). This is when fluid enters the sacs of the lungs and overwhelms them, depriving the body of oxygen. This can end up leading to suffocation, infiltrating the body’s normally protected and isolated vital systems with viral, bacterial, or otherwise pathogenic cells. There was a study done with mice to see how ARDS might be effected by Vitamin C. In this case they brought on sepsis (which is the infiltration of bodily systems with pathogenic/ waste substances that don’t belong there) in mice by injecting them with feces into their abdomen to induce bacterial septic peritonitis. All animals that are given this treatment develop multiple organ failure and lung injury leading to sepsis and ARDS. They did this to two groups of mice, but with one of these groups they also gave Vitamin C injections of 200 mcg/ g of body weight 40 minutes later. They left them both alone for about 12 hours to check on them. When they returned, to their amazement the researchers found the Vitamin C group of mice running around eating and drinking next to the other cage full of dead mice.

Vitamin C has begun being studied in China and is now recommended by the Shanghai government in the treatment of coronavirus. One anecdotal experience given by a doctor working with those in China, which was sadly but not surprisingly deleted from YouTube, explained one family whose  mother had gotten confirmed coronavirus. She had multiple concurrent illnesses including diabetes, coronary artery disease, had a stent put in, as well as multiple other diseases. Her daughter knew about Vitamin C so her whole family began taking vitamin C tablets, with the mother reluctantly taking about half the dose her daughter was recommended, in disbelief. While not living together, every family member was in close contact with her and did not wear a mask while the mother was contagious. The only symptom the mother showed even after 9 days, was a low grade fever. While the mom’s condition didn’t exacerbate, she wanted to get checked out by the hospital where she got her official diagnosis. There she stayed in the ward for around 10 days and gradually deteriorated, eventually being admitted into the ICU. She got so bad that she needed to be put on an Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation– essentially, an external lung– a machine that filters an oxygenates the lung because the body itself is so weak and the lungs can’t do it even with help. Upon the daughter of the woman’s insistence that IV Vitamin C should be used, the physician obliged, and began administering about 10,000 mg. So far, she has done better and, despite being in her seventies, is expected to be discharged soon. On top of that, no one in her family, including 3 caretakers who went to the hospital only wearing a regular mask. For comparison’s sake, note that even healthcare workers that’ve been in full on hazmat suits still managed to get sick from patients (R).  The form of Vitamin C I recommend is acorbic acid because of it’s ability to nourish the body systems long after ingestion compared to other forms. You can take this in capsules, tablets (preferably with no or minimal additives like bioflavonoids as some can actually hinder it’s absorption into the stomach). I get it in the powdered form to make it easiest to adjust the dose according to bowel tolerance— this means, contrary to common assumption– just the amount you need to take to make your stomach growl or rumble, not create loose bowel movement. At most, this should create a soft bowel movement. If you pay attention to your body while taking this and start with small doses at a time while your beginning– like, 1/4 or even 1/8 the first few times just to get a feel for your dose– waiting an hour, and continuing with that dose and schedule, maybe doubling later if you haven’t felt anything after a few doses. The sicker you are with an acute illness, the greater your bowel tolerance will be. At the same time, some people have such imbalanced gut flora that they can’t tolerate the large doses that they need early on, so they need to taper up to the right amount and take heed to the signs their body gives them. Rest assured, though, you won’t overdose. At most, it might cause digestive distress or heartburn due to underlying H- pylori as a result of low stomach acid, or cause diarrhea. Vitamin C is less toxic than water, though, as it will not kill you.

Liposomal Vitamin C is a more recent discovery, and an honest miracle worker for myself and many others. Upon learning from Dr. Thomas Levy’s work on Vitamin C, known for his observances of that of Dr. Klenner’s including but not limited to reversing flaccid type polio in a matter of days and confronting smallpox with this simple nutrient in IV form, I discovered his view on this newer, and now more widely accessible form of Vitamin C. As Dr. Levy put it, Liposomal Vitamin C has, in his experience, shown to be 5-10x as effective as intravenous forms of Vitamin C– the form that he and Dr. Klenner had experience such marked success with in patients. In fact, Dr. Klenner had recorded as part of his protocol, since he found Vitamin C to be so harmless and beneficial, that even while a patient was still writing on his intake form, intravenous Vitamin C should be administered. Now we don’t need that needle or doctor approval to take advantage of these benefits. Liposomal Vitamin C encases Vitamin C in a molecular structure that can be absorbed readily by the cell due to it’s being encased in a lipid layer– exactly how the cell is encased. This then can get absorbed into the blood stream just like an IV would, and even more so than an IV, directly into the lymphatic system, our body’s most major systemic resource for host defense. While there are various types of liposomal Vitamin C online, I and others have found many benefits from making your own at home. You just need Vitamin C (preferably, buffered with baking soda or the pre- buffered form mentioned previously called sodium ascorbate), lecithin, distilled water and a blender. Here’s the link for instructions.

Melatonin Because of the way we have learned the coronavirus effects the body (via inflammatory clotting mechanisms and inflexibility in red blood cells– responsible for covid toes, heart and other organ issues, hair falling our as well as other organ failure and insufficient oxygen despite the lungs “working fine”), melatonin can be taken in doses of 5 mg and increased as much as possible for those showing symptoms according to Doris Loh’s dosage chart: melatonindoris

I also recommend watching her video presentation on melatonin that explains the physiology of melatonin and, if you’re on social media, following her on facebook for magnificent updates and tips on this. Most people who started on melatonin immediately felt symptom relief and, as long as they stayed on it for a sufficient amount of time (about a month) they have maintained health in most anecdotal experiences I’ve witnessed. She also has a video on Vitamin C and coronavirus that I’d recommend.

Vitamin A would be next in line for fighting against this virus because of it’s ability to balance the immune system, as noted by Dr. Datis Kharrazian, and protect epithelial tissue from viral or any other invasion. Vitamin A, like other fat soluble vitamins, is integral for the health of structural tissue in our bodies, which certainly includes the lungs. In fact, Vitamin A or retinol has shown to protect the lungs specifically. According to the National Institutes of health, Vitamin A “supports cell growth and differentiation, playing a critical role in the normal formation and maintenance of the heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs” (R). it was also found to reverse emphysema in the lungs of rats, as found by the Georgetown University School of medicine (R), (R). Vitamin A is a known way to upregulate the immune system in the event of any illness, particularly viruses. The chiropractor I shadowed told patients, as her sister who had worked and advised in her doctor’s office, to take large doses up to even 100,000 ius of Vitamin A per day for a month to get rid of warts (a viral issue). She also advised high doses of Vitamin C, I believe in the neighborhood of 5,000 mg if I accurately recall, for obvious reasons. I recommend a Vitamin A that’s been emulsified for optimal absorption. This is because most people are so inflamed that their gallbladder isn’t breaking down fat nearly well enough to absorb the fat soluble vitamins they need. Hopefully, by the time you see this if you search for “vitamin A emulsion” you should be able to find it, as I was the other day. Otherwise, taking Vitamin A with a fat as well as a supplement to support fat digestion like lecithin, choline, beets, beet kvass, and/ or taurine, can also help do the trick. Addressing the root cause of such inflammation– most commonly parasites— be assistive in the longer term, too.

Vitamin D is indisputably powerful in the protection of the immune system. Like vitamin A, D has a special ability to balance both sides of the immune system, and in that stability, prevent the cytokine storm that can wind up being so deadly and leading to multiple organ failure. Vitamin D has a track record of being especially good for the lungs. Infamous for taking up respirators in Italian hospitals to the point that physicians are now being forced to sort through patient and decide who of all of the Covid- sickened patients had the best chance of survival– because there simply isn’t enough to go around– interstitial pneumonia is known to be the cause leading to this need in the first place. Vitamin D has shown to be deficient in those with this very same condition (R). Not only that, but this same study referenced found those with cystic fibrosis to be low in Vitamin D. It has been stated that many, even after successfully abating the disease, found continued lung damage resulting from fibrosis. In my anecdotal experience shadowing in a Chiropractor and Nutritionist clinic, I found– via the results of the tests she performed– that vitamin D had the ability to clear up scar tissue. This study referenced, though it gave no direct indications of Vitamin D’s curative property by any means, pointed to interstitial pneumonia causing such damage via the same mechanism previously alluded to– oxidative stress and a cytokine storm. Vitamin D can be megadosed for acute situations and limited periods of time, but generally is said to be best taken in a ratio of 1:10 vitamin D: Vitamin A. For bone health, it’s especially important that it be taken in combination with Vitamin K in the longer term.  For the Vitamin D by itself, you can get it directly from Amazon here. To get it combined with Vitamin K for more regular use, this is what I recommend.

Selenium is capable of inhibiting viral replication. It’s been said that those that’ve gotten sick with coronavirus are likely deficient in the mineral. This isn’t unlikely, given the drastic soil depletion that’s been ongoing throughout the world. This is largely due to modern agricultural practices that highlight chemical intervention rather than working with nature as it’s designed to replenish and nourish itself back to health. You can still get adequate selenium in food form by eating brazil nuts. You can also get this via a daily multivitamin or mineral supplement. One of the most bio- available food- based vitamins, though disappointingly sold out to mega corporate- owner nestle, is MyKind. All of the nutrients in it are derived from natural plant extracts as opposed to being synthetically made. There are other brands similar to this, such as from Fred Meyer in the natural section last I checked. Since the multi provides all of these food based vitamins together in one natural compounded complex, it’s easily assimilable and readily absorbed by the human body. This means better immunity for you and also leads me to the next item, which selenium is required for proper assimilation of but often isn’t found in multivitamins in the sufficient quantities Americans are likely to require.

Zinc is a notable immune supporting mineral that’s well known for shortening the duration of a cold or flu. The first time I ever tried this, before I knew anything about natural remedies, a friend’s mom heard that I had a sore throat and gave me a metallic tasting orange “lozenge” that was apparently supposed to be sucked on, but didn’t taste like it. To my surprise, the illness I’d fully expected to experience was abated completely from that one dose. Since then I’ve happily discovered much better tasting alternatives that are equally, if not even more, effective. I really like Zand brand of zinc lozenges which contains additional symptom- soothing herbs, as well as the Sambucus brand that includes elderberry and is especially delicious. Here is another option in the form of drops, paired with vitamin C to aid both in absorption and immunity. // The way zinc works to combat viruses is by inhibiting RNA polymerase, an enzyme needed for transcription and replication– which viruses depend on in order to succeed in their attempt to hijack our cells (R). Zinc comes with a word of warning from my recent personal experience, though. Make sure you either follow the instructions on the bag of cough drops or lozenges, or only get a supplement with 50 mg or less, preferably 35 mg and definitely avoid more than that at one time if you take a multivitamin containing large amounts of zinc. Everyone is different and while some may benefit from larger amounts than 50 mg per day, always heir on the side of caution as I know myself to be one of those that can benefit from greater than 50 mg per day due to pyruloria, I still managed to make myself incredibly sick the other day from accidentally taking my zinc twice the day prior– once at night prior to bed, then one more immediately upon waking up. Zinc is already known for it’s potential to cause stomach upset when taken on an empty stomach due to low stomach acid, but taking this much once without even being spaced out by food can be a recipe for disaster. I honestly don’t know if my stomach’s ever hurt that much. Let’s just say I planned on getting this blog post up a lot sooner than it was and working on it that day and was not able to as a result.

Iodine, the forgotten mineral. This wide- spectrum antimicrobial that simultaneously works harmoniously with the human cells as well as the abundant gut flora they host, used to be a doctor’s immediate go- to in the event of infection. This is why you will find iodine in first aid kits for sterilizing wounds. In fact, iodine has even been one of the select sanitization methods suggested by the EPA for preventing the spread of the Corona Virus (R).  Iodine used to be a known “solution” for plaguings ranging from the cold and flu, to food poisoning– and that’s certainly not an exhaustive list (R). This was before modern day antibiotics arrived at the scene. In our more current instance, iodine gives the exceptional benefit of thinning mucus in the body. This gives out mucus membranes– including our lungs– a fighting chance against any attempted invader. Better yet, iodine has been found in rodent studies to prevent infection with influenza even when test subjects were exposed to aerosolized flu particles circulating everywhere in the air. This prevention ensued merely from applying iodine to the snouts of mice (R). This is important to note considering the acts the Chinese and other governments have seemingly taken to sterilize the air, health workers getting sick despite wearing full hazmat suits, as well as what the results of the Diamond Princess Cruise Quarantine disaster seemed to reveal. This is all despite the US claiming– so far– that it’s not airborne. Some of those who were on the ship mentioned seeing the sanitation crew putting tape over the air vents as they were all dreading being one of the next to fall sick from the virus despite quarantine. Still contradictorily, the neighborhood in New York that’s been quarantined, New Rochelle, was advised to keep windows closed during the Quarantine, however this alone, of course, doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Additionally, however, the closest related Corona Virus which our most recent one has been named after, SARS, has been shown to be airborne (R).

Thymus glandular tends to be a vital component for fighting infection. The thymus is a critical part of the immune system that actually shrinks with age. The gland is below the throat at the top of and behind the sternum. Clinicians have found it to be the missing link for optimal immune function in about 70% of cases, as discovered when using Chapman’s neurolymphatic tenderness indicators. These points are located all over the body and, amazingly, correspond to a particular organ or system.


When people are dealing with some immune affliction, two points to check whether they need support are both the spleen and thymus. The spleen is located on the left in the 7th intercostal space. Intercostal means in between the ribs. The first intercostal space will be right below your collar bone, and you can count down from there. It may seem difficult at first ,but once you learn a couple points, it’s very easy to find the rest. These points can actually be used therapeutically via massage while you don’t have or are waiting on glandular supplements to get the support you might do best with. It’s suggested to massage the area for about 1 minute and follow it right around wherever the tenderness is. Tenderness indicates that the area needs to be worked on and will improve as you do so.

Sardinian Cistus Tea: In my journey figuring out Lyme and coinfections, I’ve discovered an amazing herb with incredible qualities including a capacity against viruses, including enveloped, RNA viruses, exactly like the novel coronavirus is. Cistus tea is not only good for this but also breaking down biofilms that candida, bacteria, and other unwelcome guests like parasites tend to produce as a barrier to protect themselves from being destroyed. It is recommended that you start with small amounts of cistus in case you’re very sick and may not know it (many of the symptoms we learn to accept, and experience on a daily basis are actually indicators of pretty harmful disease that can cause catastrophic events later down the road, whether it be cancer or a heart attack, etc.). I had to start with only about a teaspoon of the tea when I first tried cistus. I heard this can be the case with Lyme victims and didn’t believe it would be true for me, but indeed I got a pretty significant stomach upset from this (not terribly painful, but definitely uncomfortable and I could tell it was way too much for me). Simultaneously though, I could tell that this was intensely therapeutic. Immediately I could feel it neurologically that this herb was working. It sent a feeling of calm, settlement and ease throughout my body. I knew this was right for me, and what I needed. This was so helpful for me, I believe, because of a Lyme coinfection I have called Babesia. Babesia is a small protozoa or blood parasite related to malaria. The same pharmaceuticals that have shown to work for Babesia and malaria, have in fact been used with success in corona virus patients! Thankfully, this has none of the side effects but only benefits given that you listen to your body and slowly increase your dose. Like no single component of my regiment ever taken, this cleared my skin up unmistakably. Pretty quickly my body has been able to adjust to increased dosages. The doctor who discovered this and actually happens to live and practice right near the US epicenter of the Virus, Klinghardt, recommends taking up to 8 cups per day if possible. Each tea bag should be re-used at least twice to derive the maximum variety and amount of bioflavonoids in the tea. To steep the teabags, you want to bring one package to a boil and then simmer for 5 minutes. Be careful when doing this because you don’t want to overcook the medicinal factors and you want to keep the pot covered so as not to let the steam escape. In other words, keep a close eye on it. I’ve slipped up on this enough times to suggest it’s best to either set a timer or stay near the pot– preferably with a clear lid.

Get enough protein, particularly the amino acid Lysine in a greater amount than arginine, the amino acid that competes with it’s absorption. Lysine is largely found in greater amounts like this in animal products, but also in potatoes, black, pinto, kidney and white beans. Dairy products are highest in lysine, with whey protein being highest of all, followed by aged raw cheese in yogurt. Aside from but also related to the reasons raw cheese is ideal for support of one’s health like supplying enzymes and containing more easily assimilable and undenatured proteins, more of the amino acid lysine is left undenatured and available for absorption in raw dairy products (R). The way you prepare other foods can make a difference in their lysine content, too. Again methods that are otherwise known to be optimal for any properly prepared, nutrient dense, traditional style diet can optimize lysine. In this case that means sprouting and soaking grains, nuts, and seeds, which tend to be higher in argining. Naturally, cooking higher arginine foods with or in higher lysine foods such as animal fat or animal- based foods can bring balance and more immune boosting power. I highly recommend reading more about the abundance of health- boosting lysine benefits that go far beyond virus protection, all backed up with scientific studies here.

Speaking of amino acids, N- Acetyl Cysteine has shown to be highly effective at fortifying the human body against a wide array of viruses, including some of the scariest ones of all, like HIV. This is note worthy as some HIV medications have been used effectively against this corona virus. Not only this, but the novel corona virus has been found to exhibit incredibly rare HIV homology in it’s genetic makeup. N Acetyl Cysteine offers protective benefits for all of the systems that may be effected by this virus either acutely and short term, or in the longer term when it comes to multiple organ failure, or even in the event of a potential cytokine- storm causing second infection (as happened with the 1918 Spanish Flu), as well as mutation. I highly recommend this extensively thorough video by Dr. Alex Vasquez for more on Cysteine (N- Acetyl Cysteine is his main focus, despite it’s title) and the workings of all this. In short, NAC is known to break the bonds throughout mucus, thinning it out and making it easier to excrete and, in turn, breathe. N Acetyl Cysteine is the rate limiting amino acid in the body’s main detoxification compound glutathione, and is also an antioxidant in it’s own right. Cysteine is a fuel for the immune system, as also is glutamine (which again, combines with cysteine to create glutathione). It’s shown to prevent Cachexia or muscle wasting in HIV patients, which shows potential utility against multiple organ failure that can occur in coronaviral patients. N Acetyl Cysteine inhibits the NF Kappa B pathway leading to inflammation and toxification of the liver– the pathway that viruses utilize and exploit for replication. This simultaneously inhibits the known cytokine storm that the corona virus can create. N Acetyl Cysteine is well known for it’s capacity to protect and save the liver from a paracetamol overdose in emergency rooms. This, aside from the abundance of studies backing this that exist and are highlighted in Dr. Vasquez’s video, demonstrates not only it’s safety with regard to, but also it’s ability to protect, the liver. This is very important given that one nurse who contracted the Corona Virus and was filmed by her husband  has mentioned the virus seems to have a negative effect on the liver. This makes sense with the cytokine storm that can occur and lead to the aforementioned inflammatory cascade in the liver via the NF- Kappa B pathway that it needs to proliferate. One specific study worth mentioning that Dr. Vasquez highlighted was concentrating on the use of NAC for prophylaxis (prevention) of ventilator- associated pneumonia. Although the dose given to patients was very small, and likely the dose you may find in one capsule of a supplement from the store– 600 mg, it was shown to be very effective in preventing patients who were on ventilators from pneumonia as a result of that. Dr Vasquez highlights, though, that in most situations, when acute and not prophylatic, one would want to take larger doses of NAC– in the range of 1,500- 4,800 mg for most patients, without HIV. An example of an instance lower dose inefficacy would be with another patient in a study who was dying of H1N1 associated viral pneumonia. They improved upon receiving high dose NAC intravenously. The doctors then removed the IV NAC and gave her low dose oral NAC (1200 mg/ day– not enough for a person in critical condition) and naturally, the patient began to decline again. The doctors did observe biochemical improvement, however. And given this kind of behavior, the doctors appeared only to be looking for biochemical, rather than clinical, improvement. It’s a good thing there are people to examine studies like this rather than merely jump to the conclusions in negation of being forthright about the details of the methods that were actually used in the study. This is why many of these things have been declared as “ineffective” in various scientific studies, which again Dr. Vasquez goes over his video which I highly recommend. To go with N Acetyl Cysteine he recommends that practitioners give those needing medical/ nutritional support also take the other amino acids needed to make glutathione– glycine and glutamine. Undoubtedly though, any one of these in isolation, particularly cysteine and glutamine, can support the production of the others and support the immune system in it’s fight against the virus one may desire to defeat. Interestingly, all of these amino acids can be found in the well known, classic recommendation for anyone in bed with an illness– chicken soup. N- Acetyl Cysteine is also found in two other well- known medicinally associated foods– garlic and onions.

While many might tell you how beneficial to the immune system it might be to fast or do a ketogenic diet, in my personal recent experience in my fight against chronic illness, I’ve found that one of the most impactful things I can do for my health is eat enough calories in general. I’ve been through the whole gamut– low carb, paleo, gluten free, ketogenic, and intermittent fasting. I plan on writing more about this soon, but suffice it to say that the body does not operate unless you’re giving it enough to run on, and many of us have adapted to diet and “health” culture so “well” that we don’t even realize that we’re not getting the calories, or any of the macros, that we might need. Don’t get me wrong, if you have a known allergy or sensitivity, take heed to that. However, what has largely been ignored about these sensitivities is the underlying cause– most often, parasites. Many of us, particularly those of European descent but truly any traditional background, do well on and need some form of starch or carbohydrate. I know this might not be a popular or trendy view right now among the health community, but upon looking into my ancestral European diet, I learned how true this is. Grains and milk had been incorporated into the traditional diet of my ancestors thousands of years ago. Before industrialization brought in wheat, there were wild grains like cheat or crab grass, and much more. As soon as I started being a little less scrupulous with what I ate– even if it meant not every single thing I ate each day was not organic, my symptoms got better. This, more than anything else, prevents the Babesia- related heart palpitations I would experience from occurring. Of course, you want all of the nutrients, too. And to determine that you’re getting enough of both of these, I suggest going to and entering your daily intake of food to ensure you’re getting at least enough. Coming from someone who’s calorie counted and/ or portion controlled in one way or another since 6th grade, simply eating AT LEAST the amount I know my body simply needs to run it’s baseline metabolic processes has consistently made the way my body looks and runs more satisfactory. I highly recommend getting in a green smoothie every day as a great way to get a lot of nutrients in at one time to help prevent looking for nutritionally depleted food elsewhere. You can find the recipe that can be adjusted for any dietary requirements here.

As far as sanitation and cleanliness go, I’m sure many of you’ve found a shortage of rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. Personally, before these ran out, I found myself opting for a blend of essential oils called “thieves oil”. As legend has it, this blend, when used by a pair of thieves raiding homes during the black plague, prevented them from contracting the disease themselves. Aside from that, each component of the blend can be researched and identified to have very strong and confidence- inducing anti microbial benefits. This comes with none of the potential super-bug creating side effects that antibacterial soaps and sanitizers have been found to have. This, and many other essential oils you can choose according to your liking which often seems to indicate a need and personal effective benefit, can be used in your diffuser. Even without the benefit of essential oils added, humidifiers have shown to eliminate the existence of viruses in the air in just a matter of 24 hours (R). Humidity of about 50% is capable of reducing a non- productive, dry cough, which the new coronavirus seems to most often produce (R).

For something even more officially “reputable” and endorsed, options include iodine (povidone iodine specifically has been recommended in a number of instances for its viricidal activity, particularly against the related but much more lethal MERS (R) and SARS (R)) and hydrogen peroxide. These have been suggested by the National Environmental Agency of Singapore (one of the country that’s done an immediate and notably effective job at combatting this virus) for this purpose with H202 in concentrations as low as 1.5% and povidone iodine at a concentration of 1% being effective (R), (R), (R).

If you don’t have those on hand, you may be able to make your own using ingredients that you’re very likely to be able to find, if they’re not already in your kitchen, minus just one component. The EPA has approved a medical facility- grade sanitizer that you can make in your own home, in unlimited quantities, just by adding water and two natural ingredients– salt and vinegar. While both of these ingredients do have their own antimicrobial effects, you don’t necessarily want to depend on them by themselves with water. That’s where an electrolyzer comes in. For just around $45 dollars, you get to play mad scientist and create your own cleaning agent with the efficacy of bleach and none of the toxicity by moving around molecules and breaking chemical bonds of these natural agents in water. The brand I opted for, upon reading Dr. Klinghardt’s PSA about the coronavirus and self protection as well as sanitation for Lyme patients, is called Force of Nature. It creates a substance called HOCl and Dr. Klinghardt, one of the top Lyme doctors in the US, who treats some of the most sensitive people on the planet, suggested it. This is what convinced me when a month before hearing it nobody would’ve been able to convince me that I would be wanting or needing anything with sanitation properties of bleach in my house. But in fact, our cells make this substance to fight infection, just like they do with hydrogen peroxide. The smell for me is very refreshing but faintly can have a faint smell, not like chlorine, but almost like a pool off in the very far distance. I had it explained to me like the smell of a sauna or salt spa. It has none of the harmful effects that bleach can have, such as on the lungs. I never use bleach and hate even having it used in the house. Luckily, I can now use this in place of it! Here’s my link for it. If you want to make this yourself, without the premade capsules they give, you might want to get some pH strips and possibly a food scale so you can figure out the right measurements. There’s a group on facebook all about figuring out the right chemistry with various HOCl machines and learning how to make your own and awesome ways to use it. One way it can be used is “fogging” or sanitizing a room. One of the big airlines, I believe it was Delta, in one of their articles showing their cleaning precautions, showcased handheld machines that essentially do this. If the US ever decides to say that this is in fact airborne, and begins spraying outside, in offices, or people, I pray that they would use something like this that not only does not have negative side effects but actually additional health benefits!

As always, you’ll want to support digestion to avoid any excess inflammation or toxic burden which can increase cytokine reactions. I’m sure you may have heard this in other places, but minimizing stress can be a incremental factor in maintaining your health. Have proper boundaries in your relationships and/ or get away from toxic people to the best of your ability. Take up learning how to garden, self sufficiency and maybe even living off grid. It never hurts to learn about these things, and mastering some kind of skill can prove valuable in the event of any officially “unforeseen” consequences as of now. Get some books, write and express your feelings. Get back in touch with yourself, which may be exactly what this entire situation is ultimately calling us to. Above all else, in the midst of malevolent forces in this world, whether they take the form of proverbial energy vampires looking to thrive off your pain, those that tend to gaslight regarding legitimate concerns, or those who may attempt to take one’s hard earned money and give it to fat cats of wall street resulting in inflation, God has our back and is always the one we always have the ability to look to in Christ to care for and guide us. It’s also helpful to pay attention and allow your voice to be heard on these matters. The minute we think everything is already a “done deal” beyond our control is exactly when all of our worst expectations are able to come to fruition. So striking a balance of faith and action can make for ultimate peace and contentment regardless of circumstance.
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