USDA Wants Monsanto and Other Toxic Gene Editing Corps to Regulate Themselves

You read that right. The USDA would like to make the infamous, genetic modification food giants and world renowned poisoners of the food supply and environment in charge of itself. Can’t believe your eyes? I can see why. Yet this is still so. Indeed, this would mean that corporations like Monsanto and DOW Chemical, known for poisoning the human race with well known inventions and incidents like Agent Orange, Aspartame, Saccharin, Dioxin, rBGH, Roundup, DDT and even (yet unbelievably) the atom bomb (R). Thanks to a recent executive order in support of this, these companies would not have to submit any of it’s new franken- creations for approval before doling them out to the public.

The way this proposal is written on the USDA site is nothing short of alarming and the one can easily glean that from looking at the title. Sadistically, the acronym for this proposed rule for the USDA is SECURE: “Sustainable, Ecological, Consistent, Uniform, Responsible, and Efficient”. One can painfully easily see that every one of these words is a complete lie if you’ve known anything about the GMO studies that have been buried by these biotech companies that are obviously gaining more and more control over our government, environment, and food supply.

The only way they’re trying to slide this under the radar is by claiming that newer, more “efficiently” edited GMOs done using CRISPR technology, which I talk about in this recent article, are not actually GMOs. As stated in the article, this is far from reality and there is undeniably tangible evidence to prove it. For instance, animals that were edited with this technology grew extra vertebrae in one instance, and tongues that were too large in another (R). Yet the off- target mutations like these weren’t so easily found by the current self- policing mechanisms that were put in place by regulators. Since the technologies’ testing was too narrow to find them, they have been declared not to have any off- target mutagenic effects, despite outside organizations finding them. Even in the event of intended alterations, unwanted results such as total alteration of an organism’s composition can be altered (R). As we can clearly see, these entities are trying to redefine the truth even as we know and can see it before us.

This is gaslighting to the Nth degree, which you can read more about here. It has it’s own effects on the public that need to be dealt with as well in order to heal on a psychological and emotional level.

Fortunately, there is a petition we can sign now through the 5th of August about this new proposal before it goes into effect. Please make your voice heard while it can be. It won’t be as easy for GM watchdog organizations to even know when GMOs are released to let us know. The only way we can make a difference is by making our voice heard, buying organic, inquiring with our local farmers, restaurants and stores as to the origin of their products as we are able. Your dollar and fork are the most powerful things you have to vote with, and luckily we are all using those each day. Please share this information with anyone you can in order to get the word out about this as soon as possible before the deadline is up.


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