Chronic Lyme Disease Summit– Don’t Miss if you have Unexplained Symptoms

Lyme disease and the coinfections that come with it are some of the most impactful inflictions gliding under the radar in our current society. Little do many people know, the symptoms they’re troubled with that their doctors tell them are “normal”, all in their head, a result of aging, or simply can’t explain, are actually a result of these microbes whose existence just happen to be denied throughout massive areas of the country.

Symptoms can include but are not limited to:

Arthritis- type symptoms, bloating, poor digestion, lethargy, depression, lack of motivation, forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s symptoms, kidney problems, hormonal and reproductive issues, anxiety, neurological  symptoms like burning, stinging, prickling and numbing sensations, as well and opthamilogical symptoms such as flashes of light in the eyes or darting  objects, etc. Sleep also becomes an issue as does vulnerability to various sicknesses due to a weakened immune system. Skin problems are likely such as eczema, acne, early signs of aging, cellulite, and of course the classic “Lyme rash” which looks like a bullseye, but certainly does not occur with all cases. More advanced stages of Lyme, Babesia, bartonella, erlichia and other less well- known co-infections can manifest in heart palpitations and other cardiovascular issues. The selection of experiences each individual has varies greatly and some may even lie dormant for long periods. Stress can exacerbate these immensely as can lacking nutrients, sleep and not eating enough.

Unfortunately, many times this cause can go undetected because of how poorly integrated modern medicine’s view of the human organism is. Each sector one may go to for treatment is very isolated and compartmentalized, so unfortunately, unless you’re going to see a pathologist, you’re likely to have likely forms of pathogens plaguing you and causing your symptoms neglected entirely. People have to do their own research if they ever want to see these dots connected.

Lyme does not require a tick to be present to occur. Most people suffer needlessly due to a lack of treatment because of ignorance to the face that Lyme and its coinfections can be contracted quite easily– by mosquito bites, spider bites, ticks, and fleas, as well as intimate contact with other humans or carriers. The spirochetes and microbes that like to travel along with them tend to get hidden inside of parasites. This is why it’s so hard to detect and much more easily transferred than what is commonly believed by medical practitioners. Unfortunately, patients wind up getting gaslighted about their disease, told that they have nothing wrong with them, and it’s all in their head. This only adds to the devastating effects of Lyme and co-infections, which can be life threatening and take a major toll on all aspects of one’s livelihood.

Fortunately, starting tomorrow, April 15th, the Chronic Lyme Summit will be premiering, wherein you will learn how to address these symptoms holistically, getting a better understanding of how to examine yourself, and get treated. Click here for the link. There will be a different selection of speakers each day, and this will be going on for the next 7 days– April 15- 21st, 2019.



**Disclaimer: Nothing on this site is to be taken as medical advice. We do not claim to cure, treat, or diagnose any disorder. I simply give you the symptomology of various diseases and deficiencies that can cause them, culminating into what can help your body heal itself. Before altering any health care regime, talk to a qualified health practitioner.

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