Arrange a Consultation

We’ll identify the root cause of your symptoms and address underlying deficiencies to get sustainable results as quickly as possible. You’ll get a visual map of where your health is at to reference and compare any time in the future.

I use nutritional supplements such as extracts, herbs and vitamins, as well as nutrient/ energy dense foods to help those I work with.

What your consultation with me will look like:

You’ll answer questions in an online portal where you’ll be able to access all of your results. This will help us pinpoint the root of your what’s bothering you.

Then, we’ll go over the results together on the phone (Pending the documentation being submitted at least 72 hours prior so I can put together a full recommendation specific to you). If not submitted in time, the appointment will be converted to sole email correspondence).

You’ll be able to ask any questions in the call after we discuss your results. The call is limited to one hour. If you choose or convert to email- only, you can send 3 emails total of questions/ clarification for the next 2 weeks after your appointment is made.

Consultations are $197.

We should work together if you’re:

  • Ready to break free of limiting beliefs and restrictions that could be unknowingly holding you back
  • Ready to try new things and incorporate change

We’re not a good fit if you’re:

  • Looking for a meal plan
  • Intent on dieting or strictly cutting out foods you’re not actually allergic to

Consultation appointments expire if 30 days pass without filling out paperwork and in such case is non- refundable. Sole email correspondence consultations are limited to 3 emails from you (not including answers to clarifying questions I might ask) for up to 14 days after our phone consultation or initial email. Emails only guaranteed to be responded to up to 14 days after your appointment is scheduled.

Disclaimer: I don’t intend to cure, treat or prevent any illness or disease. Rather, I use knowledge of nutritional deficiencies to support the body in its natural processes. 

By reserving an appointment, you’re agreeing to the above terms.