Book a Consultation with Paige

Arrange an appointment with Paige Burson, a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to find out where your health needs to be supported and what’s causing your symptoms. I love to help those looking to optimize their health using nutritional support found in nature, including things like nutrient dense, whole food as well as supplements like herbs and vitamins which can help support your body to reach an optimal state of being it was meant for.

Disclaimer: I don’t intend to cure, treat or prevent any illness or disease. Rather, the body is inherently capable of healing itself when simply given the proper nutritional ingredients. I reserve the right to refund any payment coming from any person that I do not reason myself to have the potential to optimally benefit for the either the sake of the client or the collective to the best of my ability as a practitioner.


Nutritional Therapy Consultation

We will collaborate online to determine what nutrients you’re most deficient in— causing your symptoms— and therefore what is required to support your body in achieving its own optimal state of wellness. You will get food based and supplemental suggestions adapted to fit your personalized, bioindividual needs and lifestyle.


One Month of Ongoing, On- Demand Coaching

This opportunity allows you to ask me all of the questions you want, any time that you want, as often as you want. We chat via voice and/ or written message. The only thing required from you is that you fill out and send your the paperwork that I will send you shortly after your purchase (within 48 hours). Then, you just let me know what you’d like help with or more information on— pick my brain on anything that comes up for you, on an unlimited and as needed basis, whenever it’s convenient. If you are the type that requires something more practitioner- forward, we can schedule 2 Skype conversations ahead of time and follow up with emails (If this is what you would prefer, please let me know upon our initial point of contact).