The Wonders of Iodine

Today, I accidentally took a double dose of iodine this morning and now feel as though I can accomplish anything.  This reminds me how true it is that this may well be the missing piece for those with low energy (like I’ve been having for quite some time, battling a specific infection that is said to be one of the last “layers” of the health “onion”, which I will be discussing more as I make more progress, and has been the reason for the lull in my posting in more recent months). Iodine is antimicrobial and this combats a awe- provoking array of illnesses. Food poisoning from salmonella is one mentioned by Dr. Hulda Clark for which she recommended 6 drops in water (R). It’s notirious in some circles of the natural health field for supporting those with low thyroid. Manifestations of this can be hair loss, thinning eyebrows, even bags under the eyes, as well as cold hands and feet, low mood and constipation. Acne can be another indicator of low iodine as it demonstrates infection being improperly controlled in the body. Other than being necessary for the thyroid alone, iodine is necessary for reproductive health in men and women, supporting the tissues and ridding the body of fibroids. This can be an essential missing link for endometriosis, uterine fibroids, PCOS, and fibrotic breast tissue (R). Iodine is also said to negate tumor growth as well as various kinds of cancer (R). This makes perfect sense given that cancer thrives off of glucose and iodine regulates blood sugar balance,  optimizing nutrient uptake. It also upregulates oxygen in the body which is needed to rid the body of cancer and other diseases. This powers the mitochondria (R) against chronic fatigue as well as virtually all other diseases that plague us, shortening our telomeres, a known market of life expectancy and DNA health. The undeniable effects this can have on energy and mood, I’m convinced, can negate the “need” we now see for antidepressants, Ritalin, and other stimulants like adderall. Iodine can also be used in a sinus rinse for those facing chronic congestion. This allows the entire head to drain, as it’s the largest lymphatic detoxification pathway coming from the head, thinning mucus and killing microbes while supporting the brain. This may help people with head aches as well as ear aches. Ingesting adequate doses of iodine internally, in my experience, have had a very noticeable impact on the ears as well and proper drainage, releasing that clogged or stuffy feeling in the head that can so easily lead to brain fog and inactivity. Iodine also has a property of detoxifying metals and the other pollutants such as pesticides which burden and hinder those in its absence as inhabitants in this toxic, fallen world.

With regard to consumption, it is necessary to start very slow with your dose  and work one’s way up (I’ve been up to this dose that I accidentally doubled before so it wasn’t an issue for me) and ensure you’re using necessary cofactors like a real (not refined table) salt, selenium (or Brazil nuts, a food source when actually harvested from a rainforest or Brazil— responsibly of course). Iodine used to be prescribed like antibiotics now and the daily required intake was hundreds of times what it now is before modern medicine proliferated and began substituting prescription antibiotics for infections, synthetic thyroid hormones to mimic as opposed to feed proper thyroid function, etc.  Thyroid function also depends on the liver as it depends on it for converting inactive T4 (4 standing for the number of iodine molecules)+ tyrosine, to T3 (the same molecule but smaller for processing in the thyroid, with 3 iodine molecules). Most of us are severely deficient which explains the poor mitochondrial function, chronic fatigue and infection we experience so rampantly to no avail. Disclaimer: ensure you don’t have an “autoimmune thyroid” in which case you may have to take it more slowly, more carefully pair it with co-factor minerals like selenium, or, some doctors suggest, don’t take it at all. However, others still suggest that this “allergic” type of reaction can actually result from the body detoxifying heavy metals and other chemicals as iodine can bind to these and carry them out of the body. This, too, is why it’s so important to support the liver. 

Good sources include, for starters, include Bioactive Carbon iodine (this is formulated with a binder built in which is said to help for those experiencing or more vulnerable to die off. Though no one size fits all dosage necessarily works for everyone, you may wish to start with half or even a quarter of a capsule to begin with, especially if you tend to be a sensitive person. Additionally, they provide a mineral product to ensure you’re getting aforementioned cofactors*), kelp, Wild seafood, or, I like taking— but can’t suggest since I’m not a medical doctor— Lugol’s iodine. This can be  found either in liquid or tablet form. Some like mixing it in liquid to mask the taste, or pill form to negate the problem. Start slow and listen to your body any time you use this. Heart palpitations are a sure sign of excess, poor detoxification, or one of the pieces mentioned above missing. It is also vital, though seemingly common sense, that although the recent health trends may have you believing otherwise or seco guessing yourself on this, you need to be getting plenty of calories to ensure you’re giving your body what it needs to fight the infection and detoxify the liver of whatever you may be releasing. Surprisingly, as I have found the hard way, some of us need carbs for this, and actually shouldn’t intermittent fast. This is especially important to be cautious of for women, even moreso for those of childbearing age and who wish to have children. Paying attention to your ethnic, ancestral background can also help provide you with a safe and more accurate idea of the necessity, amount, and type of carbs, protein, and fats needed to make you function optimally. Aside from, diet, the though  body will need time to adjust regardless, as to get used to any product it isn’t used to and is detoxifying the toxins we’re exposed to en masse. There are many helpful resources (linked work by Dr. Sirius, an expert in the field) as well as forums online that contain references and offer support on dosing, working your way up and using proper cofactors to ensure success for those fit to take iodine (which some may argue is everybody). One group I like on Facebook that offers really helpful guidelines under the “files” tab is called The Natural Health Library, where there are educated members happy to help once you’ve informed yourself with resources and used the search option to see if any of the questions you may have that have been answered before.

Please let us know in the comments below what your experience has been taking iodine!

*Not affiliated, simply providing the information I have learned through pursuing my own health and attempting to help others in supporting theirs.

2 thoughts on “The Wonders of Iodine

  1. Leslie says:

    Hi I know your Dad he is one great man .He gave me your page . My concern is I have high Cholesteryl he had me go get I can’t pronounce it .But I did for a year and nothing changed my Cholesteryl is 200 I don’t eat fried food and I don’t eat potatoes.since October I have eaten Oatmeal everyday. I will go a get blood test sometime this month .If you can help me lower it . Please let me know


    • paigeforwellness says:

      Leslie, addressing your liver and gallbladder are necessary for getting to the cause. I have posts about both topics here on the blog, you can find them by typing them into the search. If you’d like to get a more in- depth, personalized analysis, feel free to contact me at for a consultation or Q and A.


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