How to Support Optimal Energy Levels

Low energy levels threaten to hold a huge portion of humanity back from reaching their true potential. Largely, this is the result of a widespread lack of knowledge regarding the cause. If we can simply learn what we’re missing, in addition to whatever is energetically holding us back from becoming our ideal selves, the world can ultimately change as a result. Here we’ll discuss common deficiencies that lead to fatigue, lack of motivation, or a general sense of feeling “blah”, which I’m sure most of us can relate to. We’ll also focus on various hindrances that get in the way of us on our path to becoming our best selves.

  • Eat enough food! None of the nutrients or practices here will do enough for you and will drain your financial resources if you are restricting food, dieting and ultimately starving yourself. Contrary to common dietary “knowledge” and mainstream advice, many of us aren’t getting what we need. This is common for girls and women as they are taught to always eat as little as possible from a young age, but can also be true for men with societal pressure and other influences. We are told to cut out various types food at the first sight of any problem. This causes people to naturally eat less calories due to low palatability and most people never even consider that fact, especially because many in the natural health field have abandoned calorie counting. While this can be a good thing, with an underlying pressure to constantly weigh less and take up less space, this can foster an even more exacerbated eating disorder. Many who think they’re eating plenty would be shocked to know that they’re not fueling their body like they need to. Adequate food and eating often enough for your body’s current needs are going to be the most replenishing thing for your adrenals (main energy source for your body) and your brain. It’s better to eat something than nothing. I’ve learned the very hard way that perfection should not be the goal here. Honestly, I wrote the rest of this list a long time ago (editing on June 19th, 2021) and I realize now that for most people already focused on health, the rest of this list is likely going to be a waste and unnecessary unless you’ve addressed this first point very adequately.
  • B Vitamins are by far one of the most important nutrient categories when it comes to optimization of energy production. These literally effect how our bodies make energy. Some B vitamins control how we metabolize carbs into glucose to power our cells and bodies, while others will impact how well we use fat for energy. Both are important and widely deficient. The more stimulating B vitamins control how we process carbs and also become more heavily indicated upon having symptoms like low blood pressure, sugar cravings, depression and fatigue. The other B Vitamins, that impact fat metabolism such as niacin, tend to be indicated in greater amounts when a person gets higher blood pressure, anxiety, and alcohol cravings.
  • Vitamin B12: A very energizing B Vitamin best to be taken sublingually– under the tongue– for optimal absorption, and in the methylcobalmin form as opposed to the cyanocobalmin form more commonly sold on shelves at the grocery store. The cyano- form is more poorly absorbed, while the methyl- form supports liver detoxification. The liver can be looked at as a sort of energy factory for us because it breaks down the nutrients like amino acids from the proteins we eat and assimilates it into things like neurotransmitters which motivate us and make us feel good.
  • Vitamin B6: This is critical for energy and supplying the body with the cofactors it needs for all of the enzymatic processes which keep it functioning. Whole grains, wheat germ in particular, are known for having an abundance of Vitamin B6. This makes sense because in order to process those carbs, such B vitamins are needed. This demonstrates how you should enjoy things as they come, and were created, as opposed to ingesting some packaged, lab created, or genetically modified food- like product that will not only hamper your energy levels, but likely your genetic expression and that of generations to come, too.
  • Folic Acid: This is required to create red blood cells, which are massively important for supplying the brain and the rest of the body with nutrients you consume as well as the oxygen that your life depends on. Folic acid is a B vitamin that affects how carbs are assimilated. As a result, like the other more stimulating B vitamins, it may be helpful with blood sugar regulation and insulin sensitivity.
  • Vitamin B5:  Also known as Pantothene. This is critical for the adrenals, our fight or flight/ get up and go organs that allow us to deal with stressful situations, whether emotional or physical. This is needed to metabolize carbohydrates properly, which explains why you’ll see a long list of these B vitamins on packages of refined carbohydrate “food” products. Unfortunately, just because these have been chemically manufactured to taste like food to your brain and taste buds, it doesn’t mean that your body and vital energy organs assimilate it as such. To the contrary, the liver winds up having to work overtime processing these foreign chemicals and normalizing your blood sugar as a result of eating this highly refined garbage. Instead, enjoy food products in their whole form. These are many options for convenience these days that are still very healthy and nutrient rich. Vitamin B5 can even help with that “blah”, apathetic feeling. Food sources include chicken, avocados, mushrooms, eggs, milk, sunflower seeds, pork, fish and sweet potatoes (R). Pork should be pasture raised as well as all animal products for optimal health.
  • Vitamin B1: Thiamin is totally life-changing. This one nutrient is capable of so much. It helps the body’s immunity to sinus infections, lung complications, floaters in the eyes, poor energy levels, trouble fighting off infections, poor nerve function indicated by shocking, stinging stabbing, or burning sensations, as well as numbness or the feeling of limbs falling asleep– called neuropathy, one of the most severe complications inherent with diabetes. Fortunately, a certain kind of thiamin called bentofiamine has been shown in studies to reverse even optic neuritis, a condition where neuropathy reaches the eyes which can even lead to blindness (R).
  • Niacin: supports fat metabolism and in turn detoxification, and particularly circulation. Other necessary B vitamins for the metabolization of fat include betaine, choline, inositol, and PABA.
  • Iron: Oxygen in your blood is what’s required in order to feel good and energized. Unfortunately, a lot of us are very low in iron. This isn’t necessarily for lack of iron consumption. Despite the proliferation of the vegan movement where less bioavailable iron is consumed, much of the population is still getting more than enough iron in their diet. Where we go wrong is digestion. So many people are low in iron in spite of eating red meat every day or near daily because they’re low in stomach acid. This means that rather than getting absorbed and used for oxygenating the blood, the iron stays in the meat and passes through the stomach when there isn’t enough acid in the stomach to cleave onto that and other vital minerals for absorption and use for energy. This is the case for the majority, it’s been estimated approximately 90% of people. To learn how to better your digestion, read my blog post about optimizing digestion.
  • Boron: This simple mineral can truly work wonders on the mood. Having the ability of stabilizing ribose, a sugar that comprises our ever important DNA and the expression of it via equally important RNA, boron can seriously enhance brain function as well as overall wellbeing. After having taken this for months, then going off of it for awhile, and being back on it recently, I can expressly say how powerful of an ingredient it can be for energy and overall mental function. The motivating force it can have is not surprising given that ribose is what we need to make our cellular energy suppliers, as well as the fact it can chelate heavy metals and remove other toxic contaminants, as well as stabilize the hormones. Boron also has an antimicrobial effect against parasites, candida and other forms of yeast and any other infection your body might be facing (R). This nutrient can also help normalize and regulate calcium distribution and absorption throughout the body, making sure calcium goes and stays in the areas it needs to go, creating healthier bones, teeth and joints and preventing things like arthritis and allowing bones to heal quicker in the process. Boron can also absorb radiation, which has been affirmed by its usage on cows by dairy farmers post- Fukushima (R). You can get some of the kind I have here.
  • Oxygen Supplementation: Not necessarily surprisingly, oxygen can be a breath of fresh air for the brain. While the air and subsequent cellular environment become increasingly polluted with nanoparticulates like aluminum, barium, and strontium, exogenous oxygen can be the difference between optimal energy levels and laying in bed all day. In my educational observation in studying some of the most ill people in the support groups wherein they gather, oxygen seems to be one of the most beneficial and life changing supplemental ingredients for them. This can take various forms, such as Oxygen Elements by TRACS, to Biomolecular Oxygen by Microbe Formulas.
  • Potassium: This mineral is easily one of the least recognized but most important nutrients throughout the body. This is the most abundantly needed mineral in the body behind calcium and sodium. It’s also needed in order to process and transport all of the other minerals, including calcium and sodium. Potassium is also needed in order to get insulin into the cell, which is essentially the king of all energy throughout the body as this will impact how all other nutrients are absorbed. It’s important to eat a nutrient rich, whole food diet consisting of lots of vegetables and some fruits where fitting in order to get enough potassium. This is no easy feat, as you’ll need abut 10 cups of vegetables in order to get the recommended daily amount, 4,700 mg. This is why I supplement with a product called cream of tartar. It can actually be used before bed for immensely calming capabilities that are also supportive to detoxification, blood purification and digestion.
  • Iodine: More recently it’s been suggested by our government that we only get about 150 mcg of iodine. To the contrary, upwards of 300 mg used to be recommended. Conveniently, the larger dosage can also work as a sort of antimicrobial which works to strengthen the immune system, thyroid, and brain cells. As mentioned, the thyroid is what we need to keep our bodies and cells energized, as well as our digestion and brains humming along as they should. Not only that, but it’s been known to prevent against fibrotic tissue or cysts throughout the brain. Iodine is needed by every cell throughout the body, and even moreso now than ever since we are so inundated by chemicals like chlorine, bromine, and fluoride which, since they’re higher up on the periodic table, can easily take up the place of this vital nutrient and occupy its space, hurting our body. It makes sense then, that deficiencies in iodine can lead to cretinism while simultaneously Harvard has found in a study that fluoridation leads to lower IQs. I think we can all agree that we need our collective IQ to be as high as possible, especially during this interesting time here on planet earth.
  • Zinc: Since we need zinc in order to have proper digestion and neurotransmitter function, we need it in order to have the energy provided by those processes. Good sources include red meat, seafood, shellfish, pumpkin seeds, cacao and nutritional yeast. It’s worth noting that many of us are copper toxic and therefore need more zinc in order to balance it out. Zinc and copper are each other’s antithesis, so they need to be in proper balance for the body to function right. Zinc is needed for the immune system while copper is also needed to make the adrenals function. We tend to find high amounts of copper in a lot of commonly consumed foods, particularly plant foods, whereas zinc is harder to find in plant foods and therefore more commonly deficient leading to problematic symptoms, specifically in the plant- based and vegan communities.
  • Selenium: This is also needed by the thyroid for energy production. It’s also required by the liver in order to neutralize oxidants which hamper the body’s energy production and full vitality. Selenium was shown to decrease one’s risk for cancer by upwards of 60%. This makes sense because of it’s role in glutathione production, which is the body’s main antioxidant, immune boosting and anti- aging molecule. One of the best food sources of selenium is brazil nuts. 1-2 per day is an ideal dose for acquiring plenty of selenium. You can also take it in supplement form, which can aid the body of ridding itself of mercury as selenium is antagonistic to mercury, as is the case with a variety of minerals and toxic metals. It’s supplement form, seleniomethothionine, is a necessary cofactor to iodine that’s shown to prevent a thyroid storm when taking iodine in the event of having hashimoto’s (R).
  • Magnesium: Required to power the energy sources of the cell, as well as a necessary cofactor for hundreds of enzymatic reactions that allow you to fulfill your functions every day, magnesium can subsequently help to prevent depression.  The unspokenly heroic mitochondria that power your cells and energy levels are actually like storage units for magnesium (R), so it makes sense that you’ll need it for optimal mood and motivation. If  you’re not getting sufficient amounts in your diet from sources like green leafy vegetables, raw fermented cacao, and sprouted nuts and seeds, you may need to supplement with anywhere from 200- 600 mg of Magnesium depending on your health circumstances and requirements. Another good way to help get this in is magnesium- based oils or creams, Epsom salts or magnesium flake salt baths.
  • Ribose: This fuels the mitochondria. Chronic fatigue and depression are linked to deficiency of this sugar. Even though it’s a kind of sugar, it has not shown to effect blood sugar levels. This makes it a great alternative to sugar and other blood sugar- altering sweeteners for those dealing with mitochondrial and blood sugar related issues from neuropathy, diabetes, to MS or even viruses like the Epstein Barr that leads to chronic fatigue which would normally be fed by other forms of sugar. You can get it here.
  • RNA: This can almost act like a “battery” that can hold a charge for the brain. It can help to generate and optimize energy levels by way of supporting the mitochondria as well as “filling in the gaps” with genetic expression, due to how it supplies the necessary ingredients for genetic expression. This can serve a number of various roles in the body, from repairing the intestinal tract when needed to. RNA has shown to be highly beneficial for a variety of devastating disorders from cerebral palsy to paraplegia, depression or Parkinson’s Disease, by a nutritionist whos work I’ve found to be most clinically applicable in the field, Richard Versendaal.
  • PQQ: This is a necessary underacknowledged ingredient for ideal mitochondrial function and hence cellular, and your whole organismal function as a person. In fact, this compound might be why dark chocolate’s been found to have such great benefits for overall health. I know I notice the energizing qualities of real cacao, and can also feel these effects beyond the mere caffeine that it supplies. This provides a more sustained energy then you might get from superficial stimulation. This feeds the cell on a deeper level. This is best paired with CoQ10 as they are synergistic.
  • Glutathione: As mentioned, this is needed by the body to neutralize all free radicals throughout the body. It also recycles powerful antioxidants like vitamin E, selenium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which are all needed for energy production by way of supporting, cleaning and feeding the cells. Glutathione is composed of amino acids cysteine, sulfur, and glycine. These are all present in bone broth, which you can make very easily and cheaply using the bones from your choice piece(s) of meat, which should be bought and enjoyed in their whole forms anyway, and simmering them with water, salt, and choice vegetables thrown in a couple hours later if you wish.
  • Phosphorus: This mineral works as an energy molecule that’s a vital component to some of the most integral processes for energy generation in the body. ATP, how we generate energy from food via the Kreb’s Cycle, is composed of adenosine triphosphate. Therefore, it’s very important to ensure you’re getting enough phosphorus. Phosphorus can also have an impact on bones which is why excessive soda drinkers tend to experience bone fractures and tooth decay. You need the right balance of phosphorus in balance with calcium and the other minerals for optimal cell function as well as structurally. Phosphorus will keep calcium and other minerals out of the soft tissues like the kidneys, as well as preventing painful conditions like spinal stenosis when taken in proper balance with the other minerals. One of the best natural sources of phosphorus includes animal proteins, particularly meat, as well as sunflower lecithin, which serves the dual function of emulsifying fat in the gallbladder which can also wind up being used for sustained energy.
  • Fresh Ginger Tea: this tonic has an invigorating action, capable of reducing energetic and physical stagnation. The rhizome has a warming property that can help build the digestive fire in a way that winds up increasing overall health via the optimization of nutrient assimilation. This is easily felt upon one’s first consumption, from my experience. Ginger can support the adrenals, kidneys, circulation, and in turn just about every component of the body all due to this warming, motility- encouraging and digestion- strengthening capability. I recommend making the tea by boiling 1-2 inches of the sliced, fresh, organic root and boiling it for about 20 minutes or until the water reduces to half. I’m constantly impressed by the strengthening power of this root. You can also take it in capsule form, use the powder to make a tea, and use it in food recipes as often possible.
  • Support the Lymphatic System: Lymphatic Sluggishness goes hand in hand with chronic fatigue. This is another of Dick Versendaal’s many assertions which carries with it high clinical applicability and success according to my experience. It makes perfect sense that getting lymph moving inside of you will also help get you moving as well. Like virtually all health situations and complaints, this makes perfect anatomical and physiological sense considering that this underacknowledged system is responsible for ridding the blood of toxins that slow us down and can include pathogens like parasites, bacteria, fungus or lyme– all of which have a draining effect on our energy levels to be sure. So it’s important to ensure your body is getting rid of these effectively, something that you can see is hindered with, in addition to fatigue, symptoms like cellulite for women and poor digestion. When the body’s waste disposal system is backed up, this can overwhelm the liver and gallbladder and vice versa– the two systems are interdependent therefore taking things to help the liver and gallbladder can also work like a lymph tonic, stimulating proper flow from head to toe. Things that work specifically on the gallbladder and liver include choline, lecithin, milk thistle, burdock root, and those that additionally work on the lymphatic system itself include the herb manjistha or red root, beets, and all red staining produce or other herbs like hibiscus which embody with in it the part of the body which it supports– the blood and the cleansing of it. It can help to increase circulation with things like niacin. Often a lack of circulation due to pathogenic infection and resultant stagnation can manifest by way of cellulite, acne and rashes. Other important components of the lymph include electrolytes, especially sodium– which you can derive from a good, natural, unprocessed salt– and potassium which can actually be acquired in more concentrated of an amount from cream of tartar, from the baking aisle. We theoretically need 4500 mg a day of potassium which requires the equivalent to about 10 cups of greens or many cups of other potassium rich foods like beans, potatoes, squash, dried apricots or coconut water. Every person is different depending on where they’re at with their health journey so no requirement is one size fits all. Often people who are more depleted can tolerate less potassium as when the adrenals are weakened they will concentrate potassium in the system already and excrete sodium with every urination. Drinking too much water exacerbates the situations Elderberry is another good source. Vitamin A is also required for a properly functioning drainage system as it’s one of the body’s required ingredients for fighting infection, as well as Vitamin C, particularly in food form where it consists of cofactors like bioflavonoids and other antioxidants that are also important for the lymph system. Ample water consumption, preferably hot as much as possible and with acidic ingredients including unsweetened cranberry juice, lemon, and raw organic apple cider vinegar are needed to acidify the lymph and flush out waste products like ammonia which, contrary to main stream current health information end up alkalizing the system and leading to detrimental effects like fatigue, anxiety, poor mineral absorption, twitching eyelids, ear and sinus infections, restlessness and poor digestion. While we’re on this topic of alkalinity, it’s worth knowing that not all foods affect a person’s pH in the same way anyway. It depends on the person’s body type, ancestral background and unique bioindividual needs how their body will react to certain food choices.
  • Adaptogens + Nervine Tropho- restorative Herbs: This combination is critical because if you’re going to use the former by itself, this really acts as a bandaid and won’t allow you to reap the benefits that you deserve when buying a health- promoting, energy generating product. Adaptogens I’ve had good experience with in the past with this regard are eleuthero otherwise known as Siberian ginseng, especially in combination with rhodiola, another adaptogenic herb, ashwaganda, a combined adaptogenic and nervine tropho- restorative herb, and lavendar in this formula.
  • Mucuna Pruriens: This is a bean that’s actually helped replace prescription medication L-Dopa for those with Parkinson’s disease. The herb works by increasing motivational neurotransmitter dopamine, you to get things done. This has even been deemed “nature’s Adderall” by one practitioner when combined with bacopa monnieri, a nervine tropho- restorative herb that not only works as an adaptogen but us powerfully supportive for brain optimization.
  • Mitochondrial Support: Grounding is a great way to do this, as well as getting out in the sun. As Scott Compton highlights in much of his work on EMF Warriors, the Redox cycle is highly important for mitochondrial and thus energetic optimization. Basically, we’re swimming in an invisible pool of radiation and dirty electricity. This can have very poor effects on our energy fields, making us feel fatigued, as well as leading to nervous system, issues. Fortunately though, we have an energy generator just sitting right there for us right up in the sky, emanating heat and light for us, and every other living thing, to get energy and thrive from. Grounding is a way that we can naturally use the earth’s energy that’s been brilliantly built right in for us, to discharge built up positive ions that make us tired and sick, leading to auto-immunity and inflammation (R). You can benefit from this by simply taking your shoes off or exposing your bare skin on the earth’s surface. There is in fact a reason that it feel so good to have your toes in the grass or your feet in the sand.
  • Fats + Fat Metabolism: Each person requires a specific balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates, especially relative to your exposure to light, in order for you to have the healthiest mitochondria possible, which is by far one of the greatest markers of health in this modern world. The way to strengthen the health of your mitochondrial in addition to the above, is by feeding your body enough fat to learn how to burn it as well as carbs. Humans were made to be able to live off of both carbs and fat for sources of fuel. But now, unfortunately the majority of humans, especially in the modern world, are living solely on sugar all of the time. This means the body never gets the chance to burn off the fat you’ve been storing from the cookies you’ve been eating. Cycling ketosis, block fasting, or intermittent fasting can give the body a chance to learn how to live off of fat, even if only rarely and/ or for a short time. In turn, this actually helps you burn carbs better, too, which just shows how important and ideal it is for the body to be able to do both. Furthermore, when you’re getting sufficient fat, this sustains your energy longer and allows you to keep going without needing to “re-up” on glucose as much. This worked for me spectacularly by using bulletproof coffee in the mornings. I used to be very much the hypoglycemic type who needed to eat often, until I learned of the importance of fat. Fat can be likened to logs on a fire when it comes to your energy levels. Carbs are more like the kindling. Simple carbs are more like newspaper on a fire, contributing a bright, but short lived burst of energy. This explains why fruit can be helpful for optimal health and wellbeing short term, but we need other components to our diets in order to thrive.
  • Protein: Proteins in general are one of the most energizing foods you can have, even to the point that you don’t want to consume too much of a protein unbalanced by carbs and fat before bed, or you’ll likely have too much energy and be up later than expected. This has been experienced by those on the keto diet that highlights mainly fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrates. There are specific amino acids in protein that will be addressed here and may need to be specifically highlighted  depending on your bioindividual needs, in order to give your body what it needs to create energy.
  • CoQ10: This supplies the needed oxygen to remove cellular and metabolic waste and better power the cell. Lactic acidosis is a leading cause of chronic fatigue overall that’s gone unacknowledged for decades that lies at the root of all chronic disease (R). CoQ10 is one way to help neutralize this process, resulting in better brain clarity, overall perception and motivation. Especially when combines with L Carnitine that helps us to burn fat for energy, something that most American bodies have forgotten how to do altogether, leading to collective blood sugar and obesity crisis, this can be a powerful energizer and tonic for cellular mitochondria.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: In addition to binding heavy metals which is necessary for optimal mitochondria function (and their survival altogether), alpha lipoic acid can stabilize blood sugar levels and even derive energy (R) in a way that’s even been compared to coffee when combined with L- Carnitine, as stated by Suzanne Somers.
  • Acetyl -L-Carnitine: Also noted by Suzanne Somers for being an alternative to coffee for greater energy derivation, this supplement can help to liberate fat from the cells into energy. This amino acid can be found in red meat, but for the specific purpose of supporting energy it can also be acquired in powder or capsule supplement form.
  • Phenylalanine: This is the precursor to tyrosine, the motivating molecule that gets your brain fired up to do all of the things. This is also required to make your thyroid function which is the energy generator for your entire body. If your thyroid is off and inadequately supplied, you can expect a sluggish metabolism, low energy and slow digestion. You can get it from food sources like cacao, beans, nuts seeds, meats, dairy, and fish. Soy is also a good source. Just make sure that soy is from a trusted source and organic and unprocessed. Fermented soy is ideal for optimal nutrient utilization by the body. If at all possible, please buy your animal products free range, pasture based and grass fed, ideally from a local farmer. Dairy products should be kept raw to preserve essential enzymes and probiotics for its’ digestion and assimilation, and to prevent the denaturing of the amino acids you’re looking for to increase energy and overall wellbeing. A2 dairy may be necessary for proper tolerance, in addition to being raw, as A2 compared to A1 dairy is much less inflammatory and has even shown to be safer for those suffering with severe conditions that are largely dependent on inflammation like allergies and autism.
  • Taurine: Taurine sensitizes the dopamine receptor which phenylalanine ends up unlocking. So are all of the amino acids, these are both needed for optimal functioning and to reach the energy levels and goals you’d like to achieve. While this is a conditional amino acid, meaning that your body can make it, it also needs to be the most abundantly present. It’s also needed to regulate the movement of important minerals like sodium, potassium and calcium which are needed for facilitating proper energy levels.
  • Don’t forget- you have to digest all of these things in order to reap any benefit from them. Sadly, most people don’t digest the majority of what they’re taking in and therefore they are generally wasting money on the food they buy as well as the supplements, because without a stomach that’s acidic enough to cleave onto the nutrients they’re eating, they wont even absorb what they need from the food they’re so mindful to take in. So you aren’t what you eat, but you are what you digest.
  • Stretch: This allows more oxygen rich nutrition, mobility, and vitality into your cells. Try to do this every day, in the morning whenever possible and you’ll likely notice a difference right away.
  • Exercise: I listed this last because without the above nutrition and conditions for your body, despite the external mindedness of our culture, what’s most important for your overall wellness is that you have all that you need in order to function. Only then can you move onto taxing the body of whatever stores it may have. Believe it or not, many of you may not be getting sufficient calories. I know for me, when I first started tracking my calories years ago in order to “lose weight”, I was baffled by how much I had to eat. I hadn’t been eating nearly enough. Only when I started eating enough and mindfully making sure I got in all of the food I needed to power my muscles was I happy with the performance, and the appearance of my entire body. This is why it’s so important to prioritize taking care of yourself above the way you appear. When you’re nourishing yourself from the inside out, that will be inevitably reflected in your outer appearance. Similarly, once you start eating enough, it’s amazing how your body suddenly gets the energy you’ve been wanting. The motivation for it comes naturally when you’re getting enough real food. That being said, we need exercise for optimal energy levels. It gets your blood flowing to the brain and the rest of your cells, generating a feeling of aliveness that wouldn’t be reached otherwise, were you not allowing yourself to oxygenate the rest of your body and circulating your lymph as is needed for this optimal energy.
  • Get rid of energy suckers in your life: While we’ve already discussed this with regards to simpler life forms like candida, Lyme, bacteria or parasites, often the door that can let these things into your body on a vibrational level are the energy suckers that walk on two feet and talk just like you and I. These are the people who are downers, not because they’re down on their luck, stricken, or having a hard time, but because they’re narcissists who can’t derive energy from within. Rather, they have to manipulate, hurt, and/ or try to control other people to generate whatever kind of feeling they want for themselves– this could be flattery, a more positive form of narcissistic supply, or offense on the part of the other person, a way to highlight the energetic vampire’s own existence and hence to them their own importance. It’s may be sad and hard to come to terms with I realize, but we may never heal without the acknowledgement of this truth. Other prominent energy suckers can be larger entities like corporate fat cat influence on your life via your own voluntary enslavement through employment, patronism, or attention. To make the world a better, more energetic place not only for you but others around you and also inhabiting this earth, please stop giving your energy via narcissistic supply or public support to these harmful entities. Once we stop feeding them, they can’t grow. They will be forced to change, whether they like it or not. A tiger might not be able to change it’s stripes, but if it wants to eat, it will have to learn not to attack and undermine the hand that feeds it. In other words, once we create boundaries based on morals and ideologies that mean the most to us and the wellbeing of the world, then evil has no chance to proliferate by our own complacency. To learn more about boundaries, narcissists, and how to change the corruption in the world by stepping into your own power with regard to social interactions, please read my blog post about narcissists and the psychopathic power structure here. Trauma and energetic influence is just as important if not more important to address than anything that you put into your body. As Jesus said, nothing that you put into your body can defile you but rather all things that come from the heart do, and we are given the chance to guard our heart and in turn dictate it’s expression as a result. Please take part, you won’t be let down by the fruits of the transformative door this can open to a new and unimaginably better reality for you and all of us.

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