Pain is the Window to your Health

Most people with some kind of severe disease or chronic illness are likely convinced that they are stuck with it for life. Modern medicine has effectively convinced society that there are no ways out. However, just because conventional medicine has chosen to have seemingly permanent blind spot for the root cause of anything, that certainly does not mean that in truth you or anyone is bound to suffer for the rest of their lives. I’m convinced that there exists a natural herb or nutrient which has been provided for us, to address any ailment that we may be confronted with. In my life thus far, I’ve been blessed to witness an astounding number and variety of what seemed like death sentences be effectively defeated by the body’s own natural processes as a result of being supplied with the proper nutrients and naturally occurring substances.

That’s right. I’ve even seen people experience relief from seizures, and actually know of a man who was spared from brain surgery when given the proper nutrients for just a couple months. This was all done simply through functional nutrition. In this particular case, anti- inflammatory anti-oxidants, as well as DHA, a component of fish oil that was micro-emulsified, really helped to accomplish this, in addition to some other personalized nutrients for eliminating toxins.

There are always hints your body will be giving you to indicate what’s wrong with it. For instance, if you experience right shoulder pain, it is most likely that this pain’s origin is actually in the gallbladder. That’s because these two areas share a nerve coming from the spine. Additionally, if you experience head aches, one of the most common causes is actually the gallbladder. This is because the phrenic nerve connects the gallbladder to the head. If you’d like to understand how to get to the root of this issue and address it quickly, likely using items you already have in your kitchen, you can check out this video I made specifically about this pain pattern.

If you have Lyme, you may experience joint pain that migrates or moves around, nerve pain or irregularities, headaches, rib cage pain and much more including so- called fibromyalgia- type pain. These are all indications that you may want to test, or properly assess your symptoms to see if you might carry this Microbe. Contrary to popular belief and what most doctors are willing to diagnose, Lyme is common in all areas of the United States and is not only transmittable by ticks, but also potentially transferred through things like spiders, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Herbs like stevia, oregano oil, cryptolepis and cordifolia, for example, are said to be helpful as is supporting the lymph and liver to an equally important extent. Lyme coinfection like babesia are notorious for causing pain of various forms as is the other coinfection bartonella. Babesia is a protozoan blood parasite and can cause all kinds of inflammatory tissue damage, nerve disruption, headaches and more, including even heart damage and chest pain. Bartonella can have very similar disruptive effects and can often be treated naturally with similar herbs that can help Lyme. Every specific infection that occurs in every human being might need a slightly different adjustment or product combination in their protocol. This is why personalized evaluative biofeedback assessments can be helpful in determining the cause as well as your unique required protocol. I’ve been liking Sida Acuta and Cryptolepis for the babesia  I’ve had, as well as lymph support and supplemental foundation nutrition like multivitamins and krill oil.

Another common pain pattern is located in the neck and surprisingly tends to indicate liver congestion. The liver is closely related to the gallbladder as the gallbladder is the liver’s main method of excreting it’s stored toxins. So if you’re feeling really tense in the neck, it may be time to focus more on detox using things like milk thistle, beets or dandelion, and artichoke.

Often, if someone gets pain around their quadratus lumborum– located at the small of their back, this can often indicate lung congestion. For me, once, I had all over backpain so bad that I was floor- ridden for an entire day. So I went to see the one person who I knew could heal me using functional medicine, and sure enough, within a day I was healed. This had nothing to do with me physically pulling a muscle. Rather, I had a lung infection, or as she called it, “fungus of the lungus”. Issues with the lungs can tend to permeate all throughout the nerves of the back, including the shoulder, upper and lower back. All I did was take some antifungal, oxygenating nutrition and the next day I was on my way to the beach, pain free. Functional nutrition is truly incredible and never ceases to amaze me.


What all of this indicates is that if you experience pain in a particular area, you can simply root it back to whatever organ it corresponds to, find out the nutrition you need to support that organ, and respond accordingly. This has never failed me.

Even the teeth have their own way of expressing to you what is wrong with your body, and subsequently the steps you need to take in order to fix it.


Similarly, various symptoms can easily indicate whatever is wrong with you. For instance, anxiety symptoms, both mental and physical, often indicate a B vitamin deficiency. High blood pressure tends to indicate a requirement for the more sedating B vitamins including inositol, riboflavin, PABA, niacin, choline and betaine. Lower blood pressure and lower energy indicates a need for the more stimulating b vitamins like the methylcobalamin form of B12, thiamin, vitamin B4 also known as anti- paralysis factor, vitamin B5 and B6. Often,  when your body gives you troublesome signs, it’s simply indicating to you what needs to be done.

Even the tongue will also tell you what is wrong. This is often used in Chinese medicine, and you certainly don’t need to be a practitioner of TCM yourself to use it to your advantage.


-Update: as a result of how much attention this post has gotten, I’ve decided to create a guide that goes further and can help you use your symptoms and pain to better understand what’s going on with your body and to address them at the root. To get that guide, you just need to click here, enter your email, and that will also opt you in to get accompanying information from me regarding how to use that to your benefit, what I’ve personally learned and how I’ve applied the information, as well as anything in the future involving symptoms and how you can use them to get back to health.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to treat, cure, or diagnose any disorder. I simply provide symptoms and pain patterns that are physiologically known to indicate deficiencies. In the right conditions and when your body is given all it needs, that is what’s capable of healing you. Always talk to your practitioner if you have any serious health issues that you need help with. Don’t try to do it on your own.

3 thoughts on “Pain is the Window to your Health

  1. Anu says:


    I am having pain on whole right side of my body(neck,shoulder,arm)(hip to foot). Can this be caused by gallbladder congestion.

    More pain in shoulder and ankle.It would be grateful if you can suggest how I can get rid of this through nutrition.

    Please suggest as I am suffering from long time.

    • paigeforwellness says:

      That does sound like the pain pattern of the gallbladder meridian. It tends to effect the right side of the body as well as the hip. Ankle issues seem to be more indicative of adrenal fatigue or weakness from my experience anecdotally but that can also stem from a gallbladder isssue as you need cholesterol to be metabolized by the gallbladder in order to feed the adrenals. I would check out this article to learn how to address that:

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