Detox in a Nutshell

In this world, we need to be taking precautions every day in order to ensure  our detoxification pathways to be open— especially if we want to rid ourselves of the substances we’re being inundated with. The first step to help the body to get rid of these toxins is including plenty of vegetables and fruits as well as getting enough of the right coenzymes for detox like magnesium, glycine, sulfur and cysteine as well as other amino acids. What many people don’t realize is that we need a good protein source to detoxify properly. Support the liver and gallbladder using things like beets, lecithin, carrots and taurine, artichoke,milk thistle, lemon and burdock as well as alpha lipoic acid. Eating enough fat is required to make the gallbladder contract and release toxins. Bile is made up of cholesterol so we need that for detox. Taking a binder and getting the lymphatic system moving, get plenty of movement get a rebounder or do handstands. Red staining produce and herbs like manjistha or hibiscus help to move the lymphatic system which is the body’s waste elimination system. Castor oil packs and things like dry brushing or saunas and ice baths could be helpful too for stimulating lymphatic circulation and in turn better detoxification.

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