Grow your Own

It’s an encouraging thought to consider how much our world would change if everyone simply began investing the time we put into our lawns— that contain chemicals linked to allergies, cancer, and leaky gut which is at the root of nearly every disease known to man— into growing our food instead. Luckily this step is in reach for every single one of us.

🌱🌸🍓🥒🌿🍋🍇🌻 <- who wouldn’t want that stuff?

Even better, every one of us has the chance to, instead of poisoning our groundwater with carcinogens and funding the entity that‘s currently trying to hijack and alter the genetic code of the plant and animal kingdom for their own profit, grow food that can reverse the symptoms our diseases by simply supplying our body with the nutrients they need. In fact, the only reason we are so deficient in the first place is from soil depletion as a result of these same companies.

A great way to get your garden started easily this year is by going to where organic seeds are already packaged in a biodegradable weedblocked package and literally all that you have to do is throw it on top of soil and water it! (And pick out a few of the seeds later so they each have enough room to grow)

Here are some great ways you can garden on a budget!
Change is so much more accessible and in reach than many of us realize. 🌱🌎💚 Let’s start today. ☀️💧🥑🌳🍎🍠🥔🍅🍊🍒🍆🍇🌸🌻


Disclaimer: Nothing posted on this page or website claims to cure, treat or diagnose any illness. Rather, the body is capable of healing itself when given the proper nutrients and circumstances.

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