The Underlying Deficiencies Behind Tremors

As neurological dysfunction resulting from toxins and deficiencies increase more than ever before, many might be noticing an increase in shakiness and/ or tremors. Little do many know, this can actually be a symptom of inflammation and toxicity and can also be a sign of early Parkinson’s disease. Although it might be shrugged off as part of just getting old, in truth it can often be a symptom resulting from one of the many medications people are on, have been on in the past, or chemicals they are currently being exposed to environmentally, causing inflammation which may lead to malabsorption. The underlying problem that leads to tremors might point to a deficiency in vital amino acids which are the precursors to important brain chemicals which allow us to feel good and function.

Actual Parkinsons, for example, has been explained as the manifestation of a deficiency in the neurotransmitter (communicative brain chemical) called dopamine. This is why patients with the condition are given a prescription called L-dopa. This causes dopamine in the brain to increase (temporarily). The problem is, this can actually lead to a progress called down-regulation, wherein the brain adapts to a short-term increase in stimulation resulting from artificial input of chemicals that lead to dopamine production. Stated simply, the brain basically gets used to having a fake form of dopamine, and starts producing even less of its own natural form. These medications decrease the body’s own natural stores of the nutrients which make up dopamine. (R) This means the sufferer will end up having a short-term relief of symptoms, but later experience a potentially greater amount of symptoms. Long term, this can lead one to lose control over all movement and have issues with voice control, which would obviously be unsettling.

Thankfully though, it may be possible to actually pre-empt these issues. the way our bodies were made, our symptoms can actually be a sign to tell us what’s wrong and what we can do to supply them with what they need before the symptoms manifest into a more serious issue. We can help support the natural ability to heal if we take heed of the signals it gives us, including tremors and shaking. Every issue can be addressed holistically, supporting the body’s natural systems so that it can function properly.

There are no guarantees or assertions as to curing and reversing any disease. I am only talking about deficiencies here, which can manifest in the form of the discussed symptoms. When looking into this topic, and searching for others’ experiences, I discovered this account by John Gray, who is a well known author and now a nutritional advocate and supplement company representative. The video explains how he completely got rid of what he called “Pre-Parkinson’s” symptoms. For him this included a subtle shaking of his head, which he didn’t even notice himself. He had somebody else tell him about the symptom he was manifesting. John Gray took matters into his own hands by using amino acid therapy. That’s right. He addressed these symptoms by taking a simple remedy that utilized nutrients found in particular proteins. Initially, he had to travel to Mexico to obtain IV treatment of the amino acids which pre-curse dopamine. Later on though, with some more investigating, he found that he was able to include particular nutrients and nutrient- dense foods in his diet such as whey protein as a source of easily digestible tryptophan and phenylalanine to get the same relief. These are the building blocks that make up serotonin and dopamine, respectively.

What many don’t know is they are deficient in these individual amino acids required to make neurotransmitters they need to properly function. You don’t necessarily have to go to Mexico or even use the whey protein shake to make yourself feel better.

a free first step is checking your intake of these nutrients on a daily basis. I use an app or website called to track these individual amino acids. As someone aware of the importance of protein and tried to consciously get enough, I still

find myself coming short in specific ones. Therefore it seems pretty obvious many others who are unaware of this important job protein does in the body can be missing these vital ingredients to get rid of the tremors. Once you find out your average intake, you might find you’re deficient, in which case, you might’ve run up a deficit for quite some time. Some people may do better with specific supplements for example of amino acid L tyrosine (a dopamine precursor) or with whey protein to supply it adequately. Everyone is different and not everyone has the same exact needs so it’s best to go by what your body tells you and see how it functions best, like John did. 

Fortunately, John Gray was able to produce same exact effect from his own method and never had to go back to Mexico for the IV again. His symptom of head shaking has never come back. Furthermore, he found in his journey to conquer this health challenge, that these same deficiencies seemed to help symptoms he thought looked like ADHD and autism he experienced since he was a kid. He found that for him, the same treatment was supportive, by addressing these underlying root causes.

Thankfully, John got curious about his symptoms and has thrived since with ability to share his experience. He found a variety of other co-factors which included the minerals lithium orotate, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and some potassium as well as chromium. He is also sure to get a sufficient amount of b-vitamins as well as vitamin D, A, C and K, Omega 3’s, L-Tyrosine, 5-HTP, probiotics, HCL and a supplement called NADH (this serves as a fuel for cellular energy, is a derivative of Vitamin B3 and a coenzyme for many chemical processes throughout the body). This combination makes sense because we need proper digestion, an optimal balance of digestive flora, plenty of good fats, vitamins and minerals to feed the body what it needs in order to function properly. These processes are too often malfunctioning under the radar and manifesting as symptoms we all too commonly deem as “normal”.

There’s a a lesson we can learn from how John Gray was able to get to the root of his issue. Let us not forget that we may all know someone who could benefit from this knowledge as well. If you have experience in supporting the body’s natural healing abilities in the face of tremors, shaking, or even Parkinson’s itself, please share your experience to help others, below.

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