Natural Solutions for Stress & Anxiety

So many of us are caught up in the havoc being wreaked around us that we’ve made the seemingly unavoidable mistake of neglecting our own well-being and state of mind, which are in fact more important than ever. This only contributes to the problem, given that each of our independent states are highly influential on what the whole looks like. It’s true, when you start to relax, things just seem to fall into place. Just imagine what our world could be like if no one lived in fear; things would be totally different, much more harmonious and peaceful. So, in this article I’ll list remedies that should help with symptoms of stress and anxiety, and will not shrink your brain like the common anxiety prescription benzodiazapines have been shown to. Yes, the Xanax prescription that doctors commonly pedal, has been shown by Harvard to increase the patient’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease (R). The conventional alternative, SSRI’s, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, have been known to lead to suicidal thoughts and have also been tied to many of the shootings we’ve been seeing an uprise in lately. It’s no wonder we’re seeing such mental health epidemics skyrocket with our current options. Instead, here are some healthier options, which have shown not to be damaging, but rather have been selected for their ability to support the body systems and improve the brain over time, rather than harm them. So, without further ado, here are some holistic options for stress and anxiety:

  • Wood Betony: this wonderful herb can boost your health in a variety  ways. This includes gall bladder support, and while we are focusing on the sedative and even potentially sedative hypnotic effects of the herb, it’s also worth noting that it makes sense that a gall bladder supportive herb can also assist in brain function. This is because the gall bladder cleans out the liver and releases toxins and the liver processes your feel good hormones. Therefore, this wonderful solution holds the power to uphold one’s overall health and mental state at the same time. This herb is even said to be so effective that it can help to abate alcohol withdrawal! Wood Betony was at one point even as popular as the commonly prescribed anti-anxiety medications Xanax and Valium are today. That says a lot! As an old saying goes, one might even benefit from selling their coat and buying some wood betony instead! You’ll know why once you sip on a cup of hot, fluoride-free tea made with this herb as your worries dwindle away. “You can find some here.
  • Magnolia Bark: Magnolia bark has helped me sleep when nothing else was able to- it even calmed my mind enough to sleep the night before my NTP midterm exam and had zero hindrance on my performance or energy the following day. This herb can also be exceptionally helpful for daytime anxiety. It has even proven to be just as effective as the aforementioned commonly prescribed Xanax which is known to lead to dangerous withdrawals that can even lead to seizures! I will take magnolia over that any day. Plus, it can also help with PMS and menopause symptoms as well as digestion. This herb, also sometimes marketed as Honokoi, is definitely worth the purchase and has so many benefits in addition to stress relief. This incredible tree bark extract has also been shown to prevent tooth decay and encourage weight loss as well as having an anti-inflammatory action, which we know just about everyone needs these days. Get this stuff in your medicine cupboard, stat! Swanson Magnolia Bark 400mg — 60 Capsules (2 Bottles each of)
  • Potassium: Potassium is critical for stabilized mood and especially relaxation. This is actually the most abundantly needed mineral of all. We need 4,700 mg of potassium and most foods only have about 10% of that at best. Some good sources include leafy greens, winter squash, potatoes, tomatoes, dried apricots, and coconut water. A highly beneficial supplemental source is actually cream of tartar. This can be taken in doses of about 1/4 tsp per day and increased as needed. It can be added to smoothies or water. When I was little I always heard my heart beat on my pillow and never knew why. Now, since attending school at the Nutritional Therapy Association, I realize that I was very low in potassium. This also may explain why I was never able to fall asleep easily. I’ve more recently experienced a resurfacing of these symptoms which led me to the discovery of how incredibly important potassium is for sleep. I also notice a major shift in my mood and state of calm when I have enough of this mineral. This can also help with energy and to stabilize blood sugar as it allows insulin to enter the cell. Anxiety and blood sugar handling are heavily correlated so this makes perfect sense. It is my guess that most people are way lower in potassium than they’ve ever realized. It can also help to lower blood pressure. Of course, make sure you get plenty of real salt as well for proper mineral balance.
  • Vitamin B6: if you haven’t read my  post about pyruloria yet, you may want to since it explains the reason why extra B6 is so important for those with depression and anxiety. Those with depression and anxiety may have an underlying condition unbeknownst to them having to do with the blood. In general though, B6 is an absolute must for those experiencing  anxiety or mood disorders. It is a necessary co-factor for a huge amount of chemical reactions in the body, particularly the transport of neurotransmitters which make you feel content. I would consider this one to be at the very top of anyone’s list who’s feeling stressed or run down as this will get to the very root of the problem.
  • Address underlying infection: sneaky infections such as candida or parasites are currently plaguing most, if not all of us in some way or another, whether we know it or not. Treating these can lead to unbelievable relief, and I’m saying this from experience. The difference it can make is huge. For both genders but especially for men, if you’re experiencing depression, chances are very high that you’re dealing with candida. A few simple remedies for this include herbs such as pau de’ arco, capryllic acid (found in coconuts), proteolytic enzymes taken on an empty stomach, and a good probiotic with as many strains of bacteria as possible. Pumpkin seeds are a great natural remedy for parasites and parasites are a common underlying cause of candida, along with heavy metal toxicity. A health care practitioner can help you to go more in-depth on this as well as doing your own research. The most important part in addressing the root of these issues though, is strengthening digestion. One simple way this can be done is by drinking 2-3 tsp raw apple cider vinegar diluted with 6-8 oz water before meals and/ or by taking digestive bitters prior to meals. This helps to defend your body against any potential toxic invaders.
  • Vitamin D: this nutrient is absolutely essential to having a sound state of mind. It regulates your immune system and also has been shown to have promising effects on depression. Vitamin D has other amazing healing properties such as repairing scar tissue, even in the brain! My favorite way to get vitamin D is maximizing time spent in the sun, without sunscreen for an allotted amount of time depending on your skin tone. For me, it works just to use coconut oil for protection as it naturally has an SPF of about 8; other natural oils have varying amounts of spf. Make sure you’re taking in enough essential fatty acids and calcium when you’re going out in the sun. Also, if you decide to supplement with vitamin D, you’ll want to be sure it’s in balance with other fat soluble vitamins, especially vitamin K which can be found in foods like raw grass-fed cheese and fermented vegetables. Some supplements supply all of these vitamins together in a proper balance including one that I can get for anyone who needs it.
  • Kava Kava: This herbal medicinal root can be taken in capsule form, steeped in a tea, or made into a tincture to create a relaxing blend which is potent enough to numb the mouth. I prefer enjoying this root and rhizome in place of alcohol, especially after learning how alcohol leaches minerals from the body, as well as taxing the body of other essential nutrients such as the ever important B- Vitamins. For me, alcohol leads to more nervousness in the end, this is known as a rebound effect. Kava, on the other hand, does quite the opposite– it is actually said to have a reverse tolerance on the GABA receptors, increasing sensitivity to the calming hormones this means that with kava, it actually becomes easier over time for the brain to calm down and get relaxed. A supplement version can be found here Kava Root Extract Capsules – 60 Count – Organic – Fiji Grown – Free Shipping.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): This method involves tapping various energetic points on the body while using positive, healing affirmations to reset the subconscious mind. I have used this technique myself and have found exceptional relief with it. Here’s how it’s done . Within a matter of 5 minutes, this method has the power to stop a panic attack in its tracks.
  • Passion Flower: this beautiful flower naturally relaxes those who consume it and can be combined with other herbs such as hops and lemon balm to create an excellent elixir for a good nights rest. This herb alone can increase the feel- good hormone serotonin in the brain, working just like an antidepressant but gently and safely. And don’t worry, combining the herbs above won’t zonk you out or anything the next day like so many over the counter or prescription medications would.
  • Lavender: this is an herb that many of you have likely heard of. Not only can it be used in aromatherapy and body care though, it can also be taken internally as a supplement for depression and anxiety. I can definitely vouch for its effectiveness. Lavender is also a natural anti-fungal and can improve digestion,  putting those who consume it into a parasympathetic state. *Be sure to only use essential oils as directed. Supplemental forms of lavender can be found on health food store counters. If you choose to ingest it in essential oil form, be sure to check that it is food grade. Otherwise, even just applying the oil to your pillow can be enough to relax you to sleep. You can find the essential oil form here.
  • Vagal nerve stimulation: the Vagus nerve is a unique cranial nerve (in the brain) which connects to all other organs in the body. This explains the mind- body connection which so many of us have heard about but could never scientifically explain. If your gut is inflamed, then your brain is bound to be as well. Furthermore, an inflamed brain equals stress, depression, and unfortunately neurodegeneration. This can lead to a myriad of even more serious potential illnesses, such as parkinson’s or dementia. Nobody wants to have a scary illness like that– and the vagal nerve gives us the key to preventing such diseases. One of the eaisest ways is by using an essential oil, applied on the ridge on the back of your head right above where your neck connects. This allows your healing essential oils to reach near this nerve which serves as a sort of master control and regulation system for your overall body systems. This means the bio feedback loop from your brain to the other organs in your body is signaled to cool down and to just relax. This is so important because many of your most important body functions require relaxation in order to work. Detoxification, for instance, requires you to be relaxed (and vagal nerve stimulation/ vagal tone). This is why when so many people detox, they do it on a retreat as opposed to on a busy day at work. As vagal nerve care and tonification improves the function of the vagal nerve, it can in turn improve your digestion, in addition to the function of the vital organs on which overall health depends. This is important because for most people today, stress and anxiety are in fact less of actual brain issues than they are an overall bodily inflammation issue. I have seen that essential oils used for this purpose, including as demonstrated by a company that no longer exists. Fortunately, I did have the opportunity to take down the ingredients before they closed up shop for good. They include nutmeg, peppermint, Roman chamomile, Melissa and ginger. This can even reduce the need for digestive aids such as enzyme or HCL supplements. This is also the case for other supplements that would otherwise be needed for overall wellbeing and for supporting the function of organs inside of the body. This may be surprising, but simply one small drop (Just enough to make one’s finger glisten) out of the bottle can be applied to the back of the head as described above, 3 times a day, especially before meals, to support optimal brain function and more.
  • Kimchi/ Sauerkraut/ Kombucha: Speaking of digestion, these fermented formulas have been shown to reduce anxiety! (R) They do this by strengthening the microbiota in your gut, repopulating the good guy colonies and crowding out the disruptive, harmful and problem-causing bacteria, fungi and other pathogens. This leads to an increased and more regulated amount of the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain, leading to a calmer overall state of being. And who doesn’t need that nowadays?
  • Valerian: this is another safe herb that works in a similar fashion to the common prescription benzodiazapines, which are tied to a large number of deaths every year. Valerian is gentle and much more mild than heavy duty pharmaceuticals, though, and won’t lead to addiction. This one is great combined with other relaxing herbs such as skullcap and hops, or Passion flower for sleep. Fair warning though, it legitimately smells like feet. If you do give this one a try, I’d recommend having it in capsule form, and be sure to wash your hands afterwards. Seriously it’s not a pleasant smell. Still, Valerian is definitely worth a shot.
  • Skullcap: this herb can be helpful for pain, stress and tension. As mentioned above, this remedy is effective combined with other herbs for sleep or just for relaxation by itself. For a nervine tropho-restorative, or nerve repairing effect, you can make a strong decoction using water that is boiling. For a sedative-hypnotic effect, particularly for sleep, use water that is below boiling temperature to extract such alkaloidal characteristics.
  • St John’s Wort: Now this herb is spectacular for a variety of psychological hindrances including depression and anxiety. It builds up in your system and works most effectively when taken over a longer period of time. However, be careful with sun exposure when taking this herb and definitely do not combine with any over the counter or prescription selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, as this herb works similarly to how SSRI’s like Prozac do, but in a much healthier and safer manner. Solaray Organic St. John’s Wort 450mg 100 Count  is a direct link to an organically grown supplement form of this herb.
  • Magnesium: this one is important and really should be one of the first things you try for stress and anxiety. Especially combined with a little calcium (not calcium carbonate though– this form is not very absorbable by the body but rather is essentially chalk.) magnesium is spectacular any for anxiety and/ or before bed. Magnesium can help with muscle cramps, spasms and restless legs. I usually go for an epsom salt bath before bed to get in my share of Mg, I usually don’t need too much because I usually indulge in some organic raw cacao which is one of the highest sources of magnesium along with plenty of fruits and veggies. However, many may want to add in an additional source as 80% of the population is quite deficient. Some great forms of magnesium include magnesium citrate such as Natural Calm brand which comes in a powder form, or my personal favorite pill form, Ultra Mag by Source Naturals which includes 3 of the best forms of magnesium I know of. Another great form is magnesium glycinate lysinate, found in Doctor’s Best brand which is available at Good forms of supplemental calcium to take include calcium citrate or, something like calcium orotate, gluconate or glucarate are even better. They also offer cal/ mag supplements that are in an ideal balance for those taking it before bed. To get your personal perfect alotted dose of minerals, schedule a consultation with me and I have a functional exam that can figure out exactly what mineral combination you need for strong bones and optimal wellbeing.
  • Lithium Orotate : To get the whole scoop on this mineral, I have linked to my post on it above. Lithium orotate has been known to regulate your feel-good hormones known as neurotransmitters, as well as even having the ability to regenerate new brain cells. This form is entirely different than the toxic and unabsorbable lithium carbonate which a doctor would prescribe. Therefore it is much gentler on the body, and simply provides the necessary amount of this important mineral that your body actually needs.
  • Choline and inositol: this combo is absolutely essential in my view for anxiety. I take it for overall well-being, as I drink coffee and that can deplete the essential calming nutrient choline. Additionally, these two nutrients work double duty as they both boost mood in addition to helping and supporting the liver! This makes sense considering what the liver does in the body– it manufactures our ever important neurotransmitters which communicate to our cells how we feel. Luckily, these are commonly found together packaged up in one very helpful supplement. These nutrients are the real deal, I wouldn’t want to try going to bed without them. Especially if you’re waking up between 2 and 4 which according to the chinese medicine body clock is liver time, you should really give them a try.
  • L- theanine: I find this nutrient to be most effective in its whole food form than it is in its isolated, allegedly more concentrated form. This is found most commonly in green tea. I get my dose in matcha, which if you haven’t yet tried, you need to, especially if you have trauma, depression, stress or anxiety of any kind. I was amazed upon trying matcha how overwhelmed I became with such a sense of peaceful calm and tranquility. I like to buy ceremonial grade organic matcha and blend it with some homemade raw organic nut milk and throw in some collagen for gut health, in addition to grass fed butter and coconut oil to feel great and get my body in fat-burning mode simultaneously. This is by far one of my favorite new lifestyle choices to date.
  • Chamomile: This mild solution for stress and anxiety should not be dismissed. When I was still waiting tables, sipping on a cup of this did just the trick to keep me calm without putting me to sleep or being too overpowering. This tea also helps soothe digestion and can be used effectively before bed. Used at night I especially like a cup of chamomile tea with a teaspoon or two of Natural Calm powdered magnesium mixed in to make for a restful sleep.
  • L-glutamine: this nutrient is an amino acid which helps create the calming neurotransmitter GABA (much like the brakes on your nervous system), this is great because, contrary to the fact that a supplement form of GABA is widely bought and sold in stores, it should not actually be effective at all for anyone, as it does not actually cross the blood brain barrier (BBB). Therefore, if you’ve found GABA to be helpful, it is likely that you may have something you might call “leaky brain”. This is a condition that reflects leaky gut wherein the BBB becomes more permeable than it should be, allowing inflammatory bacteria, viruses and the like to get into your brain. This in itself will lead to anxiety, depression, and worse– not good. For this, the fundamental issue of poor digestion and a permeable gut lining needs to be the first thing you address. Lucky for you, l- glutamine is one of the best solutions to this problem 🙂 In addition to things like ginger, aloe vera, slippery elm, marshmallow root, licorice, digestive bitters and/ or hydrochloric acid depending on your personal requirements and make-up.
  • 5 HTP: this is another amino acid which makes up a different neurotransmitter called serotonin. This is the chemical capable of making people sleepy when eaten in excess on thanksgiving after consumping excessive amounts turkey. Ideally, if your health and digestion are in top shape one wouldn’t need to take an additional supplement of 5-HTP or tryptophan, but given the widespread occurrence of leaky gut or increased gut permeability due to prevalence of roundup in our environment and food supply, it might not be as easy as it once was for the population at large to absorb various amino acids. So, while again the first step would be to strengthen digestion and to heal and seal the gut, in the mean time you may like to supplement with this mood enhancing supplement which can be found in almost any grocery store.
  • Glycine: this is another important amino acid that is helpful for mood. This can be found in its whole food form in bone broth. Bonus, bone broth is by far one of the most healing things one can consume to heal and repair leaky gut, which is by far one of the leading causes of mood disturbances in the first place! Hence, this remedy can work both long and short term to support ones wellbeing and overall state of health. If you are a vegetarian it can’t do bone broth due to a histamine intolerance, etc., glycine can also be found NOW Glycine 1000mg,100 Veg Capsules, or at your local health food store. Just be sure to heal your gut with the herbs mentioned above too while taking this specific nutrient as it is more of a band aid than a cure.
  • Zinc: zinc is a mineral which is absolutely necessary for proper brain function. It is also required for proper immunity, skin, and, you guessed it, gut health/ digestion. If you don’t have enough zinc, you won’t be able to absorb your nutrients from the food you eat or build tissue and therefore, you will feel less than optimal in a number of ways. Zinc is also a necessary co-factor in a number of reactions in the body including those which determine your state of being. From my research zinc picolinate is one of the most easily digestible forms. Country Life, Zinc Picolinate, 25 mg. Tablets, 100-count.  Some people have an impaired ability to utilize zinc as well as b6 and some other specific nutrients, so they need to supplement even more than most for optimal wellbeing, particularly mental health. Some tell tale signs you might have this issue might be white marks on the nails, thin hair, skin problems and anxiety and/ or depression. Refer to the post I did on pyruloria for more on this.
  • Omega 3’s / DHA: you may have heard of the importance of omega 3s for inflammation, cardiovascular and immune health. What you may not know is the importance of the DHA content in your omega 3 or fish oil supplement for your brain. DHA is so important because it cools down the brain by way of turning the inflammatory microglia in the brain. These microglia are, when allowed to get out of control, largely responsible for a number of neurodegenerative disorders from Alzheimer’s to MS to Parkinson’s. This is highly important for us to be aware of to say the least. Now, if you suspect having pyruloria, you should check with your doctor to get your fatty acids tested because those with that specific condition need a different balance of omega 3s to omega 6s than others do. I, as a certified natural health practitioner, have tests I can do to figure this out, so if you are curious, please contact me for a consultation. In general though, it is wise and safe for anyone to incorporate plenty of omega 3s into your diet by eating plenty of cold deep water fish at least twice a week, and pasture raised animal products and you cannot go wrong. Also add in flax seed or flax seed oil as well as chia seeds for good measure, especially if you are vegetarian. Anthony’s is a safe brand of chia seeds for those who are very sensitive to gluten cross- contamination.
  • Adrenal support: this is absolutely vital for dealing with stress. The adrenals are a set of glands which rest on top of the kidneys and give us the vital energy we need to do everything from get out of bed in the morning to battle an illness or even fight in an actual battle. If your adrenals aren’t working, you are going to be irritable, tired and on edge. They are what allow us to be put into a state of fight or flight, or if not working properly, might make us feel as if everything in life is an emergency. There are various stages of adrenal depletion and adrenal fatigue can, when severe, render a person bedridden with issues like autoimmunity. When these glands give out, they shift the burden to other parts of the body which will also give out until the underlying problem is addressed; so basically, without properly functioning adrenals, you run the risk of your entire body shutting down. Ways you can support your adrenals on a daily basis include, believe it or not, salting your food to taste with real salt including Himalayan or Celtic sea salt for example (add a small pinch to your water as well if you’re low in minerals or working out vigorously.). More aggressive measures for the adrenals can range from taking a b complex, magnesium and vitamin c with bioflavonoids– which are necessary in order for the adrenals to work– to taking a glandular, which is actually the dessicated adrenal gland of an animal. Glandulars have been proven in studies to go in and support the adrenals of the person who takes the supplement. This method of using a glandular is more of a short term health boosting remedy to use while you get back on your feet while also supplementing with the above necessary ingredients for proper adrenal function. More long term solutions to help our adrenal glands include taking adaptogenic herbs such as holy basil and ashwaganda, maca or eleuthero (Siberian ginseng). What works for each person will vary with bioindivuduality so it is best to consult your health care practitioner rather than taking a shot in the dark. What helps one person could prove less than beneficial or perhaps even harmful for another. This is why I recommend first supplementing with the necessary nutrients that the gland requires before supplementing with an additional herb.
  • Check for allergies: gluten can lead to serious anxiety in some people. Allergens are known to increase heart rate which is very similar to and can trigger the physiological response of stress. Other foods like sugars and GMO’s will disrupt the gut and inevitable lead to serious feelings of anxiety and even panic in some cases. What you eat and allow into your body is incredibly important to how you feel.
  • Eat the fat!!! Seriously. All those low fat yogurts, cheeses and milks you find at the store are a complete waste of money that will only wreak havoc on your health. If this seems confusing or counter-intuitive to you, read my posts on the importance of fat for digestion and overall wellbeing. While you should avoid the refined vegetable oils sold in a clear bottle and in the vast majority of the packaged products you will find at the store, the good fats, such as pasture raised meats raw milk cheese and cultured dairy products, grass fed butter or ghee, avocado, olives, and raw, sprouted nuts and seeds are completely beneficial and highly necessary for your mental and physical wellbeing. Fat is necessary to create the feel-good hormones which allow us to, well, feel good. We need them in order to to stabilize our blood sugar to keep us from turning into that crazy person we’d prefer to never admit we once were as a result of being “hangry”. Well, let me tell you, this simply doesn’t happen when you’re ingesting the proper amount of fats. Fats in the ideal ratio for you, normally about 30% of total calories,  will allow you to go hours without even thinking of a meal and still keep your cool.
  • Rhodiola: this is another adaptogenic herb, and has been tested through generations for increasing stamina and supporting mood as well as resilience and helping to fight illness. This herb has been shown to increase dopamine production, which is often the brain chemical that drug users and adrenaline junkies are after. This amazing herb can actually aid in recovering from drug addiction and help to re-balance the brain while also remaining incredibly safe and gentle, healing consumers over time. For me personally I used a formula containing Rhodiola as well as a selection of other helpful herbs on this list including lavender, ashwaganda and eletheuro. Natural Factors – Stress-Relax Serenity Formula with Sensoril, Herbal Formulation, 60 Vegetarian CapsulesThis is the product that has helped me during some of the most taxing times.
  • Look at the kinds of people you’re surrounding yourself with: this is by far one of the most important factors to one’s overall wellbeing. Do the people you surround yourself with consistently show you that they care about you? Or are you the one who is always listening to their stories, asking how they are and hanging out only when it’s convenient for them? You can optimize every aspect of your health besides this one and still be depressed, riddled with autoimmunity and have little to no self esteem as a result. In order to adequately love others you have to love yourself and if you’ve been primed to always put others ahead of yourself, then you have essentially taught your body and immune system that you do not come first (often leading to cancer or auto-immunity) and that something or someone else is always more important (R). This could not be further from the truth. Who are we instructed to put the oxygen mask on in the event of an emergency on a plane? Ourselves. In this chaotic day and age that increasingly wants you to give more and expect less for yourself on a soul level, self- care is more important than ever. This is particularly true for those of us who are empathic and prone to self-sacrifice, it‘s vital for us to understand that if we want to be able to help others, that we cannot pour from an empty cup. We have to be cared for just as much as we are giving out care. And if love isn’t being rightfully reciprocated to you, perhaps you need to re-evaluate how you’re viewing your self-worth. Your quality of life, survival, and mental wellbeing depend on it.
  • Get toxic media out of your life: this is by far one of the most covertly damaging and anxiety-inducing, widespread sources. Many people don’t even realize the effect that media can have on their mind. One study found that TV watchers were more prone to believe that the world is a crueler place than those who do not. This is no surprise, just think of how gossip-ridden the vast majority of reality TV shows and movies are. We don’t want this shaping the people who we are, and as a result the world at large, do we? Never forget that we are constantly creating the world that we live in with our own thoughts, actions and decisions! You are by far more influential on the world around you than you know or will ever be led to believe.
  • Monitor electromagnetic radiation: this can have major effects on brain waves which can be measured (R) and there are a number of ways to shield yourself from this that you can look into online. The first most logical steps, though, would be to keep electronic devices far away from you, or at the very least as far from your head as possible at all times, especially at night. At the very least, try putting your phone on airplane mode and turning off your router at night.
  • Examine how each daily choice and action makes you feel: I found that I have the most anxiety when I’m in a place or situation that I am not supposed to be in. Simply put, anxiety can be a motivating force that was more or less built in to steer us in a better direction. Perhaps we should be thankful for feelings of anxiety in some cases! Otherwise, how would we ever know when it’s time to make a necessary change? Maybe this is a blessing in disguise we’ve only yet to discover.
  • Forest bathing/ go to nature: Last but not least, this point is vital to mental and physical wellbeing. By far, its one of the most important factors in my state of being. I make a point to spend an hour at minimum out in nature each day. Take your shoes off, walk in the grass, do some cartwheels, play. in my opinion, this was in large part what we were made for. There’s a reason that it feels so good to have your toes in the sand– there’s even scientific evidence to back it up. When you go  into nature and specifically, grounding has shown to absorb the positive ions from the body, which are more or less what causes disease, including mental illness, and allows it to thrive in the body (R). Other ways to get these negative ions and wind down are to have a himalayan salt lamp in the room next to you, have running water such as a rock fountain nearby, or go to a body of water such as a lake or river and go for a nice walk. This alone will have enormous positive effects on your health.

*Affiliate link: I make suggestions from my own experience for my blog visitors to be able to access the products I recommend buy them directly if they wish. I am an amazon associate and if people choose to buy these products that I recommend, I can make a very small commission of  this as opposed to if they would have looked for the product on their own. This does not change the price of the product whatsoever.

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