Success Stories

I’ve had some clients see transformations in their health that have been impactful enough to want to share; I think they can give hope for people that feel stuck with something, or have problems “too complicated” or conventionally challenging to see relief. I can relate to this, as some of the problems I’d eventually come to resolve myself, I’ve been told by the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met in the health field, that I was one of the “problem patients”. Not in the sense of non- compliancy or that she was sick of dealing with me, as she was actually my mentor– she reallybelieved my problems were just too complicated.

For privacy I’ll leave names out.

Colitis that led to Hospitalization, Fatty Liver

One client got ahold of me in desperation after being on a feeding tube, with high liver enzymes but doctors telling them not to worry about it. They were especially concerned when they began seeing a lot of blood with bowel movements. Doctors told them there was “nothing” they could do because the tests they ran seemed “normal”. This person’s fatigue was so bad they were exhausted walking to the mailbox. They had little hope for being able to live a normal life and spend time with future grandchildren one day. I saw them one time and got them on a protocol. They got the supplements they needed and took everything recommended. Within a couple weeks they contacted me letting me know how amazed they were and how much better they felt. They had energy again and felt more like themselves. A family member of theirs I knew actually got ahold of me and thanked me for making their mom feel better after they’d been so worried.

Erectile Dysfunction

Another client I worked with was too embarrassed to see a doctor about erectile dysfunction. He knew the only thing that would be offered to them was some prescription. He didn’t always have this problem, so they hoped it would get better but didn’t expect the interventions to fix it. Again, within a couple of weeks, he called me and let me know that the issue was all better. I was so excited and happy for them.

Bloating Interfering with Food Intake

Another person I worked with had digestive issues no matter how “good” she tried to eat. She always had a feeling of fullness the next morning from eating the night before (not that it was a lot). It made it hard to eat for a long time the next day, which interfered with her job she had to be on her feet for– she had low energy from not eating. I got to see her in person and do muscle testing. She got relief from her symptoms and still orders the supplements when she needs them today.

These were just the stories that really stuck out from my clients.

I’ve gotten many of my own health issues resolved as well, including:

Another success story was from someone on social media who followed a general health tip I posted. I’d posted about a supplement that can help with the liver, hormones and blood sugar regulation. She struggled with facial hair growth and told me that one single, inexpensive supplement, called inositol, corrected her problem! This made me so happy.

Another reader applied information I’d shared about restless legs and internal vibrations from long covid and experienced relief. I appreciate so much the people who take time to share their success, it brings so much joy to me and hope for others.

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