Save the Bees

In case anyone isn’t aware, these guys are dying off in the millions as a result of toxic chemical usage. This is more of reason to boycott pesticides, eat organic, and garden with these 🐝 critters in mind. Oftentimes, this can mean the path of least resistance, like allowing medicinal red clover and dandelion to remain in the yard, or better yet, shifting your yard from growing grass to growing food and medicine that can sustain you and your family. This becomes increasingly vital as Monsanto implements CRISPR technology wherein viruses are being used to modify the genetic code of organisms 🧟‍♂️ like there’s no tomorrow. Simple steps to take to help this fundamental part of our ecosystem include using soap and vinegar as a pest deterrent as opposed to chemical sprays, using companion planting instead of Monsanto’s fertilizers like miraclegro (which every time you purchase, you give them more ammo to kill bees with 😕). There are also easier methods like composting food you would throw out anyway or buying organic fertilizer produced by a company that really needs that money you’re spending on it 💸Rather than using chemicals to remove “weeds”, learn their benefits as they’re actually some of the most beneficial substances on the planet that can likely help heal at least one of your ailments. And if you do want to get rid of weeds, you can enjoy free exercise and vitamin D while decreasing the occurrence of depression by interacting with the soil and pulling them. Other plants to help feed the bees include hyacinth, healing borage which is great for the skin and nervous system, and and echinacea which can help boost the immune system during cold and flu season. It is encouraging to realize you can have such an impact on the course of the world 🌎 and the way things go. Step into your power and take this into your own hands. The genome of the plant and animal kingdom, as well as your own health, will thank you.