Make Delicious Vegetables

I’ve found a simple way to make pretty much any vegetable delightful. All it takes is the addition of a simple ingredient called nutritional yeast! This flakey powder is something like a condiment, a superfood and a seasoning all in one. Delightfully, it can make anything have a rich, salty, umami, and “cheesy” flavor! My favorite vegetable combination/ nutritional yeast, or neutch as the hipsters call it, is kale combined with your choice or fat, salt and maybe a sprinkle of onion or garlic powder. This makes for something way better than chips and it has forever made me excited to enjoy vegetables no matter the day or hour. This addition can similarly transform broccoli into a delicious meal. Nutritional yeast has a plentiful amino acid profile, is full of b vitamins and other minerals in exceptional amounts which is very hard to find in any other food. That makes vegetables and this condiment a power couple that can completely change your life. All you do is toss and roast your favorite vegetable with nutritional yeast, salt and good fats.