DIY Hairspray

Most commercial hairsprays are loaded with known carcinogens such as the many questionable chemicals which can be listed as “fragrance” such as pthalates and other unknown harmful ingredients which are really best to steer clear of (R).  Thankfully, it is incredibly easy to make on your own! I’ve used it in the past and I found that it made my hair very shiny and soft. Most importantly, it is entirely nontoxic! So, here’s how you can do it:

  • First, grab your favorite citrus; this could be lemon, grapefruit or orange– including the peels. My favorite by far is grapefruit, I love the smell. Lemon might be best used on light hair just to be on the safe side if you are going to be in the sun that day.
  • Boil said citrus with 2 cups of water, ideally distilled or filtered with a good water filter. To find a good water filter, you can refer to this.
  • Once the water is reduced to about half, allow it to cool. Then, strain using a coffee filter and pour using a funnel or container with  a pour spout. Preferably, choose a glass spray bottle so you can avoid toxic BPA and xeno-estrogens which can disrupt the endocrine system which messes with our hormones.
  • If you wish, you may add a few drops of essential oil and/ or add a tablespoon or two of rubbing alcohol or vodka which will allow the spray to be left at room temperature for longer than two weeks. If you don’t add any alcohol, you may want to stick it in the fridge after a couple weeks to maximize preservation.
  • If you don’t have citrus, you may substitute 2- 4 teaspoons of sugar (depending on desired strength of hold) instead. You can also add 1 teaspoon of salt for texture. Beachy waves, anyone?

Happy styling, I hope you all enjoy and would love to hear your results 🙂