Coffee Recipe for Brain Support and Sustained Energy

I wanted to share a coffee recipe with you that can immensely help with energy levels, weight loss, even gallbladder and potentially thyroid function. This isn’t just any coffee recipe. It’s infused with beneficial fats, proteins, and spices that makes this into a “super” morning latte that’s much cheaper than your normal morning latte, and with much longer lasting energy as well as some health benefits.

Recipe and instructions:

  1. First, you’ll want to heat your water in preparation for use in the French press. Bring the amount of water you plan to use in your coffee to just a boil, then let it sit for a minute to bring it to the optimal temperature for steeping your coffee.
  2. For one serving, you’ll want to add in about one heaping teaspoon to tablespoon of organic coffee, depending on your preferred strength, and add your water on top. This is the time that you can add in any desired spices as well. I usually add in nutmeg, clove, ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon, or pumpkin spice blend. This lends a very grounding effect to the blend as well as an increased antioxidant content, which are protective against free radicals which are known to have a disease- supportive, pro inflammatory and aging effect. You can add a sprinkle of Himalayan or grey sea salt for more minerals which can actually help the adrenals and also lend a “grounding” effect. Also add in stevia at this point, about 3-4 leaves or 1/2 teaspoon loosely packed. If you have another form of stevia extract or tincture, follow the serving amount on the package.
  3. Place the lip/ steeper on top of the press. Don’t push it down over the grounds yet, let it steep for about 4 minutes first.
  4. Push down the strainer portion of the French press, grabbing onto the top knob, pressing down slowly but surely.
  5. Pour coffee from the French press into a blender.
  6. Add turmeric to your blender, about 1 to 1 heaping teaspoon. This adds a potent glutathione enhancing, inflammation quelling and anti- cancer influence to the drink.
  7. Add in about 1/4-1/2 tsp of cacao for gentle, grounding yet energizing and mineralizing qualities. This also adds a richer flavor to the mix.
  8. Add collagen, about 1-2 tbsp for added amino acids to support detoxification, quell brain and systemic inflammation, as well as gut health.
  9. Add 1-2 tbsp grass fed butter and 1-2 tbsp coconut oil. You may need to start with even less. Depending on your ability to handle and assimilate fat, too much can lead to nausea or potential digestive upset if you use too much before you’re acclimated to it. If you’ve never had coconut oil in similar amounts, try 1/2 tbsp and go from there– the same goes for the butter. You can increase this amount as you listen to the signals your body gives you to indicate what it needs. Coconut oil is full of caprylic acid, an antifungal, biofilm- busting compound which can come in handy for Lyme, parasites, viruses and other pathogens.
  10. Add brazil nuts, about 1-3 is plenty for selenium and in turn to boost one’s thyroid and liver function, making iodine more assimilable, a mineral which the vast majority are highly deficient in which ends up leading to metabolic syndromes, insulin resistant, cancers, skin tags, cysts, fibroids, skin issues, hormonal problems and immune deficiencies (R).
  11. If you wish, add hemp seeds, about 1 teaspoon to a tablespoon depending on your taste and ability to handle fats. One may need to work their way up if they need to consume more fat and haven’t for a long time or, for instance, have a parasitic infection more common than not) which can be a hindrance on gallbladder and bile duct function. This can be highly beneficial for the brain, ability to burn fat.
  12. Blend! This will take about 30 seconds to a minute on high. Pour into your cup, making sure there are no unblended remnants and slowly enjoy. This isn’t a drink you’ll want to guzzle down due to it’s fat content. This can really increase satiation, which is a big reason it’s so helpful for contributing to weight optimization.

I like using a French press. This way, you reduce your chance of mold exposure which is very high with standard coffee makers, let alone coffee itself. Not only that, but a French press reduces waste by negating the need for a paper coffee filter, or even worse, a plastic one that is used for a Keurig machine which are clogging up our landfills by the day. Instead, a stainless steel reusable mesh material is utilized to filter out the coffee. At the same time, this preserves valuable oils in the coffee that can be so protective like chlorogenic acid.

Cinnamon: cinnamon has amazing benefits for blood sugar, not to mention its high antioxidant content and anti- fungal, digestion and circulation- supportive actions.

Cacao: High in antioxidant content as well as magnesium, this gives a grounding component to the coffee that seems to lead to a more sustained energy level that’s less jittery. Only a small amount is needed. This sustained energetic quality may be due to the dopamine precursing amino acid called tyrosine that cacao contains. If you’re anything like me, you’ll definitely notice a difference in mood, energy levels, and feelings of contentment as a result of consuming this medicinal food.

Ginger: this anti- inflammatory herb adds a digestion- supportive, warming, grounding aspect to your cup of coffee that can have enormous benefits on lymph drainage and detoxification as well as overall inflammation.

Turmeric: This is an ingredient that’s been found over the centuries by various cultures to have dynamic and seemingly unending benefits. It supports the liver and gallbladder by acting as a cholagogue, dilating the gallbladder duct, allowing fat to be emulsified and toxins to be excreted. What this means for you is potentially weight loss and liver protection. It can also be anti- inflammatory to the gut which can work wonders in situations like leaky gut or SIBO. When the NRF2 pathway is supported, which turmeric is one of the few herbs that is able to do this, this generates glutathione, the body’s main antioxidant and free- radical quenching substance of the body. It takes care of us when we’re sick and also recycles some of the most vital antioxidant nutrients we consume. This means if you’re taking enough glutathione, glutathione- supportive herbs, or glutathione- pre-cursing amino acids (which are cysteine, sulfur, and glycine) then theoretically you don’t have to consume so much Vitamins C, A, and E because they’re actually recycled! Pretty incredible if you ask me.

Clove: clove has an amazing way of offering protective capabilities of not only free radicals that lead to more rapid decline than would be ideal, but also uniquely supporting against microbes, mainly parasites. Clove is one of the only products naturally known to kill parasite eggs. This is important as parasites are at the root of a large variety of ailments and illnesses, which goes unobserved in modern society, often throughout a person’s entire lifetime of unnecessary suffering.

Cardamom: This warming spice is a digestive carminative very supportive to generating energy from the food you consume. It’s been used in Ayurveda for this purpose through the millennia.

Nutmeg: This spice is uniquely calming and can even be somewhat sedative before bed added to milk or dairy- free alternative. This is due to its high magnesium content. The flavor is definitely reminiscent of heavily revered eggnog lattes of winter months.

Pumpkin pie spice: This can stand in for all of the other spices, if you’d prefer this signature fall flavor. The signature spice combination includes thermogenic, or heat generating phytonutrients which help keep your warm in the cooler months. The ingredients making up this blend contains some of the highest ranking antioxidant power on the ORAC scale, which rates and compares the free- radical neutralizing capabilities of all of the foods in the world. Little did we know, some of the most powerful options can be added to our food, optimizing taste as well as health and in turn quality of life.

Brazil Nuts: Brazil nuts are full of selenium, an important mineral for the thyroid which controls metabolism and how you burn fat, as well as the liver which works with the thyroid to create your thermogenic hormones. The liver also plays an integral part of letting go of fat as the first fat to be added to your body is that of the liver. So if the cofactors of detoxification are in place and working properly, then your liver will not hold onto fat and therefore there will be no fat to be dispersed elsewhere but instead it will be excreted like it’s supposed to be through the gallbladder.

Coffee: Despite much debate, villainization and aggrandizement over the years, coffee remains a generally fair option for promoting one’s health given they choose, through listening to their body, that it’s a good option for them personally. Coffee contains an acid that’s a powerful antioxidant, called chlorogenic acid, that’s also very supportive to the liver and gallbladder. These are two of the most important components you could look for in a substance to be ingested of our time. Chlorogenic acid may also increase the inflammatory compound homocysteine which has led to many heart attacks unknowingly in our modern world of inflammatory influences such as EMFs as well as diet. Chlorogenic acid also has an anti- diabetic, anti- obesity effect (R). This is due to it’s energizing and in turn thermogenic effect, but also because of it’s ability to enhance the excretion of fat out of the body itself. Coffee has also shown to increase stamina during workouts (R). The caffeic acid content in coffee acts in a way that’s protective to the nervous system, especially in the form of countering EMF’s, a finding of master nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman.

Hemp seeds: This seed is rich in omega-6 fats which help supply not only anti-inflammatory capabilities but also metabolic support by way of contributing to brown fat, a portion of fat in each of our bodies that actually helps us to burn fat. Hemp seed also has a smaller portion of omega-3’s which also have an anti- inflammatory component and is needed abundantly for brain function and control of immunogenic and pain response.

MCT Oil: This has also been marketed as “brain octane” oil by various companies, and is marked by its ability to work as brain fuel that contributes to optimal alertness, as well as fat metabolism and sustained energy levels. The brain is largely composed of saturated fat and therefore it’s important to be sure that you’re supplying it with such fat. Of course, this runs contrary to what the American Heart Association and other corporate funded organizations will tell you, and consequentially even authorities like Harvard scientists. But it’s vital to note that the way that these things were orchestrated to lead to these “findings” by the American Heart Association, were actually as a result of the paying off of authorities by the vegetable oil industry, namely canola, and the sugar industry. It makes sense, then, how a witch hunt for the natural saturated fats humans have lived on for centuries suddenly became accused of being the cause of the widespread heart attacks that just so happened to emerge the same time as the proliferation of– you guessed it– the vegetable oil and mass distributed sugar- ladened packaged foods came into play. (R)

Organic stevia leaf: This plant has been found to have a uniquely effective impact against Lyme, similar or exceeding even prescription antibiotics (R). Often, when antibiotics are given for Lyme, they need to be taken intravenously and for long periods of time, ranging from months to even years. And even at that, the rebound effect is strong. Any time you feed something so unnatural and destructive to any part of the body, whether it be good or bad, microbe or self, it will wreak havoc as a consequence of being out of tune with the body’s natural processes.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil, much like MCT, has a wide variety of benefits related to energy, brain health, and fueling a healthy metabolism. When you teach your body to run on fat, as this bulletproof latte can help you do, this helps your mitochondria, or energy fueling centers for your cells– and collectively, you– you get more energy, and better health overall. This lends protection against the electromagnetic radiation threat we face exponentially compared to even a few years ago. It has been found that chronic fatigue, brain problems, and insulin insensitivity, can all be traced back to the health of the mitochondria (R). Coconut oil has, in trial studies, been found to reduce waist circumference by over an inch by participants doing nothing other than adding it to their diet (R). Pretty amazing, huh?! It’s also helped others reverse their Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. This makes sense because coconut oil contains saturated fat which supports the myelin sheath, or protective coating on the neurons that make up the brain, and degenerates in the event of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative neurological disorders. Coconut oil is supportive to the thyroid as well, which is the body’s thermostat, or controller of the metabolism, so it makes sense for the aforementioned waist circumference reduction to occur.

Grass fed butter: This contributes fat burning omega-6’s, CLA, as well as Vitamins A, K, and short chain fatty acids which are easily absorbed and assimilated into useful energy, rather than stored as fat like a chemical and sugar loaded latte at a coffee shop would. Contrary to what you have heard about butter, when grass fed, pasture raised, and ideally raw and organic, it actually helps protect you from heart attacks. This is by way of the CLA, which is much more abundantly available in grass-fed animal products, and Vitamin K which ensures that calcium stays in its rightful place in your body like your bones as opposed to your arteries on top of congestive, processed polyunsaturated fats.

Collagen: This component contributes to healing your gut as well an amino acid called glycine that’s highly deficient in our modern society ever since we’ve gone from eating more traditional, whole animal foods including cartilage, skin and glands, etcetera, to eating purely muscle meat. A diet rich in exclusively muscle meat alone increases methionine to an unhealthy extent. This leads to an imbalance that increases homocysteine, an amino acid whose increase is one of the greatest predictors of heart attack and other inflammatory conditions. Glycine plays an important part in liver detoxification which in turn affects how well you shed unnecessary weight as well as the toxins stored in the fat.

Iodine: I personally like to use Lugol’s iodine. This offers a concentrated, medicinal source that can be increased to a dose fitting no matter your circumstance. I like using it at a level that can help detoxify heavy metals and halogens like fluoride, chlorine and bromine which have likely been jamming up our systems including the ever important pineal gland that controls the way we sleep, feel, and perceive all aspects of life, and is claimed to have both spiritual and physical implications. This unsung hero mineral can also work as an antibiotic naturally that does not hurt the good bacteria colonies in our gut. Amazing to think how this knowledge has gone unacknowledged and unused even in the face of rampant bacterial resistance throughout hospitals. Before prescription antibiotics were discovered and commonly prescribed, iodine used to be administered for this purpose, and in much greater amounts. Amazingly, only 150 micrograms are now recommended for Americans, whereas decades ago, 300 milligrams were commonly recommended for optimal health. So it’s no wonder that tumors, obesity, cancer, hair thinning and falling out, skin and thyroid disorders are proliferating now more than ever, especially with the combined influence of an increasingly toxic, radiated world. In truth, we need iodine more than ever to help us bind toxic chemicals that make us sick and give our bodies the strength and energy they need in order to fight pathogens and accomplish all we are intended to. Our mitochondria become energized and supplied like they need to be when we ingest iodine due to its oxygenating and energizing qualities (R).

Alternatively, if you don’t like coffee, you can add some or all of these things to make an organic matcha green tea latte, which has it’s own antioxidant, metabolism boosting qualities of its own. Oolong tea has also been found to be very supportive of proper metabolism and weight loss, ideally 2 cups a day, as recommended by Ann Louise Gittleman, who is commonly known as the “mother” of nutrition (R).