Beverage for Lymph Support/ Potential Weight Loss

There’s a drink I’ve discovered that I’ve accumulated additions to in the last few years. It’s supports lymphatic flow as well as blood circulation. It can do things like help the body eliminate all toxins as well as parasites, stimulating the liver to release toxins that may otherwise remain stagnated due to poor kidney, liver, and lymph nutrition. The drink consists of the following:

Cranberry juice, unsweetened: This has a lymph- flushing capability, as well as antioxidants that contribute an anti- aging and mitochondrial function therefore metabolically supportive attributes. The tart flavor of cranberry stimulates the liver to sweeping toxins out, allowing s the gallbladder to contract and release toxins via the colon and kidneys in a gentle way, while protecting the kidneys with antibacterial component inherent in cranberry juice, D- mannose. Liver congestion and resultant lymphatic stagnation is the real reason for fat accumulation and the more commonly, a puffy and inflamed state. In fact, when you see people with a large, round belly, this is often the result of an inflamed and fatty liver. This makes sense as the liver is a huge organ, second in size only to our skin, and its dysfunction can lead to bloating and inflammation all around the belly area and beyond. Furthermore, when as a result of this liver and gallbladder stagnation fat isn’t properly emulsified, fatty deposits have no choice but to form. This aforementioned bloating in the belly as a result of inflammation in the liver and gallbladder can also hinder one of the most important aspects of the lymphatic system, impacting your overall appearance as well as the way fat and toxins are either released or stored and allowed to accumulate. This is a result of improperly functioning lymph which, when functioning properly, is supposed to flow throughout the body, serving as both nourishment, detoxification, and  can become viscous similarly to bile in the gallbladder, allowing things to build up and fat tissue to accumulate in the liver, and then elsewhere. This is why Ann Louise Gittleman, mother of nutrition, recommends 8 ounces per day of unsweetened cranberry juice, diluted in 8 ounces of filtered, fluoride free water, divided into 8 glasses per day. She recommends adding lemon to the mix as well. For your first beverage of the day or any time you’re sick or feeling under the weather, it’d be a good idea to use hot or very warm water as opposed to cold, which can hinder the digestive and lymphatic system, causing more stagnation. Try to make your water as close to room temperature as possible if not warmer at all times in order to prevent this fat- solidifying effect that cold water can have.

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Lemon or lime: This again has the capability of thinning the bile and in turn allows the body to eliminate fat and rid itself of all of the excess you would otherwise carry around. If you can do this in the morning in a hot cup of water, you’re off to a good start. This will prime your bowels and gallbladder to eliminate what needs to be eliminated from the beginning, so there’s no accumulation of stagnant bile and lymphatic fluid but rather it gets cleared out properly, paving the way for a healthy and beautiful day. Try to make sure the peel is included as this adds an even more digestion and detoxification- enhancing component to your beverage, due to the bitter flavor of the peel.


Cinnamon and other warming spices: This helps stabilize the blood sugar, one of the most necessary components inherent in keeping weight off and controlling cravings. Cinnamon’s actually shown so capable of stabilizing blood sugar that it can be an effective method for reversing blood sugar instability issues resulting from diabetes (R). The cinnamon also wards of fungal infection like candida and otherwise. Its warming component also makes it thermogenic and also supportive to digestion, both characteristics encouraging weight loss. Other warming spices like ginger, clove, allspice, nutmeg and clove have these same thermogenic properties, as well as a high antioxidant content reducing free radical damage and resultant inflammation as well as the toxic, swollen effect this can have on the cells leading to a greater accumulation or appearance of fat.

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Raw, organic apple cider vinegar: This can help improve and normalize systemic pH and in turn nutrient absorption, while removing waste. It can also stabilize blood sugar. This equals weight loss, which has been demonstrated that apple cider vinegar can accomplish by this study. The malic acid also has a unique, natural capability of binding heavy metals and carrying them out of the body where they belong. Heavy metals can carry with them water weight, bloating, and even excess weight- carrying micro organisms and pathogens like candida, Lyme, and parasites. All of these will cause sugar cravings, lower energy and fatigue which will be likely to dissuade you from exercising. Apple cider vinegar, when taken before bed, has shown to stabilize blood sugar whose hindrance is often a common cause for waking up in the middle of the night. Apple cider vinegar has been shown to liberate ketones from the body, meaning it’s literally enabling fat burning. While some might initially like the idea of this flavor being added to their beverage, all of the other additions disguise this magnificently. Use anywhere from 1 teaspoon to two tablespoons depending on your tastes which may reflective your own digestive requirements. This can be an acquired taste that you come to crave over time.


Stevia, optional: This herb not only has a Lyme killing effect (R), but it also sweetens the overall flavor and has actually been shown to assist the pancreas in normalizing insulin and preventing excessive amounts of blood sugar (R). Considering the fatigue- inducing effect of Lyme, as well as the collagen- eating, unnecessary cellulite- causing characteristic inherent in Spirochetes and Lyme coinfections inherent from the subsequently weakened immune system, this might be a brilliant idea for protecting oneself from weight gain in the long run. In fact, many of us may have Lyme disease and not know it. Contrary to common belief, neither a tick nor a bullseye rash have to be present for Lyme to exist in the body. In fact, 98% of the patients that Dr. Klinghardt tested wound up having Lyme or at least one of the coinfections. Especially if you experience unexplained neurological issues, fatigue, joint pain, cognitive, behavioral and mood disruption, you may consider this as a possible cause. However don’t expect this to be confirmed via testing or your regular doctor though, as many deny that this condition even exists. Even for Lyme literate doctors (LLMDs), the tests that are often run do not have good track records, with upwards of a 60% rate of false negative or positive incidences, according to Dr. Jay Davidson. It’s no wonder then, why so many people are on a litany of symptom- silencing medications without ever knowing or addressing the true reason why.

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For a gut- healing bonus, add aloe vera. The more nutritionally supported, healed, and sealed your gut is, the better your chance will be of lowering inflammation in the gut and systemically. A less inflamed body means better detoxification and less of a burden on the liver which would otherwise lead to unwanted fat storage.