How to Make Plantain Bread (Sweet or Savory)

Plantain bread is something you’d otherwise never hear of but I think is well worth your time given both taste and nutrient density.
Unsung hero plantain is one of the best sources of potassium, with twice the quantity in bananas and the vast majority all other known sources provide in a typical serving!
Did you know you’d have to eat 10 bananas to get the daily requirement of potassium, vital for regulating heart beat, blood pressure, and calming the nervous system?
Here’s the recipe for a serving, perfect for a small cast iron skillet (if you’d like to add some iron into the meal’s nutrient profile). Obviously, double or triple if you’re wanting more than just a snack for a couple people.

  • 1 plantain- green is ideal for savory, yellow is excellent for sweet
  • 2 eggs, flax or chia eggs
  • Use some coconut oil to grease the skillet or baking dish of choice
  • Optional: use 1/2 tsp of baking powder if you want it a little fluffier. I prefer mine on the denser side so I omit entirely
  • Add toppings of choice: berries, chocolate chips, even banana for sweet, perhaps stir in salt, and onion or garlic powder for savory
  • Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes

Voila! There you have it.
I love adding butter, particularly to the sweet version with chocolate chips, or you could include substitute/ include peanut butter for a brilliant flavor trifecta.
Play around with it all you want once you get a taste. Add a splash of vanilla, dash of cinnamon, sprinkle of cacao for the sweet recipe. You’ll definitely be coming back for more!
Maybe you’d like to decorate a savory version with tomatoes, basil and onion. You can even use the savory version as a base for pizza, which I’ve done before and enjoyed. Granted, this was in my diet culture days where anything mimicking what I now realize as a sad excuse for the real indulgent thing I’d convinced was good back then (but hey, starving is starving). I’ve since discovered cassava flour pizza which is very good and I would probably opt for now if I didn’t do well with gluten or grains.