Find the Most Nourishing Food Near you

Many of you might be in the process of learning all of this information about health and what will best contribute to your well being, but not know how to apply it all. That is what this page is for.

One great site that can be helpful for anyone nationwide is, where you can find local and responsibly produced agricultural offerings, from produce to fresh dairy and eggs, to prepared products!  To find a good source of raw milk and dairy or grass fed meat near you, you can follow this link to where you will be able to click on your area in the US/ Canada or elsewhere and find what suits you, according to your needs and preferences. Here is another site where you can find good, high quality grass fed meat producers based on your location. You can also go to to find a farmer’s market or co-op near you. This can help the people who need it most and really are working their hardest to support what is good and pure and our world. They need and deserve support.

For the Vancouver/ Hazel Dell area, there’s a great store offering supplements, and pet products as well ,that is called Healthline Nutrition. I highly recommend visiting this small mom and pop business. They make their very own probiotics, offer very high quality dog food, and much more. We are also lucky enough to have a Natural Grocers here in the Vancouver area. They have very strict standards for what they will sell in their store. This is a breath of fresh air in this world we live in, and a perfect model for how we can be the change. All of their groceries are incredibly affordable and if you become one of their Npower members, they will automatically load coupons that best suit you according to your shopping habits, at the end of your purchase upon entering your phone number. There are multiple Natural Grocers locations such as one in Bend, Oregon and in Denver, Colorado. You can find the one closest to you here .

Also, this link will bring you to a site where you can find your closest farmer’s markets, which are always a better way to go in the name of fresh, nutritious food, not to mention the environment. You can even have fresh, organic produce delivered to your door if you like; to do so you may follow this link to a site called

You may like to use this site provided by the Weston A. Price foundation to locate raw, organic, real whole milk and dairy products and also discover all the benefits. If you aren’t yet aware of the value or significance of Weston A price, by the way, please see my blog post explaining his work and why you need fat for optimal health. It is called Conveniently, there’s even a resource similar to those listed for when you’re traveling— you can use this site to find the places near you, from coffee shops to stores to restaurants, that are offering responsibly raised, high quality products. It is not nearly as hard as it’s made out to be to find and support the brands, products and distributors that match up with one’s true level of integrity. We all have the power to make the world the place it has the potential to be with our help and active attention. We must not forget that each and every day, we make a vote about what kind of world we want to be living in, three times a day. As weird as it may sound, what’s on the end of your fork has a direct influence on what you look around and see in the world around you. The change starts with each of us.