During Lockdown, 5G is Being Installed

I’m certainly not one of the people that thinks 5G causes covid by itself. But I also don’t ignore the fact of how the 60 ghz can deprive the body of oxygen by binding to it, or that the first ever city to roll this out was wuhan. At the Evergreen hospital in Seattle where the death rate was 60%, the EMF’s taken were higher than ever measured before at any hospital. This was in one of the 5G hubs. How it’s being installed in the US, too (as well as Spain, one of the worst hit spaces)— https://youtu.be/ZTyudFHFHdI and Trump just signed into law an act securing 5G “and beyond” on the 23rd. This undoubtedly interacts with pathogens in the body. Microbes that can be in harmony with the body can begin to “go rogue” more or less while exposed to improper frequencies for the body. There are, of course, other ways to get fast internet that we’ve ignored. And I won’t even mention how 5G millimeter waves are actually weaponized by the military in their “active denial” system. And here you can see it being sneakily installed in Vegas: https://youtu.be/ElKmt41vjV4 I don’t believe this timing to be a coincidence. Heard of starlink? Those are the million 5G satellites that also just got FCC approval recently as well to be launched into space. These need antennas on the ground, and densely distributed throughout nature in order to function. I know yesterday they happened to shut down some 6 million acres of state parks and trails in Washington, and did the same in Oregon as well.
Undoubtedly, people saying something can have an impact. I’ve seen the C Virus issue being dealt with differently as time went on according to how people respond. There are many more of us than there are of them and they still need our votes. Many have been fooled under their current leadership in the US and somehow even those devoted to the truth have had 5G snuck in right under their nose and devotedly supported by the current administration. I know many of those I’m referring to never would’ve wanted this before, but it happened. We might’ve been distracted or others deceived, but we still have power. Many 5G installations have been taken down as a result of liability with regard to people’s health and safety. This has happened widely in Australia as a result of many letters sent by lawyers, one in particular that was featured on the 5G Summit by Josh Del Sol. If you haven’t watched it, you can buy the entire recorded summit with the entire transcript from the lawyer which I believe would be well worth it (I did it myself). If not, I’m sure there are many resources online you will be able to search out. There’s also a petition that’s been signed internationally by science, physicians, and other relevant authorities asking to halt the space launch of 5G satellites. As many may know, bees and bird populations have widely turned up dead as a result of these installations. Much can be done, we need not lose hope.

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