A Frequency for the Corona Virus

Many of you have likely heard by now that the “novel Corona Virus” or nCov has emerged and gotten more news coverage recently. Initially, upon hearing about this new pathogen I thought it was likely another sensationalized virus and event by the news media. However, when a friend on Facebook posted about it with translations of a Chinese citizen’s recording from the ground, something was revealed to be awry. Perhaps you know about this already, or just want to get to the thing that I mentioned in the title– if that’s the case for you, you can find the link in the 9th paragraph and an explanation beginning in the paragraph prior.

When another truth seeker I follow shared clips from citizens having to use a VPN to avoid arrest, risking their lives to share what was really going on, this revealed what would erase any doubt I had of a true problem. The video was in a hospital, showing a medical worker arguing on the phone that they didn’t have enough supplies, were literally being worked to death and (warning: disturbing) there were corpses not being dealt with throughout the hospital and on the floor. This is no “flu”. Another nurse, also risking arrest and her life to be on video, was pleading for viewers to send masks and equipment because they certainly did not have enough, and she said they were being scarily overworked. One more point mentioned in the compilation of clips was the fact that the virus emerged in the same town as a P4 facility for bioweapons– what would be considered an equivalent to Fort Dietrich here. This has even been admitted by US mainstream media sources and interestingly, the location of the facility on Google Maps had since moved to a forested area.

For weeks the news has downplayed this outbreak and didn’t share any of the clips from Chinese citizens, revealing unconscionable discrepancies between the disclosed numbers of those infected and dead from the disease and those that were actually true. The World Health Organization, in a briefing, even congratulated China for their “proper” and “swift” response, and the US has plastered all of the WHO and CDC’s undoubtedly false numbers on webpage results for any searches regarding the virus. This is peculiar because even prior to this it was stated on the House of Representatives’ hearing with the Foreign Affairs Committee that the number of those infected was at least 100,000 and China was indeed lying about the numbers. Yet this is still what we’re being shown when we try to find the information. Completely nonsensical, I know. It is also increasingly difficult to find groups via a search on the subject, on Facebook for example. I highly recommend getting on MeWe as they are dedicated to keeping user’s information private and avoiding censorship. It has also recently become harder to find search results on the topic. DuckDuckgo should similarly be a better search engine platform.

This censorship coincides the WHO’s briefing on the Novel Corona Virus stating one of their main priorities (other than praising China, apparently) to be “combatting misinformation”. This also coincides with a peculiar simulation put on by Bill Gates a few months ago called “Event 201” wherein world health leaders stage a Coronavirus pandemic and suggest “combatting misinformation” as their main priority– rather than human health– for example. They elaborate that this main threat is impeding pharmaceutical profit and government control. As a solution they said they would, just as they’re doing now, modify social media and “flood” it with “proper information”. They even suggested arresting journalists as a result. They also stated that the internet would be taken down in some areas. You can still find the highlight reel on Youtube for the event, watch the entire thing, or you can opt for the channel “Hacking the Headlines” where they isolate the most pertinent clips condensed into a shorter video. One more interesting fact about Event 201 is that it was held in New York. The first reported case of the Novel Corona Virus in New York was on 2/01.

Many may postulate that the pathogenicity of the Corona Virus might not bad here as it has been in China but the unprecedented measures they are taking, not to mention the level of deception involved in their vast underreporting of numbers of those infected and killed, should at least be enough to motivate one towards proactivity rather than reliance on the medical system and government regulations to look out for our best interest and take care of us to the extent that’s required. Unfortunately, thousands have continued to be brought in on planes from Wuhan, the epicenter of the Outbreak, without any testing at all in some areas– Hawaii being one of them, with a number of other locations on the US mainland. Other airports leave it up to flight passengers to disclose symptoms rather than do any testing. Other provinces of China have been accepted– all of which been infected—with even more laxity. This is true in other countries as well as the US. Even those that are testing people, tend to do so by checking for a fever. Yet not only can people modify this with medication (there are videos of travelers bragging about doing so) but also, this disease has an incredibly long incubation period, during which one can be contagious. The Chinese scientist who discovered SARS initially found the incubation period to be 24 days, while other sources are now claiming it might be 42. Sounds like a pretty normal “flu”!

Yet cruise ships with exceeding numbers of passengers showing up positive for the virus have let passengers into various countries (this happened in Brighton the UK, and New Jersey in the US). Hospitals will not have CDC testing kits until Thursday, and many who have attended medical facilities concerned about the virus– even those who have been in direct contact with people coming from Wuhan—have been turned down for testing. Many of those who were not let off of various planes or ships unabashedly, have simply been told to “self- quarantine”, again leaving it to the discretion, ability, and moral code of each patient to do so.

At the House of Representatives’ Hearing with the Foreign Affairs Committee, it was discussed that the current policy is for only those directly coming from Wuhan to get tested if they have symptoms, and only those coming from China to get tested if they were hospitalized. If you have seen any of the videos that have finally gained wider popularity, you will know that a limited number of tests being done was the exact problem going on in China. With this came hospitals filled to the brim, healthcare workers that were unprotected and have died as a result (as was the case with the whistleblower who first discussed his discovery on social media and was reprimanded by the Chinese government, over a month ago). If you’ve analyzed some of the videos by mainstream media in the US, you’ll notice the same laxity with public health worker protection has ensued. This is a problem, especially with knowledge of videos from the ground (which oddly kept getting deleted from US social media platforms like Youtube as well) you would be familiar with the phenomenon of people spontaneously falling to the ground all over China, as well as convulsing. Yet we’re being told by news media that this is just like the flu. China has never before locked down their country like they’re doing today—and do you really think they would risk their entire economy, as well as their standing in that of the world’s, for nothing?

Now, I will finally get to the more productive piece of information. As you might be aware, there is a frequency for everything. This is how the internet operates, what Barry Trower, former employee of MI5, studied with the military and learned how to intercept various processes as a result of. The US military exploits this fact to make sonic weapons, also known as LRAD (long range acoustic device), which they discuss openly on their website.

Well, one can reason that, it may be possible to use this truth to recover and heal from disease. In fact, a friend of mine even lives to tell others that he cured his own cancer in a matter of weeks this way, and has the medical records to prove it (his words, not mine)– all with the help of what he called “sound medicine”. Many in the Lyme and detox communities also use this characteristic with a tool called a rife machine that tunes into the frequency of certain diseases and neutralizes their manifestations as a result. Sharry Edwards, MEd, has researched the frequencies of various diseases for years, and has found a way to counter their expression by using this mechanism. Here is the direct link to the sound file she made with the intent of neutralize the Novel Corona Virus *for research purposes only, not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease– as I’m legally obliged to note*. She suggests, as a precautionary measure, as we are all bioindividual and unique in our physiology, check in with yourself while you’re listening and notice how you feel. If you for any reason happen to feel worse, simply stop listening. This could result from some type of herxheimer (too much healing at once) type of reaction, or have any number of possible explanations regarding the vibration you might be in currently, etc.. You can come back and resume later and see how that goes. Perhaps one might need to support the detox pathways, like the liver and gallbladder, or get the body in parasympathetic mode by taking a bath, etcetera. These are all things that effect vibration or frequency. Of course, there are other things that can be done to fortify the body against viral attack and this situation is no different.

Sharry Edwards has researched the genetic makeup of countless diseases and formulated more or less what might be considered to be an antidote. She noted upon analysis of this particular genetic sequence behind the Corona virus, something simply “doesn’t add up”. She said the correlating notes that result from translating this “novel” virus have never been seen before and that anyone who’s studied this would agree that something isn’t right. When trying to translate the sequence into music or vibrations that can be heard, she faced a problem that she never had before. In fact if she had addressed it like the ones she had in the past, it could lead to further complications for the listener, almost like a built in mechanism against healing this way. That’s why she actually made a new, I suppose fittingly “novel” formula for translating the vibrational neutralizer into a listenable track with the help of a musician who would make it into the most listenable music possible for people download– free of charge. She’s even suggested the idea of (prior to complete and total lockdown of China) driving down the streets of China with the track playing, at least as a last resort.You can learn more about everything mentioned in her interview about the corona virus and the melody she helped to create for it here.

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