Defending Against the Ravages of Our Current Day

Today we’re seeing a drastic up-surge in seemingly new diseases such as Autism, ADHD, Alzheimers, and Parkinson’s. These diseases weren’t so much of an issue when our great grandparents were our age, but now these diseases are increasing more rapidly than ever. With 1 in 2 kids being threatened with autism in the coming years, the common risk of alzheimer’s increasing exponentially along with other neurological disorders, we’ve got to get to the bottom of this.

Believe it or not, someone already has. These issues have been thoroughly researched, and many culprits have been identified. They just haven’t been brought fully to light due because so many profit from the detrimental causes of these issues. Exposure of this doesn’t come without the risk of public outcry, since so many have been affected– once individuals realize the sources of these diseases. The causes of these are a lot better known than you might be led to believe. Hidden causes of neurological disease include smart meters, cell phones and wireless routers which have shown to lead to a variety of worrisome health disturbances (R), especially that of our ever-important brain and spinal cord! These causes also include chemicals like the aluminum, barium and strontium that are being sprayed in our skies on a daily basis, especially in the US. This also includes Roundup or glyphosate, a gut- damaging, membrane disrupting, carcinogenic chemical that is found in exceedingly greater amounts on our planets than any other damaging chemical such as pesticides. People use this seamlessly on their sidewalks to kill those persevering weeds that grow through the cracks, and now it’s found in 100% of rainwater. As much as corporate- owned media sources and internet trolls enjoy gaslighting to deny the truth about nanonized aerosols being sprayed in our sky, their existence is undeniable and can be confirmed by the mass amounts of aluminum that has accumulated seemingly out of “nowhere” in dirt samples all throughout the world, particularly in the US. These aerosol sprays, commonly known as chemtrails, are something that was casually talked about in an environmental development class I took at a public university. The fancy term for the practice, which companies discuss unabashedly in public, is geoengineering.


Nano-particles that are created by these aerosol sprays have very serious affects on the nervous system, which is precisely what we depend on for the functionality of every aspect of our health. This induces an over-excitation of the nervous system, leading to a massive and alarming increase in symptomology and mortality that we are seeing today. No wonder cancer rates have sky rocketed, no pun intended. The occurrence of cancer is actually the human body’s intelligent way of attempting to section off these toxic chemicals that were never meant to be in contact with our human cells. Unfortunately, that’s not all. There are more assaults being planned and rolled out simultaneously amidst the air waves via Wi-Fi, cellphone towers and the coming 5G technology, creating an ever-greater amount of EMF’s which interact with these metals which are showered down on us to create a greater pathogenic and neurological burden. It has been said by some of the best in the holistic medical field that these metals do accumulate our body and make us more receptive to the radio waves that are being put out by cell towers, our cell phones, microwaves, and other machinery that can be incredibly harmful and causative to the symptoms we are widely experiencing today and yet are overlooked. While I don’t intent to use scare tactics in explaining this, it is important for everyone to realize what is being perpetrated on us so we can understand what we need to do in order to truly heal.

When the nervous system is being assaulted long-term, particularly as a result of EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) exposure, symptoms are bound to manifest throughout the population including mental degradation (R),  significant pain (R), things like seizures, tremors, an increase in Parkinson’s and alzheimer’s disease (R), as well as exceedingly common cancer in addition to tumors (R). In my own personal experience, I have found the people who are targeted or most exposed to EMF or microwave radiation, seem to have an increased occurrence of spinal tumors, both benign and cancerous.  I’m not sure any human would actually choose to live a life like that if given a fully-informed choice. And  believe it or not, luckily, there are legitimate and simple measures that can be taken to negate and minimize many of these catastrophic resultant syndromes without having to venture too far away from one’s current lifestyle. As stated previously, many doctors and researchers have already identified answers to much of this, they need only to be uncovered.

If you’d like to get to the solutions, feel free to scroll down, but it’s also necessary to understand the risks of doing things the wrong way in order be motivated to do the right things in order to spare our own health as well as that of our loved ones. As far as cell phones go, the warnings for these harmful devices which inundate us with microwave radiation like cell phones even demonstrate the manufacturer’s knowledge of the risks. For instance, in case you didn’t know, and it’s likely most people don’t, Apple advises users to hold phones at least 5/8 of an inch away from their ear when talking on the phone (R). So its no wonder we’ve seen such an increased incidence of brain cancer, as well as benign tumors and neurological disorders ranging from ADHD, to epilepsy, to Parkinson’s Disease, ALS and many more including auto-immunity and things like diabetes which are dependent on mitochondrial function that is damaged by an excess of EMF exposure.

One of alarming yet well-known risks that come inherent with a cell phone is infertility due to the type and frequency of such radiation (R). Cell phones utilize microwave radiation, which has been specifically studied to have damaging effects on human cells. In fact, a doctor named Barrie Trower who worked for MI5, a major, well-known military governmental organization, studied microwave technology and found that the frequency needed to induce infertility is 2.4 GHz (R).  This is the frequency at which our cell phones run in the US and Western Europe.  Furthermore, the frequency of 17.6 Hz has been shown to interfere with brain functioning in humans by causing calcium, a very critical mineral to nerve tissue function, to leak out of the cell and simultaneously allow more pathogens and unwanted “guests” into the cell. This is a pulsed microwave frequency that is used by the police and emergency services around the world. Also noteworthy are baby monitors, bluetooths, wireless headphones which beams these frequencies directly into your brain, and Fit-bits which have recently been shown to have detrimental effects on the nervous system (R). Additionally, the fit bit has shown to be highly inaccurate in it’s purpose of gathering data of one’s biology and calorie burning stats (R).

Is it any wonder, then, that everybody’s sick? Of all frequencies, those with a sterilizing and cell to cell communication- disrupting ones are what were chosen to be used. It’s not just now that people are becoming aware of this. Dr. Trower, the discoverer of these frequencies and their effects, has been warning about this for years since he found this when working for the government. Yet, as mentioned, this technology is continually used on humans (R), (R). As a result, those of child-bearing age, pregnant women, children and everybody else is walking around with a mobile infertility frequency generator in their pocket. I suppose this might generate a significant amount of profit for the in- vitro fertilization and synthetic hormone-based companies, though.


Most important of all are the things you can do to help combat and negate these risks as much as possible. The first step I would recommend is to, of course, reduce or eliminate electromagnetic fields as much as possible. One way exposure can be very simply reduced is by turning off your Wi-fi router at night. Even better, go to your breaker box and flip the switch for your room off before going to bed. These are incredibly simple and doable tips that have been recommended by two very well-known and respected holistic practitioners, Dr. Mercola and Dr. Klinghardt, for having very noticeable affects on their patients. So much so for Klinghardt, that he won’t even treat anyone who doesn’t take this measure (R). It’s understandable for any caring doctor to want to spend time on people who are willing to take the proper steps to heal. If multiple rooms in the house have combined breakers, particularly your kitchen and your room, then just be sure that your freezer is very cold beforehand to ensure things stay frozen overnight. It’s also suggested that you use as few electronic devices in the bedroom as possible, include getting a battery-powered alarm clock if at all possible. Many devices coming out now that are low-EMF producing as awareness increases. It’s also vital to keep your phone as far away from your head as possible, ideally in another room. If you must sleep with your phone in your room, put your phone on airplane mode when it’s time to tuck in. Optimally, both Dr. Mercola and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt actually recommend putting your phone underneath a cooking pan that’s been turned upside down. Please keep in mind that none of these potentially odd-seeming strategies would be required if alternative frequencies simply would’ve been chosen. But nonetheless, this strategy creates a faraday cage, trapping and isolating the electromagnetic and microwave frequencies within the enclosed area. This way, the electro smog emanating from the phone won’t be able to reach you during your most vital time of rest, detoxification and restoration at night. Another tip, if you live in  a two-story house is to ensure that you’re not sleeping directly above your router, as this could make for a total disaster. Always be sure to unplug any devices you’re not using. Every bit counts to help reduce unnecessary EMF’s and subsequent disease- generating free radicals (R). Free radicals are essentially positive ions generated by synthetic, electronic, as well as pathogenic and toxic aspects of the world that can take major tolls on our health and age us quickly if not put into proper balance and treated.


You can help negate some of the effects of day-time exposure to microwave radiation from carrying around your cellphone by placing it in a mini faraday cage. This will help separate you from the harmful microwave radiation coming off of your phone. The term for protecting oneself from against various forms of electromagnetic energy is called shielding. This puts a barrier between you and the health-threatening source of electromagnetic radiation which can generate disease. Shielding can be easily implemented in the home by installing particular materials for building, such as copper, silver, or aluminum. An important aspect of this, though, is to make sure that the shielding appliances are grounded. This can be done professionally, or cheaply with alligator clips and a grounding plug. Shielding mechanisms have even been incorporated into paints, clothing, and bed-sets! Grounding bracelets or mats are also available to help discharge the positive ions and resultant free radicals that accumulate from increasing amounts of electromagnetic pollution coming from sources outside of our own home, such as neighbor’s routers, cell towers, and ELF (extremely low frequency) mechanisms that even come from police and fire departments’ use of in through-the-wall technology (R)(R). Therefore, even if you have decreased your personal radiation consumption to a minimum, which can have major benefits in itself, there is a high chance you are still being hit or affected. This is problematic especially when sleeping on conductive appliances like a mattress with metal springs. I’ve heard a number of stories where people complained that they felt as if large amounts of electronic voltage is coursing through their veins. Surprisingly, this could actually be very true. No wonder rates of disease, anxiety, and episodes of people acting out are so high right now. This is why it’s so important to discharge this radiation to help restore the body back to it’s natural, healthier, state. Fortunately, science has defined this “healthier state” for us. It entails a negative net charge, as opposed to the positive charge that these electronic technologies seem to engender.  Grounding makes sure that all of that radiation goes somewhere– the ground, and equalizes and combines with the earth’s natural charge and frequency wherever you’re at– as opposed to going into your body and affecting your nervous system. This is best done naturally, by exposing your bare feet to the earth’s surface. Ever wonder why it feels so good to walk on the sand? Doing so allows for an exchange of good electrons from the earth into your body and the detrimental excessive protons back into the earth for stabilization. Some people go bare foot all the time solely for this purpose. It can even properly hit points on your feet which correspond to various organs in the body for a beneficial, therapeutic effect. If it’s freezing outside or some other extenuating circumstance prevents you from putting your bare feet/ skin on the ground, you might consider a grounding mat. If you live in a very densely populated city area, or next to a bunch of power lines, it might be wise to purchase an EMF reader to make sure the ground doesn’t have a net positive charge before grounding with these devices, or you can use other devices to check the charge of your body before and after various activities. These are available as phone apps, and as separate, reputable gadgets like this one. For many in general though, grounding mats have lead to numerous subsequent benefits such as increasing circulation, detoxification, enhancing sleep, energy, and even improving anxiety and one’s mental state.

I hate to be the one to tell you if you haven’t heard, but a newer, more powerful, unfortunate technology is currently in the works and is widely being resisted by well- informed communities such as the those with EHS or electromagnetic hypersensitivity who are the canaries in the coalmine when it comes to the damaging effects of EMF’s. Fortunately, there are some experts already addressing this who have prepared for this strength of electronic advancement and more. This much stronger EMF rollout would of course just exacerbate problems even more. This is alarming considering people have already seen massive symptoms from the current, less intense technologies we’re running on currently. (Has anyone else noticed that drastic increase in shootings in more recent decades?) Some common symptoms that can be found quite prominently throughout heavily trafficked EMF-“sensitivity” forums as well as in clinical studies– together implications include but are not limited to bipolar disorder, tingling of the fingers when coming into contact with electronics, and epilepsy. Tumors are shown to be a prominent side effect of wi-fi and cellular devices, particularly blue tooth. So just say no to those wireless blue tooth headphones!

When 2G and 3G frequency cell phone use was tested on rats, they clearly experienced some of the very same symptoms we are seeing today on a massive scale. They developed tumors as a result of 10 hours of exposure to cellular devices daily (R), which is very close to what we humans are getting, for some even more, every single day. Is it any wonder, then, how much cancer rates have skyrocketed and we are seeing so many people developing benign and malignant tumors all around us? So why would we possibly want to increase the strength of gigahertz being used when we are already seeing these alarming, undeniable outcomes? Are we not pleased enough with how things are running currently? Do we even have a choice? Well, much like when the cigarette industry was getting away with telling everyone including doctors that their products were harmless, everyone fell for it, now those same companies are behind the cell phone technology that is running on the specific frequencies which are known to be damaging. So if we’d like to learn from history in hopes to prevent it from repeating itself in our own lives, then we need to take a look into the research ourselves and listen to the “canaries in the coal mine” who are being affected now and have been hard at work doing research because of it. As opposed to ignoring this so as to not rock the boat in the near future, we will make it worse for us and our society at large longer down the road

Instead of doing what main stream media and medicine often has by calling those who are affected crazy or referring to them as “tin-foil hat wearers”, maybe we could use the information to help future generations. Folks who experience EHS or electro-hypersensitivity are actually giving us a look into the future and the opportunity to negate and find solutions to any possible effects that will be ailing the vast majority of us in the coming years, months or decades.

An equally important priority to reducing exposure would be to detoxify the reactive substances inside of us– specifically, the heavy metals which lead to inflammation and again, excitotoxicity. They decrease glutathione as well as the ever important neurotransmitters that allow us to feel good and control our body movements. This is so important because together, EMF’s and metals in the body work synergystically (in the worst way) to pick up any signal or wave that is being transmitted using your body as an antenna. One simple way to assist with heavy metals that is recommended by the aforementioned Dr. Klinghardt in the body is using organic cilantro, coriander seed, or the seed oil, along with a binder like activated charcoal or bentonite clay. Klinghardt’s specific protocol for heavy metal detoxification includes coriander seed oil and a certain kind of chlorella along with high quality fish oil and organic garlic to help lessen the damage of mobilizing the metals for excretion. Other chelation methods include Alpha lipoic acid or glutathione in itself, and most importantly, the right minerals which will vary depending on the metal you’re trying to remove. Just make sure you use a binder too, modified citrus pectin is a common and effective method for binding. One of my favorite methods for removing toxic metals, though, is using something called diatomaceous earth. It’s an incredibly inexpensive natural powder that’s actually made from fossilized algae or diatoms. The resulting substance is abundantly rich in silica and thus has a special affinity for aluminum, a metal that is a leading cause of Alzheimer’s and dementia as well as many other neurological diseases (R), (R), (R). Food grade Diatomaceous Earth carries a net negative charge which is perfect because so many of the toxins and pathogens we encounter are positively charged. This includes things like parasites, bad bacteria and fungus. This premise is why it’s so important to go in nature and “ground” so you can discharge some of that electricity and feel much better afterward. This same property is part of what makes diatomaceous earth a fantastic option. It’s perfect because it’s tasteless and can be added to any beverage or food product! It too carries a negative charge, so it can attract, trap and remove other, positively charged toxins and pathogens. This is an incredible option in our day of heavy metal toxicity, particularly that of aluminum which fills our skies in the form of nanonized aerosol sprays. Ionic foot baths can also be very helpful in assisting the other methods of heavy metal detoxification, particularly when paired with decent amounts of chlorella as a binder, and coriander seed oil as suggested by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. Garlic is another good idea to take with any metal chelation therapy to help lessen the damage, as well as anti-inflammatory omega 3 oils.

Before detoxifying heavy metals though, the first step is to make sure your detoxification pathways are open. Opening detox pathways is absolutely vital in order to ensure that toxins get out of the body. If not, you will simply circulate these toxins around in your body, doing much more harm than good. Therefore it is important to support these pathways long before you start any heavy metal detox. So make sure you’re eating plenty of vegetables and enough of all of the amino acids you need (This includes the essential as well as keeping an eye on the enzymatic co-factors needed, in addition to non-essential  amino acids. Due to nutrient depletion in food and soil, despite overeating, many Americans are deficient in amino acids that they should otherwise be very  sufficient in). A necessary step that absolutely cannot be missed is to ensure you’re getting plenty of the vitamins and minerals that you need because they are necessary for detoxification, and to support your body as is. For instance, magnesium is needed for proper liver detoxification. It is also important that you’re getting plenty of sulfur, as well as the amino acids cysteine and glycine. These are all required for various phases and pathways the liver uses in order to get rid the toxic chemicals and make them into something benign to the body and excretable. An integral detox organ which is so often neglected  and falsely called an “accesory organ” is the gallbladder. So if you ever have problems with it, I don’t advise surgival removal (What is it, chopped… gallbladder?) for the vast majority of people. Rather, the gall bladder, like any other organ, simply needs the right nutrients in order to function properly. It needs taurine, an amino acid that can thin the bile and emulsify fats (which carries many toxins and pathogens, taking them out of the body. Taurine is also supportive to the nervous system, eyes and heart. IT has even been shown to normalize the relaxing GABA receptor that prevents seizures, as well as the dopamine receptors, responsible for pleasure and motivation. Betaine is also an important amino acid for the gallbladder. Fortunately, one wonderful food is chalk- full of both of these necessary ingredients to proper detoxification– beets! ❤


Lymphatic drainage is also important. It is the main way that the body moves waste out of it’s system. Various herbs and actions are helpful to this process. Exercising is also necessary to facilitate the removal of unwanted metabolic byproducts because of the fact that we have no pump to move this extracellular fluid that is are lymph, out of our body safely through the intestines, sweat glands and kidneys. Particularly important for facilitating this waste removal, especially in terms of dealing with our heavy metal and toxic load, is the glymphatic system. This is actually a fairly recently discovered system which supports our own brain’s function and detoxification. This is so important because it is the main detoxification pathway for the specific structure of our nervous system, which is the number one most effected part of the body when it comes to environmental toxins, heavy metals (and light metals) as well as electro-pollution and other forms of radiation. The brain takes the biggest hit. This is important because it sends all of the messages throughout our body that allow us to function in every way. Needless to say, this discovery of the glymphatic system is completely ground breaking! Fascinatingly, the glymphatic system is also closely linked with GABA function. GABA is our calming neurotransmitter that acts as more or less a break pedal on our mind and body. This allows us to slow down and chill out. And it all makes sense that this also can play an integral part in calming down cellular excitotoxicity, as well. That is, having enough GABA can also slow down the VGCC’s, or voltage gated calcium channels, the mechanism that is responsible for many issues like seizures, anxiety and overall inflammation and excitotoxicity in the brain that is at the root of all neurological disease. So, we can facilitate this glymphatic flow by not only moving around and having proper spinal, particularly cervical alignment, but also by taking the right herbs to support this process. Manjistha is a great herb that can have amazing effects on the movement of the lymphatic system and detoxification as a result. It is one of the most effective ways I was able to get over a major chemical sensitivity/ auto-immunity that was induced by over-exposure to a certain set of chemicals at work. This led me to develop an increasing sensitivity to to even normal hand soaps, lotions, and eventually, when it was at its worst, even water. I would get the reaction of a twitching eyelid when I did just about anything that involved introducing any substance to my body or skin. Amazingly, after a short time of taking manjistha, a quite inexpensive product for what it can do, I was better. And since then, I have no twitching eyelid! I found this interesting because on a recent Heavy Metals Summit, I found that this symptom was actually reflective of an excess of heavy metals in the body. But manjistha has a great way of clearing out the lymph and in turn reducing the toxic burden on the liver, allowing for a better tolerance of every day foods and substances that the body was once able to recognize.

Restore: This product has been uniquely proven to be capable of healing and restoring the gut lining to a pre- roundup or glyphosate exposure state. In fact, it’s even been shown to reduce glyphosate in amounts exponentially greater than what we find in an average American meal (which is a lot)! This works by healing the tight junctions which are gaps in between the cells of the gut lining. This healing effect undoes the number one source of damage that glyphosate perpetrates on us, a mechanism by which toxins would otherwise be allowed to penetrate into any cell it wants, including the supposed- to- be- infallible blood brain barrier (BBB). So when this effect is healed, it makes us better resistant and more resilient to all other assaults as the barriers to all of our cells, from those in the stomach to those in the brain and blood vessels, are working as they should. This makes healing, mental clarity and recovering from various assaults a lot easier. You can get a 32 oz bottle here. It is best to start slow though, for those especially toxic such as those with autism, you can start with 1 drop under the tongue, see how that makes you feel and work your way up to one teaspoon before meals. This can have major effects on your immune system, mental state and gut health, which together essentially encompass all of one’s health. If you wish to learn more about this subject, there are endless interviews on this product by Dr. Zach Bush (R).

Zinc has been shown by neurosurgeon and well-versed nutritionist Dr. Russell Blaylock, of the Blaylock report, to help combat against excitotoxicity. This makes sense, as it chelates and prevents the deposition of toxic heavy metals like cadmium. Accumulation of cadmium is prone to cause candida, which, in my opinion, is one of the most common and detrimental embodiments of the ravages we face in our current day. Food sources of zinc include nutritional yeast, sprouted pumpkin seeds, red meat and shellfish, just to name a few. I usually take 50 mg, but aim for no less than 30 supplementally due to how critical it is for digestion and subsequent absorption of other nutrients, as well as brain health, tissue repair and immune function.

A very important term that we all need to get acquainted with is excitotoxicity. This can be traced back to the root of almost any dis-ease. Especially in our modern day, we must come to terms with the fact that this could be impeding on the neurological function of us and our loved ones. Excitotoxicity is what happens when our brains become over-excited– often due to some foreign, unwelcome chemical that was never meant to be in our environment or systems in the first place. This foreign matter might be an unwelcme nanoparticulate in the air, often coming from the previously mentioned aerosol sprays, more commonly known as chemtrails. This also may take the form of an unwanted, negatively influencing or otherwise toxic person as well. Another possible excitotory ingredient is MSG, often found in chinese food. Regardless of the source, we need to take the time to step back and evaluate our circumstances, analyze how we got there, and what we can do to change it and support our body. This might mean changing your environment when it comes to a truly toxic and harmful person, or in the case of things literally faling from the sky which you can’t necessarily change, supporting your body’s detox pathways so that you can deal with them as properly as possible. When the brain gets overexcited, we produce too much of the excitotory hormones like phenylalanine, aspartate or glutamate in improper ratios to others. The most common neurotransmitter is glutamate. If too much is present, the brain can literally start exciting itself to death. This is by way of activating the microglia, which act like shooters in the brain to take down everything that’s inflamed. But when you’re stressed or take in the wrong food, this makes them go rogue. This activation response is made for when someone has an infection and is actually inflamed for a good reason– to get rid of the bad guys. But continually eating junk food can unintentionally kill off those brain cells at a very unnatural rate. Since each brain cell only makes one type of brain chemical, this leads to imbalance. For instance, if you lose too many “feel relaxed ad content”, serotonin- producing cells, you may end up overexcited and constantly finding yourself thrill seeking rather than going to consistent sources of joy and effort to achieve such things. So, the best way we can address this is by using natural substances we have readily available to help. There is another, more relaxing neuro-hormone, called GABA. The whole point of its presence is to put the brakes on an over-excited system and calm things down. This means a happier, healthier brain. There are some food sources that will increase one’s stores of GABA. It is also, most important, to again, remove the stressor. This means avoiding that terrible quality chinese food laden with chemicals. Ever wonder why you get so hungry an hour after gorging yourself on this stuff? That’s the MSG. It’s excitotory nature turns off your body’s “satisfied” signals, so you just keep eating more, and  more. So not only can it be dangerous for those brain cells, but also for your waistline and metabolism. If that weren’t enough, this chemical is closely linked to neurological disorders, flare ups and symptoms such as seizures.

One of these helpful compounds comes from  flavonoid which is naturally found in celery, parsley as well as chamomile is called apegenin. Apigenin has actually shown to be capable of helping the liver to fight off the effects of toxic drugs (R). Additionally, apigenin has been shown in studies to help treat cancer that was resistant to chemotherapy (R). This plant chemical can be found in chamomile, thyme, parsley, celery,  and even an adaptogenic herb called bacopa monnieri which is in itself protective to the nervous system, especially against excitotoxicity. Dandelion is also a good source of apegenin. Apigenin protects against excitotoxicity (R), which is, as you may have noticed, one of the biggest threats caused by the pollutants and chemicals in our society that have increased so drastically.  The nervous system, for example, has been found to be the organ most profoundly effected by electromagnetic radiation, that can lead to neuropsychiatric effects (R). While nothing can be said for sure, that would sure make sense with the fairly recent upsurge shootings and otherwise completely unfathomable tirades by both public citizens and public servants. Apigenin is also protective against neuro-oxidation and calcium buildup inside of mitochondria which is one of the biggest effects of an increase in EMF exposure. Our mitochondria control how we generate and run on energy. If our mitochondria aren’t working properly, we’re going to feel pretty bad, so this bio-flavonoid is extremely important. In fact, to great of a calcium dysregulation in relation to the mitochondria can actually lead to a lessening of mitochondria throughout our cells. Fortunately though, this can theoretically be supported by activating the NRF2 pathway (R), which is why I discuss ways to increase glutathione above . Turmeric is another way to do this that will be discussed later. This flavonol is known for protecting against kidney damage from the use of toxic drugs/ chemicals (R). Apigenin can be found in many green veggies and in this day in age I would consider it helpful to try to get it in as much as possible. Chamomile tea is also a great source.


Glutathione: Bone broth is by far one of the healthiest substances you consume, especially when the meat source is wild, free range or organic! It is full of minerals and has the ability to heal and seal the gut which is more important now than ever as we are increasingly inundated with leaky-gut causing roundup. Herbicide roundup that is in 75% of rain water also replaces amino acid glycine in the body which is necessary for collagen formation and detoxification. Fortunately though, bone broth supplies the body with glycine, allowing for healing and soothing of the entire body. Bone broth can also aid in replenishing the body’s stores of the master nutrient glutathione which is responsible for anti-aging and defending against all of the toxic ravages that come with modern society. Glutathione is the body’s main method of free radical quenching. This has actually been found by our own government to have a hugely protective effect on exposure to microwave radiation. Even more important to know, glutathione has an incredible ability to actual recycle other important nutrients and antioxidants in the body. Amazingly, glutathione is actually able to help recycle Vitamins A, C, E and selenium! While many of you may not have even known this to be possible, it is and this shows just how important it is to be sure you’re getting plenty of the precursors you need to make glutathione. Specifically, this includes amino acids L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid, and glycine. Another great source of the glutathione precursors that body needs to best detoxify and defend against the ravages of our current day is whey protein. This source of protein is actually one of the richest sources of food we have of the building blocks of glutathione. This is an old wives tale for optimal health and for energy and for good reason. This gives you the very ingredients you need to detoxify and neutralize free radicals that our thrown at us in our day to day environment. Here’s a good quality source.*  I always buy any animal- sourced product in a form that has been sustainably raised such grass fed, or in other words pasture raised. Even better if it can be organic at the same time. Dr Mercola and John Gray both offer pretty good versions of this product. If you’re vegan, eating turmeric and other flavonoids mentioned here, including the one below, are known for being able to help increase the production of this potent antioxidant. But in general, the more brightly colored fruits, vegetables, and herbs, the better!

Quercetin: Quercetin has been shown to “act like a shield” to UV light and radiation in studies. I would venture to wonder if the same might be true for other kinds of radiation. This would make sense because quercetin is a known antioxidant. Antioxidants are so powerful for the health because of their ability to neutralize a net positive charge in the body, otherwise known as free radicals. Quercetin can be found in many foods that have a red aspect to their pigment inlcuding raspberries, red onion, blackberries, bilberries. It can also be found in green tea.I myself have certainly noticed the calming effect of green tea and I’ve come to realize that in addition to the L-theanine,  relaxing amino acid, this was likely largely due to the Quercetin which can have antiviral, antioxidant and free-radical quenching capabilities (R). All of these combined will lead to a more relaxed nervous system. Quercetin has also been shown to have anti-allergenic properties and can help with endurance. It’s no wonder all of these effects can be had when the mechanism of this compound can help to cancel out the over-excitation caused by the many new tecnologies that seem to have increased to steadily right around the same time the symptom it can help with, like allergies have come about.


Luteolin: This flavonol is capable of stabilizing hormones as well as helping with low testosterone. It is also a natural antioxidant and free radical scavenger (R). Amazingly, this plant compound can be a helpful in aiding the body’s fight against viruses and getting them out of the cell, as well fungus and bacteria. This compound can also be found in dandelion, celery, parsley as well as thyme. Luteolin is also known for its ability to decrease bad testosterone (DHT or di-hydrotestosterone, known for leading to prostate issues among others, many of which require men to get a routine testosterone shot). Wouldn’t it just be easier to address many root causes at once by enjoying some herbs and yummy plant food that grows in nature just for you to be perfectly healthy?


Melatonin: Make sure you’re producing plenty of melatonin. There are plant and other foods that can help in your brain’s production of this. However, many of us aren’t taking precautionary measures to do so and that can have major consequences. Melatonin is a potent anti-inflammatory, detoxifier for the brain and anti-carcinogenic compound. In fact, many think these important capabilities make melatonin right up there with glutathione in it’s importance for the body’s healing. I take sublingual melatonin every night as this ensures that I get plenty of sleep as well as sufficient detoxification in the ever so fundamental to health glymphatic system which is activated only by sufficient GABA and proper sleep. This is how our brains, that control everything we do, feel and perceive, detoxify and get rid of all of these things that might go wrong with us. Needless to say, it’s important and worth just about anything to support. Tart cherries, cherry juice, grape and banana can help support the secretion of melatonin before bed. You can also wear blue blocking glasses at night or use a blue- light filtering app after the sun goes own to support your body’s natural sleepiness rhythm. Taking B12 during the day in the methylcobalamin form can also help support a proper sleep- wake cycle, indicating proper melatonin production.

Pine: Pine needles are something most of us have access to (at least where I’m from, here in the Pacific Northwest) and can also have incredibly helpful effects on the nervous system when it comes to it’s antioxidant properties. As we know, antioxidants are very much required these days with our constant bombardment of electronics and toxins that create an excess of positively charged free radicals which are responsible for most disease. Pine needles are full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both of which act like antioxidants, protecting the cell. These are also the nutrients that the body uses more of when exposed to the deadly frequencies that are so prevalent in our modern society. Pine bark extract has been shown to be helpful with low testosterone, acne, as well as auto-immunity. I myself have benefitted greatly from using a product of which one main component was pycnogenol (the extract coming from the bark).

Iodine: Iodine is necessary for not only nervous system protection, including protecting oneself from cretinism (R), but also for protecting the entire body from some of the most harmful chemicals we’re inundated with like bromide, chlorine, and fluoride. Too much fluoride and not enough iodine can actually calcify the pineal gland, which can lead to symptoms such as a greater susceptibility to insomnia, altered speech, eye and brain function, even hearing radio waves and other noises and frequencies, “nerve deafness”, leading people to believe they’ve gone deaf, having restless legs, and peripheral neuropathy which is the feeling of pins and needles, numbness, stabbing, stinging or burning sensations that are unexplained. Having enough iodine prevents cysts all throughout the body, goiters, and infections. This is a natural antimicrobial which was used in place of antibiotics in doses around 300 mg regularly before the more modern pharmaceuticals became the norm. Now it’s only recommended to us that we get 150 mcg! That’s a very small portion of what our ancestors and older relatives were consuming. It’s important to take iodine with it’s cofactors, which are other minerals like selenium

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is another antioxidant that can help give the body what it needs to fight infection, as well as support the adrenals against any stressor. It is always best to take Vitamin C in its whole form with bioflavonoids, such as in the form of citrus fruit or washed, dried, organic citrus peels. Vitamin C is a necessary co-factor for making glutathione therefore it is very important for free radical neutralization which is by far one of the biggest assaults on our collective nervous system.

B Vitamins: These are absolutely vital, in abundance, for supporting your body against the ravages of our current day. These are one of the most powerfully healing nervous system protectors known to man. Thiamin alone, or B1, can heal nerve pain or neuropathy as well as even optic neuritis, or blindness as a result of neuropathy. The whole complex is important though, and try to get a food- based form. Non- fortified nutritional yeast is a great source of B Vitamins and many other minerals which are critical to optimal functioning and detoxification.

Molybdenum: This mineral is critical for liver detoxification, especially when dealing with getting rid of any kind of infection that so commonly takes advantage of our inundation with the chemicals and other circumstances listed here. This is found in nutritional yeast. Sari is my favorite brand as it’s non-fortified, meaning all of the nutrients are natural, and it’s non-GMO.

Vitamin D: known for healing scar tissue in the brain, as I have seen clinically, in addition to helping with seizures, Vitamin D also has an immuno-modulative effect on the immune system, ensuring that things stay in balance and making auto-immunity less possible. Vitamin D is also an antioxidant and free- radical scavenger. I find it especially that two thirds of those with electro- hypersensitivity syndrome were found to have extremely low vitamin D (R). This makes sense to me especially when one considers Vitamin D‘s crucial role in properly assimilating calcium, which, as discussed earlier, can be easily dysregulated by EMF’s. Vitamin D is also known for defending against depression and anxiety, which are all nervous system- based issues that very often stem from electromagnetic sensitivity or an overexcited nervous system.

Lithium Orotate: This mineral enables neurogenesis and neuroprotection as well as working against depressive, suicidal symptoms, and even degenerative central nervous system diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s (R) . This is nothing like the lithium you hear about that’s a drug, which is given in toxic doses as required in order to flood the body so that the bio-unavailable lithium carbonate form can be taken up by the brain. Lithium orotate, on the other hand, pairs this natural, supportive mineral with a compound that’s abundant in natural springs throughout the world. These springs are known for their incredible healing qualities, drawing people with a variety of illnesses to use them and emerge feeling better than ever. It’s been shown that lithium orotate can extend the lifespans of humans, with mortality of all causes being inversely related to lithium consumption in Japan (R).

Krill or Fish Oil: DHA and EPA are vital to the health of the brain and body, respectively. DHA is a major component of what makes up our brains. Omega 3’s are also known for being able to “cool down” the over-active microglia in the brain which are likely to lead to the degenerative diseases many fear such as parkinson’s, depression, MS and Alzheimer’s disease. Krill oil is a very unique form of fish oil to supplement with in that it is comprised of phospholipids which make up our cell membranes membrane, which can be likened to the skin and door guard of each and every one of our cells. The integrity of the membrane, or phospholipid bi-layer, decides what gets in and goes out of our cells, be it good or bad. Additionally, Krill oil also has a major antioxidant that is highly beneficial for our nervous system. This is called Astaxanthin and is actually the compound that allows flamingos to be pink! This amazing antioxidant and natural compound has very special benefits   Not only can it help aid in the absorption of Vitamin D, it can help protect the eyes, enhance the appearance of the skin, as well as quench free radicals. It makes sense that this miraculous compound can help with so many things when considering it is known to bring down inflammation.


Luckily, there are even more healthy precautions which we can easily take to laugh in the face of any future potential nervous system threat. One way to do this is with a simple herb, turmeric. This amazing herb, also well-known for treating symptoms of arthritis (which I would never personally claim) by way of regulating inflammation in the body, can, for the same reason, help with symptoms of depression! This is because depression is most often caused by an overall inflammation in the body, which especially leads to the brain. But have no fear, turmeric is here! And as you may be expecting, turmeric can also ideally help support the body’s natural processes to be less vulnerable to neurotransmitter deficiencies which might lead to manifestations of things like Parkinson’s and/ or tremors. Turmeric is pretty much an all- in-one safe bet for helping to protect the body from the free radical damages that can be found near the root of almost every problem today. This is because turmeric helps with the NRF2 detoxification pathway, helping to boost glutathione which in turn dampens the painful inflammatory response, or increases healthy inflammation as needed. In this sense, it can work as a modulator of inflammation.


Somewhat similarly, Eicosanoids, which are the very important and necessary derivatives of fatty acids, can control and properly handle inflammation, extinguishing an unnecessary and over-dramatic reaction to inflammation that may result in things like a migraine or other aches and pains. The point here is if you aren’t allergic and don’t have a certain type of auto-immune disorder, you probably need turmeric in your life, and some essential fatty acids at that, preferably taken in combination with your turmeric because turmeric is in fact fat soluble— that is, it needs fat to be properly absorbed and digested. Black pepper helps with this too. So one simple way to get your daily dose of turmeric would be by making a golden milk for example in the evening or at night. Or you could even simply add some turmeric to your bulletproof coffee in the morning, or add it into your smoothies. Another way to ensure proper absorption would be to take it in supplement form. If you do it this way, I would take this in combination with your DHA/ EPA supplement (fish oil, or vegetarian/ vegan alternative) for optimal absorption and brain supportive qualities.

So, overall it has been shown that to support the body in addressing and dealing with tremors, it is most important to supply the body with the nutrients it needs to make ever important neuro-transmitters which allow the brain and nervous system to function as it should. Secondly, it’s a good idea to support the body with free radical quenchers, otherwise known as free radical quenchers that can act like a kind of shield to the every day assaults thrown at us by modern society, consisting of everything from toxic chemicals to EMF radiation. And finally, once your body is fully supported and your detox pathways are open, make sure you’re getting toxins, particularly heavy metals, out of the body. This way, you can naturally help your body to function as it should by adding what belongs and removing what doesn’t, rather than throwing more exogenous chemicals at the system. If anyone has experience dealing with tremors successfully, please share your experience below

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